Feature Friday: Borg Free Chey

img_1655a.JPG“Former Borg President?”


Will having been Borg hurt Cheysuli’s Presidential Candidacy? It’s too soon to tell. The story broke online on Tuesday evening. Early reports had her being assimilated on the East Coast during a visit with friends. Initially, it was thought that Eric and Flynn, here because of asylum due to pending imprisonment in their country, were assimilating Cheysuli into their culture.

By Wednesday, the photos were everywhere. We were unable to get commentary from Admiral Picard. Seven of Nine stated that it was quite an interesting choice for assimilation. She had, however, suspected that cats were smarter than humans.

Emergency Borg implant removal specialists were sent to the Seattle area to take care of the problem. Cheysuli is in good condition.

Will this hurt her presidency? Experts are torn.

“On the one hand there is the sympathy factor. I mean anyone could get assimilated. As friend Miles said during his apology, it DOES happen sometimes. Cheysuli’s assimilation was quickly caught and the implants were removed.

“On the other hand, there is a lot of prejudice against the Borg and all things Borg. By having associated herself with being Borg, Cheysuli could loose potential votes,” stated one savvy political commentator.

“Are you kidding? It can only help. Look at the American people right now. They are dying to be told what to think. They act more like sheep (sorry sheep) than humans. They want someone else at the helm. In fact, I think the Borg have never been more popular and less scary. It can only help,” stated one cynical Star Trek fan.


And remember, it’s Feature Friday.   Most intriguing comment becomes my guest on Sunday!  This is the second to last week of not being able to do much visiting on Friday.  The woman has one more day of covering for the other acupuncturist and then next week she goes to a seminar which she is looking forward to!  Then back to my usual snooper-visiting self on Fridays as well!


  1. I don’t think you really need to worry Chey. Your supporters have to take the rough with the smooth, I mean, you are only human. I mean feline. No, I mean feline/borg. Oh, I’m confused now. Whatever, I’d still vote for you! Resistence is futile!



  2. Well, Chey, I think you will be just fine, and I don’t think it will hurt your chances. After all, it didn’t hurt Picard’s ambitions. And Seven of Nine was the most popular member on Voyager crew (at least among the male population). Although that probably had more to do with her manner of dress and her figure than the fact that she was Borg. 😉

    If you aren’t elected president, perhaps you could try your hand at acting, and then run for the president again later. After all, the American populace has shown that they will happily elect former actors to public office. Just look at Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenagger.

  3. I don’t think having been Borg will hurt your chances at the Presidency, Cheysuli. If anything, it adds to your charisma. Having felt the power of Borg and being able to go around assimilating beings, then being able to give that power up voluntarily shows that you would not misuse the power of the Presidency.

  4. Afraid we are somewhat brain-and-or-memory deprived (Mom’s getting older) when it comes to trekkie stuff, so cannot comment appropriately, succinctly, with any measure of intelligence, and no humor. We can assure the populace however, that Cheysuli of Washington is by far Number One Candidate of Choice. The experience, the leadership skills and the foreign policy background put him paws-n-tails above any DemoCat or Repurrblican in the running. As for the Hollywood types Dragonheart refers to (Law & Order Big Man included) … we would like to respectfully remind the voting public that Dragonheart IS NOT a registered U.S.of A. voter (and lucky for him!!!). No offense intended to “D” here.
    And we do wholeheartedly with tails up, support Karen Jo’s statement that Cheysuli, Champion of CatDom and NEXT P.O.T.U.S. will never, ever misuse his power. Except when Temptations are served in the State dining hall. VOTE CHEY… ALL THE WAY.

  5. My Jedi powers protect me from assimilation, but I would certainly vote for you anyways, Cheysuli. Jus’ becoz aliens tooked you over for a while doesn’t make you a bad candidate, I mean, beans have put all sorts of peoples in charge of them.. I think your history as a Borg will aid you in helping the country find some structure and maybe put it back on the right track!

  6. I fink being a Borg will give Chey the sympathetic vote myself. I mean now she can identify wif the indiginity of their plight….poor Borg…..poor poor Borg!

    Hi to my sweet and sassy Gemini.

  7. I don’t know anything about Borgs. In fact I don’t know what they are. I think any attention is good attention when you’re running a public race!

