Tabby Tuesday

gemini-seahawks1.jpgWell here it is Tabby Tuesday. I have to thank Zoolatry for this photo of me. I am part of the Supercat NFL cats.   Don’t I look grand?  Unfortunately I find the NFL somewhat relaxing and I have yet to remain awake during an entire game so I am not certain how the Seahawks are doing.  I should like to meet a Seahawk though to see if they are good to eat.

More importantly, Momma heard from the lady who did our pet sitting while Momma was gone. Her cat Taz is missing.   We hope that you can all purr for Taz.   The pet sitter is very devoted to her cat.  He is old and has a heart condition.   He insists upon being outside for short periods. Yesterday he was out and it began to rain but he didn’t come home.  She looked in all his favorite places and he wasn’t there.  Needless to say she has spent a sleepless  night and is very upset.   We know that miracles can happen and we hope that she finds her Tazzie cat.

She is a good cat person.  I even let her pet me and I don’t do that often.


  1. Skeeter and LC says:

    We hope Taz is found. We are sad if a house kitty or anyother is out alla time.

    Sketer and LC

  2. Oh, poor Taz! I’m purrin and purrin.


  3. An NFL cat???? We LOVE the NFL. Too bad we can’t watch it here in Italy. Last year was really hard on us as our beloved Indianapolis Colts won the Super Bowl and we never got to see a game all season. At least our human was able to find a place to watch the BIG game. It didn’t even start until almost midnight our time! Hope your team does well this year.

    opus and roscoe

  4. Ah and NFL cat, purrsonally we’re more NHL cats here! 😉 Gotta love that little puck moving around so fast! Us kitties could watch it for ages…

    As for your Pet Sitter’s missing cat, I’ll purr that he’s found soon and in good condition!

  5. I will pray and purr for Taz.

    That is a very cool graphic of you, Gemini. 🙂

  6. We’ll purr really loudly for Taz! I hope he is like you and comes home really quickly. We watch footballs around here and our team is made up of big birds too!

  7. oh oh oh, we is all purring for Taz!! we hope that he comes home very quickly

  8. ahhhh purrs for Taz. We hope he comes home soon.

  9. Oh no, we will purr and purray fur Taz to find his way home….and fur his mom cuz dis is one of doze furry bad things dat mom’s worry about a lot!

  10. Oh nooo..I will purr for Taz….hope he comes home soon…Meowwwww

  11. Poor Taz, I hope he is home and well by now.

    That’s a great graphic:) xxx

  12. We hope Tax finds his way home soon. We will keep him and his mom in our prayers. Thats a good graphic of you showing support for you NFL team.

  13. Stupid mom – she typed Tax not TAZ. Don’t know what she was thinking.

  14. Seahawks sound very yummy!!

    I will keep my paws crossed that Taz comes home safely. I am purrin and purring for him!

  15. Gemini, that’s a superkool graffic of you! And I’m so sorry to hear about Taz. Poor feller! Us Ballicai will be purrin and purrin that he comes home safely and furry soon.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  16. Purrs to you and your pet sitter.I hope Taz is OK 🙁

  17. I hope that Taz is found safe and sound.

  18. We’re sending purrrs and hope Taz comes home safely.

  19. sigh, your Seahawks beat my Bengals. sigh. I was very upset.
    We’ll be purring and praying Taz is home safe and sound soon.

  20. You DO look grand! I’m sorry to hear about Taz and will be thinking very good thoughts …

  21. That’s a great graphic Zoolatry made for you, Gemini. I hope and pray that Taz comes home very soon. {{{Hugs}}} for your petsitter.

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