Tabby Tuesday

img_1213a.JPGCats-Goats-Quotes had this up on their blog and I thought I would pass it along. Please help Kathy and her cats or at least get the word out that there is someone in need!

Anyway it’s Tabby Tuesday. Things are okay here. Momma wants to thank everyone who purred again because it worked so fast. Unfortunately both the new patients cancelled for this week so she is slow again! We can’t believe it. She is starting to wonder if she’s going to be home full time. I would like that but I don’t think she will.

Oh this is not the same photo of me that you’ve seen before.  Momma says I often lay like this. It is pretty normal for me.


  1. You look adorable! I love it how your ear hairs match your whiskers!

  2. I just need to snorgle my face in that foofy tum of yours!

  3. Oh my about that article – thanks for linking to it.

    I think that position you’re in is cute!

  4. You look very very cute.
    I hope all kittens will be ok. I am also concerning about Kathy~!

  5. You look very relaxed and comfy. Very floofy, too.


  6. Yer a lovely snuggly bundle of floof.

  7. That is a beautiful photo of you, Gemini. I hope your mom gets some new patients soon.

  8. Gemini, you are so pretty! I think you should enjoy the extra time with your mom because I am sure she will have many, many new patients soon.

  9. ***kerplunk***

    Quick Boo, grab the smellin salts, Ping just fainted.
    Why did he faint Abby?
    Well he just looked at Miss Gemini’s picture and it went straight to his head!

    *tap tap tap*
    Ping are you OK?

    Huh, what happened? Oooooo look there’s Gemini.

    Well I think he out cold this time Boo.

  10. I hope Kathy’s cats get some help and her little boy too, thank you for passing this on. FAZ

  11. That’s the picture of a happy cat. I like it!

  12. Chase tucks his paws like that too, must be a tabby thing. Oh wait…I do that too. You look mighty comfy!

  13. Oh Miss Gemini, yoor beyootiful!

  14. We hope things pick up for your mom soon. You looks so floofy and comfortable!

  15. Gemini-
    It’s so good to see you again! We waz lookin & lookin fur you. Now I see dat you look furry well indeed! We hopez your momee gets lotz of patientz. Dis iz important, otherwize she will not bring home da kibblez!
    -Dr Tweety

  16. Awwww, Gemini — you’re beautiful! And you’re a floofball, like me *chuckle*. What a lovely picture of you. And thank you for linking to that article.

    I so appreciate you and Chey’s purrs and good thoughts — I am feeling very well today, and I’m so glad to have friends like you.

    Floofy headbonks from Brainball.

  17. oh that is one fine cute cat! Very fluffy!! x

  18. it is a lovely pose, no wonder you lay like that all the time. crossing paws for the kittens, kathy too.
    i wish my mommy was home all the time, but she says she has to hunt and gather so she can buy me toys and treatsies and stuff.

  19. I wish My Lady was always home. I think she should quit her job.

  20. Gemini, you are a lovely floofy tabby!

    Moe & Mindy

  21. We are so agreeing with Karl — Look at your whiskers and ear hairs! What a beauty you are!

    Purrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  22. You are so pretty Gemini!


  23. You are gorgeous! I hope your Mommy gets some new patients that show up!

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