Tabby Tuesday

img_1749a.JPGOh Hello. It’s Gemini. See Momma wanted me to be a butterfly for Halloween but I would rather chase them. I am not happy at having to BE one! I wonder, does a butterfly count as an NOMS costume?

We had lots of fun with Karl. Eric and Flynn explored all over the place. It was a furry nice day there. I stayed closer to the house.

Tomorrow we are going to go visit Jake and Bathsheba. Their humans are gone too so it will be a lot of fun. Eric and Flynn are thinking up lots of ways to get into trouble.. he he. Then on Thursday we will visit Tara,who is also alone. That could be wild. I think I will sneak out and visit Ping!

I hope Ping doesn’t laugh at me for being a butterfly!


  1. You look so very cute in that outfit, Gemini!

  2. I’m with you, Gemini, I would rather chase butterflies than be one!!

  3. Mommy, absolutely! Pls c’mon over for a visit! We eat tasty fishy flakes and temptations. We go out to the backyard and sun ourselves and chase all kinds of bugs. I can show you all the sights from all our lovely windows.

    Then we can play with catnip mice, and feather toys, and all kinds of pretty, fuzzy, noisy balls. But let’s play my favourite game of all: drag-racing with the socks!!

  4. you look very nice as a butterful though

  5. You look great in the butterfly costume, even though you don’t like it, Gemini. I don’t think Ping will laugh at you.

  6. Skeeter and LC says:

    We agree wif you. Butterflies belong outside.

  7. You look very cute! 🙂

  8. Awwwwww, Gemini you make the prettiest butterfly I have ever seen. Not the happiest butterfly, but a very pretty one!

  9. Gemini, you are a pretty pretty pretty butterfly! You looks beautiful.

  10. Yes, the butterfly costume is very cute.
    It seems like lots of humans are going away. Mine will be gone this weekend, too.

  11. Gemini, Ping will love you in your butterfly costume!

    Thanks for sending Jean-Luc – even though he is the one leading the show tunes marathon during the de-borging.


  12. You look so beautiful! I’m glad that Chey wasn’t forced to be a butterfly though, I think it suits you more Gemini.

  13. You’re not a social butterfly are you?

  14. We think you made a very cute butterfly – even if you didn’t like being one!

  15. *sigh

    Be still my heart…I think I saw the most beautiful butterfly in all the world. Oh it’s you my sweet Gemini. How silly of me. YOU look ravishingly gorgeous. Pink is your color. I do think I prefer you to be the beautiful kitten that you are, but you do make a lovely butterfly.


  16. Butterfly flutterby. Did you live in a cocoon first?

  17. I think you are a cute butterfly! You are doing a much better job costume posing then my little sister, she heads for the hills if you try to put something on her!

  18. Yes, I think a flutterby would definitely be a NOMS costume.

    Your friend

  19. Oh Gemini you look adorable! Just adorable! And oh so happy to be wearing that he he xx

  20. I would rather chase butterflies, too. It’s a kitty thing.

  21. oh how gorgeous and pretty you look! however i can see from your eyes that you are displeased with becoming a butterfly! maybe a cat will come and chase you! 🙂

  22. Gemini,

    Dis iz a nice outfit. We have missed seein’ you. So come & play at our house if you wish. Delilah would like to have a slumber party.

    -Dr Tweety

  23. What a beautiful butterfly you make. Did your mom make that outfit? This is just perfect as I am hosting a Halloween party on Sunday. Come over to my blog to get the details. You can wear your costume if you want. Hope to see you. Tell your friends about the party, they are welcome too.

  24. You look great in that butterfly kostoom! And butterfly chasin’ is FUN!

    Thankies so much fur readin’ the story Momma wroted fur me — I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  25. Gemini,I think you hace the prettiest eyes! You also look great in the butterfly costume,but I agree,chasing them would be more fun!

  26. You are SO kyoooootttt Gemini! We luf your costuum!

    Luf, Us

  27.’re a STEALTH butterfly! All the other butterflies will be confuzzled and they’ll fly over to you, and you can pounce on them! It could be great fun!

  28. yer a byootiful butterfly gemini.

  29. Oh, Gemini, you look so cute in your butterfly outfit! What we won’t do for our Mom’s!
    Your FL furiends,

  30. It was lots of fun to have you over!!!!
    Of course does the butterfly costume count as a noms costume!!!!
    You look so cute – I hope you will enter!!!

  31. Check out our Wordless Wednesday picture!

  32. Gemini yur the cutest flutterby arownd.

  33. Oh Gemini, You do look so beautiful in your butterfly costume. I can tell you are unhappy and I feel for you. I hope you’ll be able to stay away from the clothes until next year. Thanks for your visit. It’s good to see you agian.

  34. Now that’s a terrific costume, Gemini. A sweet cat with butterfly wings…

  35. Ohh wow! She looks so damn cuteee!

  36. You make a very cute butterfly, Gemini

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