Sunday Guest Star

Everyone was so nice to Gemini.   We had a hard time deciding!  The Woman is a bit late writing this. She is actually around today.   While she does yoga seminars, this was not one of them.  She does long day hikes that should make her sore, but that doesn’t wipe her out the same day.   She whines the first day on the slopes when her quads ache, but this was not what she did.  No.  She was at a Sufi seminar and all they did was sit.   She is convinced that the North Seattle Community College has a contract with Guantanamo to use their old chairs.   She can hardly move her back her is sore!

At any rate, I moved over to the rebuttal snafu post because I liked what Ramses  said:

The word rebuttal makes me fink that someone’s getting a new butt! ;) Maybe that’s what we all need after the vet’s taken our temperature using the booty method! :)

It is this comment that Ramses our Sunday Guest Star.  You know, it occurred to my human that she might be misspelling because she wasn’t sure about the two t’s.   But no that was correct.  I think that Ramses may be on to something about this word.  I wonder what the etimology is?

Therefore, for the creative meaning of rebuttal, the Guest Star goes to Ramses!


  1. That was a very very insightful comment by Ramses!

  2. Great choice of Guest Star, Chey. 🙂 Ramses’ comment was very creative. 🙂

  3. Hey, I thought I’d swing by and see what was up – and thank you for your comment. I’m a little bummed to hear about the building going on in Felida though!

  4. hehehehe Ramses has got it right. Great choice of Guest Star, Chey.
    your bud Pepi

  5. Now THAT is pne profound comment…I am blown away!o

    he he excellent stuff Ramses!


  6. Ramses,hahahahahaha!!!!!You really have a way with ” interpreting” words.
    I like it!

  7. Oh boy thanks everykitty for being so nice about my rebuttal! 😉 The more I’ve been finking about the etymology of the word the more I think it might me “Re” as in again, or replace, “Butt” as in the bit found under the tail, and “Al” being short for all – so really it’s replacement butts for all cats who’ve had the vet shove the nasty thermometer up it! Oh the indignity…

  8. hehehe, I love Ramses’ komment, too! That was superduper!

    Thankies so much for yur purrs fur Brainball — he’s doin’ a whole lot bettur today and me and him will have an uppiedate as our post fur Mancat Monday!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  9. Haha we liked Ramses comment too.

  10. That was an excellent choice for Ramses “rebuttal” – I was laughing when I read it! And now he even has the greatest etymology too! Congratulations to Ramses, indeed!

    Purrrrs, China Cat

  11. We agree! That’s a great comment!

    Luf, Us

  12. Ramses is really a great star~!!!
    You choice very very correct~!!!
    His comment is excellent~!

  13. Oh boy I’z famous for finkin it seems! 😉 Will go off and have a good fink while lurking under the dinning room table – it’s my special finking spot you know! 🙂

  14. Yay, my mancat sure is famous! I am so happy for you, my sweet Ramses! I had not realized that the word rebuttal had anything to do with butts… *blush* You are so smart!!

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