Meezer Rule Wednesday

sleuthchey.jpgVote for me for the Halloween Contest. Or not.

My Meezer Rule for this Wednesday is to look for Sleuth Chey.

I am the best detective ever.

I will be coming to your neighborhood.

Will you find yourself in a Sleuth Chey mystery?

Who can say?

Will you be a villian or a victim?

Who can say?

I can because I am Sleuth Chey

I am Sleuth Chey.

Look for me.

In your neighborhood.

Sometime after November 1.

I’ll be back…

For now, you might find me and Eric and Flynn and Gemini at the Cat Realm!


  1. oooooooo, we will be looking furry hard for you Sleuth Chey!

  2. Oooo, a mystery. We love mysteries! Dis will be fun or scary or maybe funary!

  3. I’m scared!

    P.S. Yes, the bean *tried to sculpt me. 😉

  4. Wow, I will be looking hard!

  5. Sherlock Chey Holmes I presume? FAZ

  6. Cheylock Holmes! 🙂 Please can you help me find my ‘ickle baby kitten Ramses, he’s run off screaming that he’s really a big Mancat, but I hadn’t finished playing yet… 🙁


  7. Villian or victim? Do I get a different choice???

  8. I am our house’s investigator. The others just take things for granted, I want to know DETAILS!

  9. We will be waiting for you!

  10. This sounds very very exciting!

  11. Sherlock Cat is sherlocking!!
    He’s investigating you!!

  12. We’ll keeps our eyes open fur Sleuth Chey!

  13. Great disguise!

  14. I’m not very good at mysteries. I’ll have to rely on you to tell me since I should be able to telecommunicate with you or something like that.

  15. Ooooh! A mystery! I would love to be your sidekick! I am very good at investigating EVERYTHING!!

    PS. Yes, pls ask the boys to come visit too! The more the merrier! Donny would love to rassle with them!

  16. We love you as the sleuth kitty! We loves mysteries too. Can we be in one with you?? We would be honored!!

  17. Oh, I can’t wait to hear more from sleuth Chey! I think you could solve every crime.

  18. I love mysteries, let me know if the Great Detective needs any help gathering data. 😉

  19. Who can say, where is Sleuth Chey?? That is great – I will be looking for you.
    Also, my mamma wants me to say that your comment for the pumpkin photo was very very funny.

  20. We love mysteries, this is furry exciting.

    Please can you remind Eric and Flynn that they promised to come and stay with me for my purrthday party on Friday. Thanks.

    (And of course everyone else is invited too!)

  21. You make Sherlock Holmes jealous! He was never as handsome as you!

  22. Thursday would be great for Eric and Flynn and you and Gemini to come visit! Sleuth Chey!! Oh cool! We love mysteries! Especially with Cat sleuths!!
    Is that tomorrow? Let us know, so we can get everything ready!
    Your Fl furiends,

  23. oh you are so dashing puuurrr…meow

  24. Chey I LOVE your costume!!!

  25. Chey, we are not familiar with this boot camp run by leopards of which you speak. Will it help Mosaic Lady lose 50lbs by her 50th bday in Feb? If so, we will HAPPILY trade in our new and barely used mini house panther, Annie, for the Leopard Boot Camp!

  26. Very neat costume.

  27. Chey, you make a fabyoolus sleuth!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  28. I love your costume, Chey. I look forward to your investigations.

  29. This am furry cool. Sleuth Chey. Yeah. Dat’s da way.

  30. Elementary, my dear Cheylock! That’s a brilliant disguise. Just don’t get into drugs like Sherlock did.

  31. Skeeter and LC says:

    We’ll have to compare notes after the next WATK book comes out…

    Detective Skeeter

  32. Oh how debonaire you are Chey.

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