  8. We do not think being an ex-Borg will hurt your chances at the Presidency at all. We mean, look at who the humans have elected so far – they definately could not think on their own and we question their ability to think at all!

  9. I am sure that having been a Borg will not hurt your chances of becoming president. In fact, the expeirence has probably helped you become a more organized candidate!

  10. at ferst, mommy said “BORG? Did Chey divorce Latte and marry Bjorn Borg?” Mommy is OLD and out of touch (or is that touched?).

    I just hope the fact that you were assimilated here doesn’t hurt our chances for cabinet positions! I mean, we won’t let it happen during a cabinet meeting or anything. It’s Sammy’s fault, he’s so freaked out about the aliens that they show up here just to torment him. And here in New York, the Governor wants to give them DRIVER’S LICENSES!! Sheesh, half of them can’t even drive their spaceships without crashing!

  11. Chey, being open about your assimilation was the best policy, but I’m glad you’ve had the implants removed and are back to your former self now. Though of course you do now have an insight into how another species thinks and feels, which should help you in the long run!

    Anyway I’m off to read up more on ‘nip and do some really good finking about it… It’s so much easier to fink about d’nip than other stuff you know… 😉

  12. Well, perhaps you need to ensure Gemini and Georgia are state governors in highly populated states so that if the populace of said states are too old to understand butterfly ballots and leave their chads hanging, then the Supreme Court can be called in because the recount is too close to call and by then no one will have remembered that you were ever assimilated as a Borg in the first place, or really care, and if your Daddy paid for your education at an Ivy League school and you brag about your low grades then you’ll fly into office on those slippery shoe strings of greenback laced influential friends of POTUS who own multi-national companies of questionable ethics who need a war to earn billions of dollars in government contracts to do absolutely nothing. Oh, wait a minute. Those aren’t your campaign positions anyway. Nevermind.

    Luf, Us

  13. Since you were a good Borg and not a bad Borg, I do not think it will hurt your chances.

  14. We have been assimilated…

  15. Nah,won’t hurt yer chances.Gave you lots of personality.
    I mean ,really,who wants a PC,”Vanilla” President?
    So you got a little chocolate in the mix,makes for a more
    interesting,speak your mind,non PC kind of Pres!
    And who dosen’t like chocolate!!!!!!!

    (Well,I guess us since we aren’t allowed to eat it,heeheehee)

  16. Good for you! You survived the Borg onslaught and fought it off. Data did the same in one of the Star Trek movies. It probably is no coincidence that Data was the only Star Trek character who had a cat. And as other cats have mentioned, of course Picard and Seven of Nine were able to triumph over Borgism. So you’re in good company and are an excellent role model for our kittens.

  17. I think the Borg Collektive is run by the vishus deer. And I also think Data was only abul to triumff over the Borg becuz Spot coached him on whut to do and gave him some of Mao and Rocky’s Vishus Deer Reepelunt. Pleeze say hello to Jean Luc for me.

  18. Chey,

    I tink you deserve to run da country if you will sit on a governing “Team.” Dis iz goin’ be-yond da Borg planet & mebbe tapping into Ursula K Andrews’ ideas fur da future. We tink dat somethin’ radical iz goin’ to have to change in da wurld before catz, beanz & all animalz live in harmony. However, da musin’s of Mariano Azuela in da novel da “Underdogs” speakz a cautionary tale of how revolution often bringz about da same political demi-gogery dat one experienced before da revolution. (Absolute power corruptz!) We tink you might have da brain cellz to go beyond dis temptation (no, not da treat!) and get us back on da right path in dis country! Go Chey!!!!

    -Dr Tweety

  19. I am not into borg’s, so I like you the way you are. Just the normal Chey. Imperious and demanding.

  20. So did you make the Cat Blogosphere web server work right before you got dis-assimilated Chey? I mean, they said it’d be down for more fixing, but it’s not. Only a Borg could make that happen. Fanks Chey!
    Boni Maroni

  21. hahahahaha Forty Paws!!! Mommy is laffin and laffin so hard iced coffee just flew out her nose. Of course that made her laff more and then scream because it’s ICED coffee and she froze her nasal passages. Anway Forty Paws – AWSOME!

  22. Dearest Chey,

    My pet human has been so busy lately, I missed this post. Wow! Another Star Trek fan!

    Are you aware that Capt. Picard has his own blog: jlpicard.blogspot.com


    Skittles, The Huntress

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