Feature Friday

img_1703a.JPGWell it’s feature Friday.  If you haven’t noticed, we’ve gone pink for October. It’s about time.

I’m getting ready for the latest most intriguing comment here. Or maybe I am just laughing looking back at the great comments I’ve had for Feature Friday.

I knocked a lamp over yesterday. I scared Georgia who was on the Woman’s lap. Georgia got her claw stuck in the afghan and the Woman tried to help her out and Georgia bit her pinky finger quite hard.  Maybe that’s the expression.

Who knows?


  1. maybe you pooted and Gemini passed out and you’re laffing about that. Oh, you’re a lady, you wouldn’t do that. I would though. – Miles

  2. Whoa, you went a really bright pink! I think I like it.

  3. Biting a pinky so it gets pink and then laughing about it, showing off your pink tongue. WOW, I must have totally misunderstood that “going pink” thing….
    NO, I wouldn’t emigrate to Germany, the maid comes from there and actually does not recommend it…. I fancy something more like tropical islands without predators and lots of lizards…

  4. Run, hide, it’s Chey Dracula!


  5. I think you’re just in a good mood because you’ve been meditating!

  6. Heeheehee! What a funny expression!

    By the way, limelight hog? You? Never! What colour cloak would you like to request? May I recommend one of the blue ones? We have several shades. Nothing is too good for our Guests of honour. I would offer a personal attendant to wait on your every whim at the party, but it will likely be a bit crowded and I suspect having some clomping human, no matter how quiet and unassuming they try to be, following you around would probably cramp your fine meezer style.

    Can’t wait to see you at the party! Please let me know if I need to make accommadations for press for your visit to America’s ally to the North.


  7. That is an very funny expression you did, I love it~!
    And it is very nice of you doing pink for October~!

    Happy weekend to you~!

  8. I’z just hope you’re not screamin’ cause you’z seen a vishus low flying hippo! 😉

  9. Oh Chey, I never knew you had a silly side! You look so cute giggling like that.

  10. Owwie! I think you’re just planning your next meezerly exploit and laughing about what the humans will think. With all of the cooler weather meezer mischief is at an all time high!

  11. My mom loves the hot pink background!! And I totally think you are laughing at something – probably Georgia. I love to laugh at my brother and sisters.

  12. Chey

    What was this I heard about you poopin in Gemini’s face?

  13. Cute photo, Chey, were you caught mid-Meeze or mid-yawn? Sorry to hear that Georgia was scared and your mom was bit. I like the colour pink you chose as your background!

  14. Pretty pink! Just like my nose and ears and toesies!

  15. yaaa yur finally pink. we knock lamps ofur all the time constantly breaking the bulbs. with all that was goin on with the lamp and georgia and the afghan wouldnt it have been something ifd you left them in the dark too.

  16. Gweat meezer waugh!

  17. We broke Mom’s ceramic lamps so many times, she finally gave up and bought metal based ones! Score: Cats 1 – Mom 0


  18. My sisfur, Mindy, sometimes laughs like that…..’n I don’t know what it’s all about either…..Moe

  19. hehehe looks to me like you are laughing about a plan well executed – lamp = georgia = panic= human gets bitten.

    That picture is you going ‘ Mwa ha ha’.

    I now have to join you!

    Mwa ha ha ha hahaha xx

  20. Kinda like “Smile,(laugh) it makes people wonder what yer up to”

  21. What an incredibly cute expression!

  22. Laughing at our siblings is da Meezer way!

  23. Ha ha ha ho ho ho and a couple of tra la las
    that’s how we laugh our days away in the merry old land of poose….

  24. My mum wants to thank you for the purrs and good thoughts after her Very Bad Day on Wednesday. She has recovered slightly now and her colleagues bought her some chocolates to show their support. The repercussions of The Incident are still going on and one of her class has been expelled from the school and that is a Good Thing.

  25. We just wantid to say we’re so furry excited that yer going to try and git asylum furr us. We’re going to be asylum seekers Yayyy!!!

  26. Yowsers, sounds like youkitties have had a lot goin’ on! We like knockin’ stuff off stuff, too — hehehe. And we like the pink! It’s purretty.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  27. You look like you are ready to yack up your dinner. Did you get fed funny food?

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