Wordy Wednesday

img_1655b.JPGWell, here I am doing my best impression of a Borg. Resistance is Futile. Yao-lin knows. He gave me an award based on how sweet I am.

Resistance, as I said, is futile!

Eric and Flynn, Gemini and I had a wonderful day with Miles and Sammy (although I was assimilated at their home) We only came home to rest up. We are off to visit with Jeter Harris today. Gemini is looking forward to wearing a Yankees hat (something that wouldn’t be allowed in the Male’s house) and I am looking forward to investigating that wonderful yard! Eric and Flynn will no doubt, we excited to see all the favorite places where Jeter and Mickey hang out. I, myself, am looking forward to some down time chatting with Laffin and Laffin!

Oh and now is a time to say, for all of you who don’t believe me about the male… He LIKES Vista and he HATES the Yankees.. Un huh. I’m just saying.

Remember, Resistance (to me) is futile.


  1. resistance iz fyootil? hmmm … wut duz dat meen eggzaktlee?
    evreeone iz watin fer u an gemini, chey.
    luv–jh (mickey an matsui … an laffin an laffin)

  2. I am the Meezer Siamese. I will assimilate you and soon you will all be acting just as wild as I!!!!

  3. I’m not resisting; I’m not resisting!

  4. Too funny, Chey! Cool bog impression! Is that what you are going as for Hallowe’en?

    I have Siamese in my pedigree (my dam was a blue point Sphynx). So I think I’ve already been assimilated. 😉

    Have fun visiting JH. 🙂

  5. You do a very good Borg impression, Chey. I won’t resist. I hope you have lots and lots of fun at Jeter’s and Mickey’s. My sister-in-law is coming home today!

  6. That’s so cool! 🙂

  7. Awesome, pawsome post.

  8. Oh Chey what a fabulous picture!! You are right – resistance IS futile! And that picture, well, you could take over any human that comes along I am sure, as well as any cat if you felt so inclined!

    I love it, that is brilliant!



  10. Hey Chey,you need to assimilate Mom! She dosen’t know what day it is!!
    She worked on my post for the wrong day!!
    Anyway,It’s so good you are taking care of Eric & Flynn. Bet they like that.
    They’ll have some stories for theit folks when they come home!

  11. Well I could have told you there is no resisting you! I know I can’t! You’re traveling closer and closer to my house! You could even take the train from Jeter’s house to mine!

  12. Love that pic! How can anyone resist you?

  13. I am 2 of 2. I haf been assimilated.

    Mom watched those episodes, Best of Both Worlds I and II, in kolage in a room wif 50 or so ofur students. She said the whole fing was awesome. Afterwards, she was walkin to her dorm an suddenly realized, all the trash bins behind the buildin are “Borg”! Yup, each was labeled “Miles Borg Waste Disposal” or sumfin close. She was quite worried that the Borg haf already infaded the Earth.

    Now she watches Doctor Who. “Exterminate! Exterminate!” Beans is weird.

  14. Wow! How cool that you are a Borg kitty! We loves the picture!! How does you get your eye to do that??

  15. Chey, um, so sorry about the assimilation thing. it happens sometimes. we hadded a good time wif you and Gemini and Eric and Flynn though.

    also, your man LIKES Vista? wow. mommy hates the Yankees too. she’s a red sox fan.

  16. It is a good thing I had no intention of resisting! Great picture!

  17. Wow, that picture is a little scairty! I will not resist! Because I am afraid of the powerful eye you have.

  18. This is awesome! What a great picture….. No, I will not resist! You are even more beautiful than Seven of Nine!

  19. How could anyone resist?
    Great picture!!!

  20. wowie we lub the picture Chey!
    for me resistance is futile with Gemini….

    Hi sweet baby gurl!

  21. Hahahaha! You could go trick-or-treating as Seven of Nine…or better yet, ther Borg Queen.

  22. furry cool picture – can you control the humans with that look?

    likes Vista – now that’s sumthin’ ya don’t hear efurryday!

  23. Oh, how pawesome that you are visiting Jeter and Mickey and their family! I hope you have a wonderful time. They are such great kitties and beans!

    Thank you for coming to my party and helping to make my birthday the best one I’ve ever had!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.

  24. This is such a cool picture of you.

    We hope you have a safe and happy travel to NooYork

  25. That is awesome!

  26. Arrgh, too scary!

    We don’t mean to sound ignorant, but what is a Borg?

  27. Call it an understatement but is that a twinkle in the eye? Cool pic!

  28. Ooooh, I would never resist a bright gem like that, mommy….um, can I chase it before I get assimilated?

    PS. Can I assimilate eveyone using laser eyes? I do real good laser eyes!!

  29. WOWY – that is quite a laser eye trick!

  30. Wow! What a powerful waser eye!

  31. Neat trick, Chey. You gonna use that trick to get elected?

  32. We can’t resist you either, Chey!

  33. Chey, I’ve given you an award – come see!

  34. I don’t know what a Borg is but I guess they are irresistible!

  35. Cute picture 🙂

  36. What a great picture, Chey!!:) But I am glad the implants are removed now, you never know what happens with all those nanoprobes in your body.

    We have our own Borg kitty B’Elanna. But as far as I know she doesn’t have implants, it has to do with her name or something. They have got names from Star Trek.

    Purrrs from me and the Voyager cats in Holland:)

  37. Borgs- are they a life form? Scanning for life forms.

    Chey you gave us a fright but glad you are back now! hehehe

    Purrs from our clan.

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