Tabby Tuesday

img_1682a.JPGHello.  Remember to vote for me!  I am the butterfly in Skeezix’ Halloween contest. It is so hard to decide.   I had to work ever so hard to be a butterfly.

Yesterday we took Eric and Flynn to visit Casey.  She was very nice.  She is awful nice to Cheysuli but she was nice to me too.  Eric and Flynn liked the visit.

I am just sitting here. Momma is calling for me. She has taken to calling me Gammer Girl, which she says sounds like Glamour Girl and she said that means I should take some lessons from Daisy the Curly Cat who is very Glamourous.


  1. Whut a nice floofy photo of you!

  2. Gemini, I think you are very glamorous! And you wore the pretty butterfly costume like a pro.

  3. Gemini, you don’t need lessons – you are already very glamourous!

    It is hard to know who to vote for in the Costume contest. All of the entries look fabulous!

  4. Oh Gemini! What lovely floof you have!

  5. Maybe Daisy could start up classes as Isis wants to learn to be glamorous too… Puursonaly I think she looks better when her nose and tongue aren’t stuck in my left ear trying to give it a clean! 😉

  6. Miss Gemini
    In my eyes you are the most glamourous, most beautiful. most exciting tabby in the whole blogosphere. *sigh Another mezz-merrr-izing pixchur of you…I will hafta to have Momma print it furrs me so I can wake up from my naps and see yur beautiful smiling face.


  7. Gemini, you look like a very yummy meatloaf kitty, and that’s a good thing in our house! We sure wish your mom was closer to our house because Mosaic Lady really needs some needles stuck in her neck and shoulders. And maybe some very stinky herbs to make into a lymphatic cleansing tea.

  8. Gemini, I think you are already a glamour girl.
    You have the beautiful eyes and furs. Other cats will be jealous 😉

  9. Gemini, that is a wonderful picture of you! It shows off your fluff very nicely. I think you do a great job of being glamorous all on your own. You make a wonderful butterfly.

  10. You are already glamerous and don’t really need lessons from Daisy Curley Cat, I think.

  11. Oh, I think you are very glamorous!

  12. Gemini yoo is berry g-l-a-m-o-r-ous.

  13. You look so pretty as that Butterfly! I know how hard it is to decide on a costume!

  14. Oh Gemini! We do not chase good cats. Lucky will want to play with you. I may bark at first, because I bark at all new people. But we are nice pugs, with manners. And good pugs! If you read what everyone says about us, you will find out we are very friendly.


  15. You looked very good as a butterfly.

  16. You are already glamorous, Gemini. You make a beautiful butterfly. I will be happy to write a limerick for you.

  17. We loves this picture of you. We thinks you is a very glamourous tabby kitty!

  18. You ARE glamorous. In fact, that picture, you are giving distinct ‘ come hither’ eyes. Seriously x

  19. Gemini, You are so beautiful in all of your floofyness. I think you take very good photos. I thought your butterfly was a wonderful costume for a girl who doesn’t want to wear anything.

  20. We thinks you are glamorous already. YOu have long, floofy furs and a friendly face. This makes you stand out in a crowd.

    Moe & Mindy

  21. Gemini,

    You iz az floofy az can be. I tink you are a beeotyfull flutter bye. You may getz a vote or two from our house!

    -Dr Tweety

  22. hello Gemmie!
    you look beautiful in that picture…soooo fluffy 🙂
    do you get groomed by your mum – do you enjoy it or hate it?
    we get brushed and we kind of like it, but meowmie has One That Went Before that was a half-persian and she HATED the brush!

  23. Chey, when I wrote that Jake must have a hidden meezer inside him, I was giving him the highest of compliments. I realize that you are decendents from royalty and I don’t want to get on your bad side, in case you have a hidden fairy godmother who works for you or soemthing. I just meant your “sound” can be quite distinctive and noticible.
    Please take no offense.
    My humbling apologies

  24. How beautiful you are in dat picshure. Dat Nose! Dat Beeeeuuteeful Nose! Headbutts and nose rubs to you, yoo look so cute.

  25. Yoo alreddy are a glamour gerl, soooo pretty.

  26. YOu are very very cute as a butterfly!!! There are soooooo many wonderful costumes this year….. It is just so nice of you to take Eric and Flynn around to everybody!!!!

  27. Psst … I look forward to seeing you, Gemini! 🙂

  28. We think you are very glamorous just as you are!!! No lessons required!

    Luf, Us

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