Thankful Thursday

img_0755a.JPGSo here I am, thankful for the fact that it’s Thursday again. I am thankful to not be Borg this week.

I am thankful that I got to visit with Jake and Bathsheba and that their human has their help in this difficult time.  Our purrs to her.   I am thankful that today we are going to visit Samantha and Tigger.  Tomorrow we visit Tara.

I would like to reflect on the bright spots in tragedy. I am thankful that the reverse 911 evacuation warnings seem to be working in San Diego. I am also thankful that humans seem to have learned their lesson with Katrina. People with pets are not being questioned in shelters.

I am impressed with the amount of assistance being given to horse and livestock owners. The equipment needed to haul a horse is much more expensive than what is needed to haul me. Some horses do not live with their owners. This means that in a mandatory evacuation, the family is not together. It’s a tough thing to be the loving owner of a horse in a disaster of these proportions and we are happy to see that everyone seems to be helping out our tall friends.

I am thankful that humans seem to have learned that we are well…hmm… perhaps the intelligent life they keep looking for?


  1. Wanna come over and play with us buns next?

  2. We’re thankful more lives were not lost…but we’z still worry bout all da wildlife and stray pets. Dis is just so terrible.

  3. Those are a lot of great things to be thankful for …

  4. You are very thoughtful, and those are some good things to be thankful for.

  5. That’s lots to be thankful for! Though I’m thankful I don’t have to help pick up a horses PTU, the thought alone is enough to give a cat a hernia! 😉

  6. Amen to all of those things. I am keeping all of those poor animals in my prayers.

  7. Those are very good things to be thankful for.
    Purrs to all the animals & beans in and near the fires.

  8. Fires are awful! I hope you don’t live close to them?!

  9. We are thankful that as bad and as destructive as the fires are in California so many lives have been saved.
    We are also thankful to see that the lessons of Katrina and the bad fires of 2003 have made a difference in how notifications are done.
    We continue to pray that things improve for all of those affected.


  10. A few years ago, when we had Hurricane Charley, they started opening shelter that allowed pets. There is only one though and there are more people that want in then there is room in the shelter. You also have to be able to prove your pet have all it’s vacines before they let you in. At least it is a start, perhaps more shelters will open that will take pets during emergencies.

  11. Those are all very good things to be thankful for. We are also thankful that the emergency people are realizing that pets are family and are not neglecting them!

  12. Those are wonderful things to be thankful for. Our mommy always worries about the furries the most during tragedies, and we’re grateful that more attention is being paid to saving them, too.

  13. We are very thankful that the horses are being cared for. It is hard to move a horse and some horses have never even been on trailers. Such a scary thing.

  14. Wes glad the peeps did learn lessons after Katrina. Its glad something gud can com from something so bad.

  15. Queen Snickers says:

    So glad no furry family is being left behind. Thanks for bring this up!

  16. We have worried so much for the pets!
    Is that a gigantic litter box area in that picture?

  17. mm that is a very profound post you know. I am glad that the animals are being taken care of properly. x

  18. These are all good things. FAZ

  19. We have been worrying about all the animals big and small that are in danger furrom the fires too.We hope that all our furrends and their Beans are safe.
    We are really enjoying our visit wiv yoo Chey, and it is great fun visiting all out furrends with you. This is much more fun than being purrizziners.

  20. We are so glad to hear that the fires are calming down and now they can go in a look for people and animals. It was so sad, especially because they think they may have been started intentionally! We purr and purrayer for them all!
    Oh thank you all for coming to visit us, we hope you had a good time. Chey we posted the picture of the lizards we saw this morning. They are very rude and don’t have very nice manners.
    Your FL furiends,

  21. We are glad you iz helpin’ to worry. We are worried about da momeez auntie who haz lotz of animalz, including goatz & horsez & furry bunniez. BTW: You can come over & share da eggz wit Auntie Stinkie, & dat iz straight from da momee.

    -Dr Tweety

  22. I hope you have lots of fun visiting other kitties!

  23. Thanks for coming by! We enjoyed having you. And thanks for your purrs for our mom. We’re giving her lots of love.

    We’re all worried about the people and animals in those terrible fires, but we’re thankful that we learned things from Katrina.


  24. I do so hope the fires stop soon.

  25. furry good things to be thankful fer!

  26. In this life, anything can happen at any time. All you can do is make each day count. Good humans are not easy to find, but worth it when you do…

  27. I’m so glad that lessons have been learned post-Katrina and that pets are being allowed into shelters. I have been so worried for all the furries as well as the beans. I hope and pray that all can be saved and that they will have homes to return to when the fires are finally put out. What a terrible time for all in the area. xxx

  28. You are a very sweet and thoughtful kitty. We’re thankful for people who look after us furries too.

  29. This is a wonderful Thankful Thursday post. We are hopeful that most of the large animals were successfully evacuated in California. We feel very sorry for the wildlife and any other critters that perished in those horrid fires. And we truly hope that Karma gets the sickos who started these fires.

    Luf, Us

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