Thankful Thursday and a meme

img_0789a.JPGWell, I’m thankful to be back! Imagine–10 days. It was horrible.  I can’t imagine why the woman laughs and says that I purred and talked to the pet sitter like crazy. Obviously the woman is a pathological liar.  She should be fired immediately. I did no such thing.  Honestly. I am not a friendly cat…

I am also thankful that I have not been forgotten!

I’ve been tagged by Kelly over at It’s All Good for a meme.  Kelly says:

The guidelines for this tag:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules
2. Write some facts about yourself: some random, some weird, some just plain fun.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them)
4. Let those 7 people know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

The challenge is to keep it interesting without making the reader think “Um, too much information…”

So Seven things about me…

1. I’ve only lived with the woman for two years. Before that I lived with a Siamese cat breeder and I had three stunningly gorgeous litters of kittens.

2. I’m very sweet to Georgia. In fact, I am the barometer of how well she is doing. If I attack her or am thoughtless, the Woman knows that she is doing okay. When I am particularly nice, she starts to worry.

3. I refuse to eat dry food.

4. I am obsessed with any toys with real feathers. I have been known to completely shred and devour a small toy with feathers sticking out that my human gets from Target stores in less than an hour.

5. I have no interest in going outside.

6. Although most cats adore the Woman and they start to like her almost immediately, it took me much longer. In fact, while she had me segregated to help me adapt, it wasn’t until I saw Gemini outside the opened door, as the Woman was leaving that I actually got excited. I rolled all over the place. After that I would sometimes let the Woman pet me. I did not sit on for more than a few moments for at least six months. Now I love to sit on her.  I have her trained.

7. I only meeze at people I like.

Now who to tag? I’ve seen some of these memes around before so I expect a number of you played while I was gone. But I’ll try:

1. I think I read Latte before I left. If not, I tag you. If so, then I tag Snap!

2.Ping, because Gemini wants to know!

3. Yao-lin because… does one need another reason for such a fine fine meezer?

4. Storm, because we had such a grand time in London!

5.  Karl, in hopes that this will help cheer him up.

6.  Rocky at Artsy Catsy in hopes that this will temp his humans into letting him blog again…

7. Tara–although I expect she’s done it already and I missed it.

Now, I can be thankful that that is over and I can go nap… I am so jet-lagged.


  1. I like your #4, I’m like that too!!

  2. I only meeze at people I like too!

    Actually, I did a 7 strange things about mom, but not me, so I think I’ll play!


  3. WOWY – you is in great shape fer havin’ all them kittns!

  4. Welcome back Chey! 🙂 I enjoyed learning more about you. I destroy any toys with real feathers on them too! They don’t last long at all.

  5. Chey, that’s a beautiful photo of you! I am glad that you are so sweet to miss Georgia.

  6. Hi Chey and Georgia! And hello to my sweet angel Gemini!

    Chey fank you for picking me to do a meme. I have nefur done one. I will happily do one for Miss Gemini. *sigh I am sooooo glad you are back!! (Glad your folks had such a good time)

    Your best boyfriendcat

  7. We enjoyed reading these interesting tidbits about you. Three litters, impressive indeedie.

    We just discovered that your people returned and that all of you were blogggging again.

    Happy thursday

    Purrrrs, and headbutters~

  8. Its OK Chey, its the change in seasons that makes us friendlier. I actually purred, snuggled, and let Meowmy smoosh my ears at bed time last night. You know….I don’t think I was tagged for this one! :). I’ll check though and if not I’ll let Snap give it a go.


  9. I only meeze at mommy or daddy. i’m too shy to meeze at other people. – Miles

  10. Aw, it’s cool you are so nice to Georgia 🙂
    Um… what’s meezing? (Boy I feel stoopid now *sigh*)
    I better go ofur to Mileses and get him to show me.

  11. Ooo I’ve never had a toy with feathers yet! Im putting that on my wish list!

  12. I hope you got to take a long nap to get rid of that jet lag. I liked learning all that stuff about you. I had no idea that you had had kittens.

  13. i agree about feather toys! i am not a playful cat much at all but show me a feather and i do react! i like moving fingers under newspaper or bedsheets best…xxx

  14. Thank you for tagging me! It sure helps, I appreciate it!
    Interesting things about you, especially #6!
    I will have to give this a little bit of thought….

  15. We are so glad that that Sanjee at HotMBC asked about meezing, because we don’t know what it is either. I don’t like wet food. (Sam) So glad you are back and it was cool that you got to see London, too.
    Your FL furiends,

  16. I’m vary glad yer bak. Win the peepul are away, I git deeprest and I try to run away frum home and I won’t eet or drink and the catsitter freeks. Yoo mite wanna try it — now my peepul won’t EVER leeve home. (Altho the werd “Prozak” has come up in conversayshun.)

  17. Hey Chey! Thanks for the tag, of course I will consent, only because it you asking, however!


  18. So,the sitter insists you purred and chatted! Well!!!!!!!Nervey huh 😉
    Cool at your ability to dispatch a feather toy so swiftly!!

  19. I did this meme today, too! It was fun. I like your facts.

  20. You’ve had your own babies before? I LOVE taking care of kittens, even though I’m a man. I’ve always wanted to be around the we little ones. Maybe my mom can foster a mommy some day. She doesn’t want to because she couldn’t give them up once she saw them.

  21. What a fun meme! I learned a lot about you, Chey! You’re a real kool Meezer gurl.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  22. Chey, how could you not eat dry food? Dry food is the best, wet food is smelly.

    Although I will eat tuna in spring water which is wet but not smelly.


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