The Right Paw of Bast Controversy

rtpaw.JPGNews at 11

Now it’s time for a little political controversy. Presidential Candidate, Cheysuli has been claiming to be the right paw of Bast. We’re here with our resident feline psychology expert about whether or not we should be concerned about this

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We absolutely must be concerned about this. Cats, especially Siamese often have delusions of grandeur. What is more grand than being the Right hand–er paw–of a goddess? This is obviously not politically motivated. After all, had it been, Cheysuli would have been smart to use a Christian figure. As it is, this can only harm her presidential bid.

Beyond harming her chances, what does this say about the type of leader she is?

It says a lot. I think she’ll be very much into what she wants, when she wants with no thought to others. Siamese are like this.

I think this brings light to the party that she is affiliated with, Felines for Total World Domination. This is a candidate that we need to watch very carefully and at this point, I am not certain I can endorse her. After all, we all know Bast isn’t real.


Yeah right lady. When the Right Paw lands on you, I want to know if you still say that… Sigh. Humans are so easily frightened. They just don’t understand…

Late edit:  We just learned that we have lost lovely Mia. Please go over and give some comfort to Ghost and her family.


  1. This proves what I’ve said all along. Cats are definitely the superior species.

  2. She needs “the Right Paw” to smack some sense into her. And give proper and due respect to all Siamese, but esp you! 😉

    We were extremely sad about Mia, it sure was sudden. I didn’t put a tribute on my blog, Marie did that for all of us three.

  3. What about the respect due to any Abyssinian?!

    We are saddened by Mia’s passing…

  4. Wow that’s a mighty paw! Sorry we missed you – we are back now – love to everybody from Snow and Forest 🙂

  5. Pink gummers!!!! Sorry, that was Meowmy. She has a think for choco-point paws since mine are brown.

    I’m very glad to see you’re sticking by your beliefs. I think they are underestimating your power…I’m just saying…

  6. Beans are so stooopid. The Right Paw needs to smack many of them upside their heads.

    Luf, Us

  7. Bast is real.

    And Christian God crucify cats and do not like them.

    You have obviously been misguided by your humans.

  8. Maybe you are not the Right Paw of Bast. But could you be the Left Paw?

  9. Humans can be so silly and ignorant at times. All of us cats are proud that you are the Right Paw of Bast, Chey!

  10. Praise be to Chey.. the Right Paw of Bast!
    happy Halloween
    your costume is great- we live down the street from the house of 7 gables… stop by for lunch!

  11. Most humans are silly. My mommy told me that when I was just a tiny little kitten. You still have my vote, Chey!

  12. No good can come to those who deny the reality of Bast!

  13. So, we has a hard time understanding the phrase “DELUSIONS of grandeur.” What could be more grand than Siamese… Two mini-meezer votes for the “Right Paw!”

  14. I think you must really be BOTH (the right and left) paws of Bast! I don’t think that is delusion of grandeur if it’s true….

  15. I understand all the political debate about this claim but it does look, suspiciously like the right paw of Bast. FAZ

  16. The NERVE of some humans!!! I can’t believe that they think some siamese have delusions of grandeur. WHAT ON EARTH DOES THAT MEAN???? I am completely angry, infuriated and down right MAD. I shall be corresponding directly with the Queen in order to have this matter resolved.

    You ARE the right paw of Bast , Chey – and any human who is too stupid to realise this doesn’t deserve the time of day.

    Now, if you will excuse me, I have royal duties to which I must attend.

    Delusions of grandeur. *tut*. Honestly…

  17. Talk to da paw!

  18. Ahhh gosh..humans just don’t understand….I am purrring for your grandeur ….Meow…

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