Sunday Guest Star

Well, I had a few really good comments and once again it was hard to decide. I’m sort of deciding off topic a little because it’s going to go to Eric and Flynn.

Their topic allows me to announce although they were to go to prison for three weeks while their humans went on holiday, I was able to pull some strings and get them to stay here in the US and avoid the prison sentence. I am require to escort them everywhere, so anyone who wants them to come over and visit, let me know.

We just wantid to say we’re so furry excited that yer going to try and git asylum furr us. We’re going to be asylum seekers Yayyy!!!

So that said, we will be teleporting around this week. Let us know if you’d like a visit!


  1. oooo we want a visit!!!

  2. I’m so proud of you for providing them asylum!


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  4. Oh, it’s not fun to go to the prison!

  5. Hurrah! That’s a great thing to do for the boys!

  6. Oh that’s fantastic, the thought of those sweet little cats having to stay in prison so they’re humans could go off enjoying themselves was just too beastly for words…

  7. You will be well cared for guys… in fact, you MAY not want to go back home!

  8. pleez so vizit me dis week! i luv e + f!

  9. Oh Chey that is wonderful of you to offer asylum to Eric and Flynn. Your generosity knows no bounds.


  10. That’s sooper, Chey! We’d luv for you to bring Eric and Flynn ofur for a visit! Pepi says he’ll show them some of the whap…errrrrr… alien watching stuff he learned from Sammy Meezer, even. Can’t wait to see yas!

  11. Wow! Nice of you to give them a-sigh-lem!

  12. a Tuesday visit would be wonderful!!!! YAY!!!!

  13. Drop by anytime!

  14. Come to Whiskonsin! The leafs are still changin. Um, I thot asylums is fur crazy beans, not puddins. Oh, I see Derby infighted you, too. You know, he’s not far frum us. Same wif The Crew an the Kattonic Cats an efun Brandi. I really fink a couple days in the Midwest will do them good. How much trubble could they get into? ::innocent stare::

  15. Wonderful! We like to visit with Eric and Flynn. I will bring the new ones, Mrs. OZ and Emil, so they can get to know each other too!

  16. If you get a chance you can come see us and we will take Eric and Flynn and you to the beach!! And maybe chase some big lizards, too.
    Your FL furiends,

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