Sunday Guest Star

img_0276.JPGI have to admit that there’s never been a harder decision for the Guest Star.  Usually it comes down to two or three cats. This time I think every single comment could have qualified as the guest star.

I’ll move quickly through the best of the best:

  • Dragonheart for pointing out that I could go into acting
  • Karen Jo for pointing out that I gave up my power voluntarily (not really–I was forced, but it’s a great spin which I’ll remember)
  • Oliver for sharing his jedi powers with us
  • Ping for his poor poor Borg comment
  • Captain Jack and Dante who questioned the current politicians abilities to think at all.
  • Tybalt for suggesting that being Borg will help me be more organized
  • The Meezers for pointing out the silly way in which aliens are always crashing their space ships.  And no, I did not marry Bjorn Borg
  • Ramses for pointing out this gives me more empathy for another species
  • Maggie and Zoey for the lovely photos
  • Mickey who doesn’t want a Vanilla president.
  • Aloysius who points out that only Data had a cat (and was one of the few who resisted the Borgs)
  • Skeezix who thinks that the Vishus Deer are behind the Borg
  • HotMBC who pointed out that now the Cat Blogosphere is working–and yes I did fix it!
  • Daisy, Yao-lin and Fiona Bun for their short and pithy comments.

And you know who wasn’t mentioned? Yes, Forty Paws.  They have certainly come up with a great comment.  We laughed. Miles and Sammy’s human laughed.  They even had to re-comment on it the laughed so hard.

Well, perhaps you need to ensure Gemini and Georgia are state governors in highly populated states so that if the populace of said states are too old to understand butterfly ballots and leave their chads hanging, then the Supreme Court can be called in because the recount is too close to call and by then no one will have remembered that you were ever assimilated as a Borg in the first place, or really care, and if your Daddy paid for your education at an Ivy League school and you brag about your low grades then you’ll fly into office on those slippery shoe strings of greenback laced influential friends of POTUS who own multi-national companies of questionable ethics who need a war to earn billions of dollars in government contracts to do absolutely nothing. Oh, wait a minute. Those aren’t your campaign positions anyway. Nevermind.

Luf, Us

So I think they need to really really be proud of themselves for standing head and shoulders above the crowd with a thoughtful, intriguing comment when I was pretty much intrigued by everyone!

My human will have to come up with some other crazy posts…


  1. Great choice for your Sunday guest, Chey! You sure received a lot of very interesting, intriguing, and funny comments.

    Yay Forty Paws! 😀

  2. Great choice. I thought Forty Paws had the best comment, too.

  3. Hahahahah! Forty Paws made a great comment! I love it.

  4. Great posting, great comments. Yes: FORTY PAWS, go go go! You are right on. Agreeing with your comments, agreeing with Chey’s choice of your post… having 40-paws and 170-claws to call upon, no wonder you’re so smart!

  5. Great choices.I loved Forty Paws,heehee
    Who says that cats are not interesting?

  6. hehe those are so funny 🙂
    Forty Paws are spot on with their observations.

    Oh and THANK YOU lovely Chey for putting a banner at the top of your page for me! I’se gonna have to get Mummy to make some more items for my shop shen she gets some time!!! xxxxxhugsxxxxx

  7. YAY!! Forty Paws was by far the best comment!!!!

  8. well, wait, not by FAR, everyone really did step up to the plate this week.

    um, shoot, now WE sound like politicians.

  9. very clever, we love it. FAZ

  10. I agree dat da forty pawz made quick work out of da rest of da crowd, even do dere were some furry good commentz. Dey iz a furry astute bunch.

    -Dr Tweety

  11. Oh My Dawg!!! We ist so FURRY HONORED! There were so many wondermous comments this week, and we didn’t think we would even come close to being your Sunday Guest Star! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

    Luf, Us

  12. May I add my congratulations to the others for Forty Paws?

    Thank you,

  13. Um, that was EXCELLENT!

  14. ha ha ha that is fabulous. sigh. if only it weren’t so true…

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