Free Burma on Thankful Thursday

Free Burma!
Today is an international day to Free Burma. As an activist cat, I of course, want to participate in this.

Currently the junta has blacked out internet access to the public in Burma. Peaceful protesters are being detained. The situation there is intolerable. While my readers are not in Burma and while we have limited powers to make a difference, let our thoughts and our good wishes be with those who are caught up in this brutality.

I am thankful that my life is far more stable and peaceful than those in Burma. I wish that their lives would be as stable and as boring as mine. I would like to thank Storm for point out that today is the day to honor Burma.

I wonder if I have any of that food left over. Being active makes me hungry.

For other cats who are being active, check out Cat Realm and of course the Furry Fighter!

For other cats in action, have you seen what Mr. Hendrix has been talking about and now Parker? This is a close to home important thing. It may not be as important but we can take action on this one.

Don’t forget if you want to take action, blog action day is coming up! October is also Go Pink for Breast Cancer!

I am thankful to have friends who care so much more about the world than just their cat beds.  I am quite a lucky cat.


  1. It is very sad what is happening in Burma. I hope thing improve there soon.

  2. We saw some TV footage from an undercover reporter in Burma last night and it looked like everyone was scared worse than I was going to the vets! Now that’s bad! 🙁

    But as us cats need some fun I’ve tagged you for a meme! 🙂

  3. I did not know today was a special blog day for Burma. Thanks for letting us know!

  4. The situation in Burma is very sad. I just hope something can be done to help the people there.

  5. I hope that those poor people are free soon! Please check my post today and see if it doesn’t make you hiss!

  6. It is a wonderful thing to help Burma, how horrible what is going on there. Its very important to help others even if its just showing our support.

  7. It is so sad for those people. Mom saw a smuggled video on CNN and people were hurting people.It’s not right.
    Purrs to the people .Not the government.

  8. Chey

    You are right we don’t reflect often enough on how wonderful our lives are here compared to all the cats in Burma….

    Purrs to all

  9. Tank you Chey, fur postin’ dis blog. We iz furry worried about Burma & how dey are treatin’ dere peoplez. Dis haz been goin’ on fur yearz, dese human rightz violationz. We iz happy you are an activizt kitty. & our Maximillian, da mad Burr-man, iz furry sorry to hear hiz homeland iz under such rulez.

    -Dr Tweety

  10. hiya Chey my fellow activist Cat! nice post fank you for being a part of Burma Day! xxx

  11. Thanks for this post Chey. We often forget to think about how lucky we are compared to other parts of the world. The people of Burma are seeking what so many peoples take for granted.

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  13. Free Burma Day!!!

  14. Um…honestly? I care more about myself and my cat bed than anything else in the world. It is the human that keeps me abreast of current events and tries to inspire empathy and compassion by informing me about the goings on in the world. I usually just yawn and go back to sleep.

    On a serious note, I am horrifed by what is happening in burma, I have signed every petition and trawled the newspapers and blogs for information. It is horrific to think that such dictatorship can be alive and well in 2007! it isn’t the middle ages – this senseless violence and oppression should NOT be happening in our day and age. .

  15. This is a great post, Cheysuli. I am appalled by what is happening in Burma and have signed the petition. I have also contacted NBC about The Office. I hope that something can be done to help the people of Burma soon. The conditions they are living under are intolerable.

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