Meezer Monday

my-hero.jpgIt’s Monday again. My human continues to have a busy week.

At any rate, I wasn’t in the thick of it. We had a lovely time at Derby’s. Then on Sunday, Eric and Flynn, Gemini and I had a grand time with Victor and Bonnie. We all enjoyed jumping around and attacking the leaves that had not yet been raked and picked up. In fact, I think one of the cats might have ripped into one of the large bags to make sure we had enough to play with… but don’t tell.

Still it was a pleasant enough visit. Eric and Flynn were loving the weather and exploring the territory.

We are going down to visit Karl at the Cat Realm. I bet Eric and Flynn will be thrilled to see all those creatures that Karl knows intimately. I am a bit nervous about being outside where a bobcat was, but at least I’m fast. Gemini will hide. That’s what she does!

Special thanks to Zoolatry for their EXCELLENT photo of me with Jean Luc post implants! Sigh.


  1. Hummmm, wasn’t that guy once Locutus the Borg?

  2. It must be great to have houseguests. I’ve never had anykitties come over and stay so long before.

  3. oh I am jealous…I want house guests…I am sad though since my cuz Mitsy is gone today..Meow……

  4. Did you have to show Jean Luc? You’ve got my Mom drooling all over the keyboard! Must say, you 2 look good together! 😉

  5. Daddy is a Trekkie fan too, so he is very happy to know that you know Jean Luc, hehe!

    Um…does your’s and Gemini’s itinerary include swinging by our place in Canada?? 😉

  6. My mom is a fan of Jean Luc, too!! You two look great together! Your FL furiends,

  7. Skeeter and LC says:

    Hmmm, there is a certain resemblance between Cheysuli and Picard….

    Skeeter and LC

  8. How long will Eric and Flynn be visiting you? Mom is leaving for Hawaii on Wednesday, and I could use some company. The weather has been glorious down here, and is suppose to stay that way all week.


  9. Very nice photo of you and Picard, Chey. Enjoy your visit with Karl.

  10. Visiting Karl with Eric and Flynn is a great idea. His outside is very different from theirs. Cool picture of you with Jean Luc.

  11. HELP CHEY! Miles has been assemblated!!! Pleez get the fixers ofur to Mileses house reely reely fast!!! ::sobs::

  12. You must be having so much fun! You’ll need a long nap after all of this is done.

  13. What a cool picture! Momma loved it, she and daddy are both trek fans. I watch it with them too. We are going to enjoy your blog. 😉

  14. Great photo! They are very talented. You, of course, outshine Jean Luc entirely. I almost didn’t see him there!

  15. Oh, this is fun!!!!!! I have the catnip waiting, the butler has cooked up some beef for all of us too! The staff will be around all day for patrolling the premises so that no bobcat or coyote will come! Mrs. OZ might go up into the ceiling and hide, she still isn’t too fond of too much cat company, she prefers humans…
    But the weather is fine, the high today will be 75 with lots of sunshine! it is a bit breezy which always makes me a bit crazy – so let’s the fun begin!!!!!

  16. We love your photo! Mommy says she loved Captain Picard and wants to know if you got an autograph when you posed for the picture!

  17. Have FUN!!!

  18. That is a nice photo!
    Looks like you are telling him a secret 🙂

    ~ Napoleon

  19. Oh wowie, I love the pickshure of you and Captain Pickerd

    (*ahem*, Mao — that’s Picard — the Ballicus Mom)

    oooops, sorry Momma (he’s her fav’rit Star Trek Captain). Anyhow, that’s a superduper pickshure and Momma’s a big fan of Star Trek the Next Gennerashun!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  20. Are the two of you sharing secrets about the Borg? Have fun at Karl’s…and watch out for the big cat and especially the *gulp* coyotes!

  21. That face looks familiar!!

  22. Very excellent, I’d say! Must be nice to hob-nob it with the stars.

  23. Sounds like you had a great time!!!!!

  24. We are thrilled that you have been having such great visits around the blogosphere.
    These kitties are sooo much fun!

  25. That sounds wike quite a busy time!

  26. Chey you look mahvelous with Jean Luc maybe he could be yer running mate for the presidency

  27. We thought you were paws-over-tails for Picard, mmm, such an adoring look you are bestowing upon the great man. Do you also do Star Wars… did you know that the original, one-and-only lightsaber belonging to Luke Skywalker is on board the shuttle Discovery that launched this morning… do the trekkies use lightsabers too? This is all alien stuff to us.

  28. Check out our Wordless Wednesday picture!!!!

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