Meezer Monday: Blog Action Day

img_1704ba.JPGWell it’s blog action day. As a good active Meezer, I will be writing a short post about the environment.

I wanted to do something positive, rather than decrying the state of the environment and how much there is to be done. There is a lot to be done. The best line in any work Al Gore has done on the environment, was when he said in Earth in the Balance, is that the book doesn’t go nearly far enough in what needs to be done.

We know there is much to do. We see it in our daily lives. We hear it on the news–even when they are trying to say that there is no climate change. It’s there. We do need to change. We often are waiting to see just how we need to change.

What have we done right? Well, a large troop of endangered monkeys was found in Vietnam. A rare tiger was found in the south of China.

It may not sound like much, but consider how much we AREN’T doing. If we manage to find good stories of surprises and what comes back, think of what we could if we made changes?

While we have impacted the earth on a much larger scale, I know the earth can come back. We lived in the shadow of Mt. St. Helen’s for years. Watching the park come back after the eruption was a fascinating lesson in how tenacious life can be. Let’s make the changes so that our world can look more like a 25 years later shot on St. Helen’s rather than a just after.

Happy Meezer Monday to all as well!


  1. O no! I didn’t no bout blog action day, an I’s alredy worn out frum postin my Mancat Monday!
    Gemini, Mom liked that pictor wif the camra strap efun tho it’s outa focus cuz of sumfin called compost-ishun.

  2. Hmm. We didn’t do anything for blog action because Jake was hogging the blog for his man cat Monday post.

    As for a good environmental thing, we’re pleased that the owls have returned to our little yard. They were in the big white oak tree out front last night. Hoot! Hoot!


    Oh, and please bring Eric and Flynn by our place in Northern Virginia. We’re only about 35 miles outside of D.C., where you’ll be taking up residence in about 15 months.

  3. Oh shoot – we totally did forget about blog action day…. We already posted our Manic Monday and that’s about it – because the staff is busy with other things on Monday’s so we have to get the Monday business done by Sunday evening…
    We will just have to do a later post about the environment – which will be hard because the staff gets really upset and angry when it comes to global warming and we hear a lot of bad words…. morons – ignorance – stupidity – are just the tamer ones!

  4. That was inspiring, Chey! I, too, would like for our planet to be getting better than worse.

  5. I love it! Action, action everywhere! I can’t wait to read all the posts on the environment.

  6. Hi Chey! Thanks for coming by my blogsite. I am stroked to have so many nice friends calling in today.

    We are doing our bit on decreasing energy use by turning off unnecessary lights, which suits me fine since I can see quite well in the dark anyway.

  7. Oh, we should add something about blog action day on my blog, but I’ll have to do it later…mommy needs her beauty sleep.

    Casey says she’s gonna as well on her blog.

    Thanks for the reminder!!

  8. Thanks for letting us know about blog action day, Chey. I do know that over here in Europe, people seem to be a lot more environmentally-conscious and environmentally-aware than in North America. Garbage sorting and recycling is mandatory, and people bring their own bags and boxes to shop – if you don’t have your own bags, you have to buy bags (the cost helps to offset the cost of disposing of the bags). Public transit is much, much better than in most places in North America, and most cities are pedestrian and bicycle-friendly, so a lot more people walk, bike, or take public transit than in North America. Of course, gas/petrol is a LOT more expensive here, so that’s an incentive to use other means of transport too.

  9. Oh my, I didn’t do anything for blog action day either!

    Excellent post!


  10. You have inspired me into action, I think I shall start to campaign for some environmental improvements myself, once I get Tigmut’hep off my blog spot!

  11. You are inspiring! I should have kicked Rudy off of my blog and done the same.

  12. Yikes, we havent posted either for blog action day, or mancat monday…
    cause mom is going to the docters early today….
    and she gets the test results…
    We are all a lil scared she has to go back to the hospital again, and then we only have
    TheMasterOfTheUniverse to harrass….

    We will let you all know…

  13. Great post! I hadn’t heard of blog action day before reading your post! Thanks!

  14. Good post Chey. Mom says that we have a good recycling program run by the city.It helps out a bit

  15. Oh. Blog action Day.
    I think I might see if we can get more treats around here. maybe I could blogg that on my blog…

  16. Happy Day to you and your sisiters, Chey!!!


    (we made a heart thing with one of thosesideways things and a 3 and this part of the comment disappeared :-P)

  17. uh ooooo we didn’t know it was blog action day… and my pet human is late for work…………………

  18. I totawwy agwee with you Chey! And even though one bean or one kitty cannot do much, we should still twy because if evewy single bean and kitty twies hard, then there will be A WOT OF THINGS done for the enviwonment!

  19. That’s my activist!!! Good job Chey!

  20. Chey, I like your positive attitude!

  21. Thank you for reminding me about it. Hope I will find the time to write something later tonight. Not sure what to write about. Guess I will find something. Hm, maybe something about planting trees. I know a story about a guy who privately planted several forests.

  22. That’s a great Blog Action Day post, Chey. I totally forgot about it. My brain isn’t working as well as usual these days. We are doing a few little things: switching out incandescent bulbs with compact flourescents, participating in the town recycling program, growing our own vegetables in the summer. As Boy said, every little bit helps.

  23. ack! I didn’t know it was blog action day. we too protect our environment here. we use special light bulbs that last a squillion years, flushible (mommy uses it as fertilizer too) cat litter called feline pine, we plant native plants and recycle everything. life will go on, it just needs our help now.

  24. Thanks so much for the reminder on blog action day. and also, thanks for the links to the other sites. I spent so much time there before I realized that I never commented on your blog- (but I am now.)
    Very interesting topics, Chey!

  25. We picked up some garbage during our stroll yesterday – does that help?

  26. That’s a great postie, Chey, about a crushul issue, and we Ballicai find yur acktivist spirit furry inspirashunal.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  27. Thanks for the post. Your blog is awesome.

    Rick and Kiki

  28. Chey,

    We iz votin’ fur you!!!! (Me & Delilah.) Of course our part meezer man-cat Maxi will probly vote fur himself!!!! But over-all, you are da bestest choice. You iz a furry disc-earning kittie!!

    -Love, Dr Tweety

  29. Thanks for the cat blogospehere shout out!


    Rick and Kiki

  30. I totally missed this. Didn’t know about blog action day. How did I miss this?

  31. Ooooo! Yur bloggies pink! I’m takin’ action. I’m tearin’ aroun’ the house an’ jumpin’ on Rascal’s head.

  32. I know you were already awarded the “i

  33. Missed the day but you’re right: good news is also a motivator. And don’t forget this year’s finding of the Borneo Clouded Leopard!

  34. Uh oh. We didn’t do the action day blog thingee. We agree with your post though. We about croaked tonight on the news when they said that the gov. of NC is asking restaurants not to automatically serve water because of the drought. Good grief! That’s standard practice here during droughts!!! And it should be standard practice ALL THE TIME! Water is a limited resource people! Oh, sorry. Didn’t mean to get on the soapbox.

    Thank you for all your purrs and support for our liddle Dorfie & Reno over the past week. We really appreciate it!

    Luf, Us

    Pee Ess. Gemini, pleeze don’t pick on poor Georgia. She needs your luf most of all now. We need to be kind to our sickly ones. Even if they used to bug the holy crap out of us. Just sayin….

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