Meezer Monday

img_1705a.JPGWell it was a long weekend for this meezer. My human was MIA most of the time. I even ran across the human male’s chest to get some attention. Well, who needs to sleep at 10:45 in the morning? I mean that’s about time for a feline mid morning snack. I couldn’t convince Georgia to act hungry though.

The Woman was out learning from Tran Viet Dzung. He’s a French acupuncturist who is an expert on the Ling Shu. He is a wonderful lecturer. She came home saying her Dragon is thundering.

The fact that she HAS a dragon is news to me. The fact that it is thundering does not sound very good either. I hope this dragon does not eat meezers. Well, if it doesn’t, then I think we will be back to our usual visiting schedule over the next few days. If it does like to eat meezers, well it’s been good knowing you all…

I have been nominated for the Cherish Meme for Miss Peach by Casey.   This is a tough one for me–not because I don’t wish Miss Peach well–we are all purring for her and her family.  It’s tough because I have to talk about a sweet warm thing I do for my humans.

I guess the sweetest thing I do is that I stand on her chest and look in her face and I dig in my claws and make her go OUCH!!!!  I especially love doing this close the center of the breast area where it hurts the most.

Our thoughts go out to the family. Sometimes it’s easier to be the cat in this situation. Miss Peach seems to be taking this with equanimity.   Aren’t we cats amazing?


  1. It’s because we cats all know and beleeve in the bridge, beans sometimes have a hard time…to them it’s a loss and a long wait to be with us. To the ones gone before it’s sweet freedom and but a moment before they join us…

  2. Hmmm…standing on her chest…I have not considered it before! I should give this a try….

    I think Miss Peach is very brave, that’s why she is at peace with whatever she might face…hopefully it will be having more food and drink and getting back to her usual business….

    Happy Monday, “mommy”!

  3. Hmmm…chest standing…a furry good idea in da morning.

  4. Hmm, you clearly aren’t a cuddly Meezer, Chey. 😉 And not all dragons are bad, mean or evil. So I think you are safe, since I’m sure your human would have a good dragon. I am purring and praying hard for Miss Peach.

  5. How can anyone sleep til 10:45 in the morning and ignore the needs of a Meezer. Thundering dragons sounds scary! We are purring and praying for Miss Peach too – she is such a sweet lady!

  6. Not the warm,fuzzy type huh? Hahahahaha!!!
    Suc is the lot of a meezer.But I bet yer Mom still hugs ya even if ya don’t like it a lot(but a little right?) 😉

  7. Mom IS a dragon in Chinese astrology. She definitely looks like a dragon when she does thunder. Luckily, she doesn’t thunder too often. Maybe our people went off together this weekend, our dragon was gone most of the weekend too. I won’t tell that you can be nice. heheh We’ll just all send purrs to the amazing Miss Peach anyway.
    your bud Pepi

  8. I am sure the dragon won’t eat you. I don’t think your mommy would let something dangerous in that would harm kitties. Miss Peach is very brave. I am purring hard for her!

  9. Tigmut’hep says poking a full bladder in the morning is another way to show your love for your Mom, it also helps speed up a bean’s getting out of bed and making your breakfast! 😉 Purrsonally I prefer to snuggle with *My Mummy* and keep the Tiggerlump at bay! 🙂

  10. Uh oh… dragons thundering? Please be careful Chey!

  11. Its OK my love, I do sweet things too. Thanks again for featuring me! I’m sorry I didn’t know until right now. We’ve been super busy too and the Halloween Contest stuff ate up most of the morning so far.

    You are GORGEOUS!! I’m glad your human is enjoying her camera, she’s getting very good.

  12. Chey, I think digging your claws into your mom’s chest is a fine way to show her you love her. Just like when I give the bitey to my Mommie.

  13. Thundering dragons sound very scary to me. I do like the idea of chest standing however now that it is cooler at night I mostly do under the covers snuggling with my Lap Lady!

    Purrrrrs, China Cat

  14. This is a very popular way of showing your love for your bean. It also has the added bonus of getting her to immediately leap up and do your bidding while possibly emitting some strange noises and uttering various words from the List of Naughty Words!

    Miss Peach is indeed a brave cat. I am praying for her and her beans. xxx

  15. Equanimity is a very good word. See, that’s another thing about cats, we use good words!

  16. On Saturday we insisted it was time for Mommy to get up at about 9:45am, so you are nicer to your humans than we are. Your Mommy has a dragon?!?! Where does she keep it? Our Mommy has stuffed dragons but they do not thunder. Very interesting!!

  17. Skeeter and LC says:

    Wow, we sure hope that Dragon stays inna The Woman and can’t get out. We’ve heard Dragons will eat almos anything…

    Skeeter and LC

  18. hmmm Ling Shu sounds like she might be a relative of mine.

    I think if my human were to go to that class, she would be informed her thighs were thundering. She is far too fat to have her own dragon. A pet dragon would be wonderful! Imagine the creative photos you could create for the blog!

    Chey you are so funny! xx

  19. Not that I have ever met one or even want to, but dragon sounds pretty scarry to me. A thundering one doesn’t bear thinking about. I am scared of plain old thunder as it is. I don’t think SS would let me stand on her chest but I love sleeping on her face though, even though it doesn’t last for than a second or two. Absolutely the best way to wake any humans up.

  20. Maybe it is a good dragon like Dragonheart dressed up! Mommy was smart, she wrote about how she cherishes me sos I didn’t have to get all icky and sweet and stuff.
    10:45? Did he get up, feed you, pet you, compliment you and then go back to bed? I don’t let me beans sleep steady that long.

  21. WE kitties are amazing and we put up with a lot from the humans.

    Happy day

  22. miss peach is amazing – i shall note how brave she is and learn from her! she is a proper furry fighter!

    i wonder if the dragon your meowmie has is the same dragon that made Halong Bay in Vietnam? if so, he will be a MASSIVE dragon so you should beware!


  23. hehehe, that’s a great way to show love fur your momma — like when I sharpen my clawsies on my momma’s BUTT!!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  24. I’d be furry ascared of a dragon!

  25. chey, yoo bery gud abowt bisitin eferyone.

  26. “I do is that I stand on her chest and look in her face and I dig in my claws and make her go OUCH!!!! ” This is neat~!! Hahahahaha!!!

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