Thankful Thursday

img_0794a.JPGAs always, it’s Thursday and time to think about those things that we are feeling thankful for. Georgia continues to do well, although her fur is getting more and more matted. Brushing has become a chore that she hates. Still, she seems happy enough.

Although Gemini didn’t find her pig leg for Meow like a Pirate Day, she has remained healthy. She continues to enjoy the treadmill.

I of course, enjoy my work as the Right Paw of Bast. I am having a crisis though as the work of being the Right Paw of Bast takes us so much time that I have concerns about how that will be perceived during a presidential run. But I must be thankful for the fact that I have so many choices.

We are as always thankful for all the good thoughts from the cat blogosphere and hope that this Thursday finds you well.


  1. Those are all good things to be thankful for, Chey. I am glad that Georgia contines to do well. Being the Right Paw of Bast is a very important job – I’m glad you enjoy it, Chey.

  2. Those are very wonderful things to be thankful for. I am happy that Georgia is still doing good, too.

  3. Chey

    It is always good to paws and reflect and be fankful. I knoo I am fankful for Miss Gemini (ooo oooo OOOOOOOOOOO you look so gorgeous on that treadmill!) and also for the continued wellness of Miss Georgia. You are so special to watch ofur boff of dem like yu do. Fank you!!


  4. Oh Chey, I am trying to find things for which I can be thankful but am at a loss. I really believe I am hard done by. Do you know, last night I had cat food for dinner. Can you imagine? CAT FOOD! Where was my steak? My lamb chops? My fresh sardines?

    So you see, I don’t have a great deal to thank anyone for, except perhaps that I am friendly with the Right Paw of Bast and can presumably use this friendship to further exert my influence over the humans. So thank you for that, Chey, it is the only thing I have to be grateful for.



  5. One word for the mats on Gemini – Furminator. We got one a few weeks ago and it’s like a miracle.
    I am sorry no pig leg was found, had one been found I think I would have had to come over!

  6. What a lovely post my Chey. We must always remember to be thankful for the many wonderful things we all have, especially our love and friendships.

  7. We are thankful for such wonderful friends. We are glad that Georgia is doing well and you’re right that we can be thankful that we have choices! Right now we choose to go nap in the sunshine in our porch!

  8. Great post! You’ve reminded us to be thankful!

  9. Thanks for taking the time to reflect on all the wonderful things to be thankful for!

    (I don’t think the Right Paw of Bast will come up in your political campaign)

    Someone searched for foot adoration on your site? hahah! how funny and wierd! Try to keep that out of the campaign trail!!

  10. We sometimes forget to be thinkful for all the many wonderful things that happen to or for us. Your post sure helps to put things in perspective. Big, little, great and small – everyday there are things to be thankful for.

  11. Those are very nice things to be thankful for.

  12. What a wunnerful postie — those are all great things to be thankful for. The Kitty Bloggiesphere is such a superduper place — I just love it here, and alla us Ballicai are rah-rah-rahing for your Preziduncy!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  13. ello lovely Chey, I am glad Georgia is doing well…sweet kitty. I think the sentiments of your post today are truly wonderful, and heartfelt. i will definitely think of all the things i am grateful for xxx

  14. Good reasons to be thankful.It’s always good when everycat is doing well.I want that to continue for a long time.

  15. I am very glad that Georgia continues to be well.

  16. Hello Chey,

    Dis iz Dr Tweety and da Fab Five. We was tryin’ to find da Gemini & found you. Gemini waz a blog frend, & livez in da north-west. We iz happy to meet you. Sometimez we don’t get too long to do da blog, cuz momee iz sooo busy… but we try about 3 timez a week. So we will come back to vizit.

  17. We’re happy to hear that Georgia is doing well. We got a post from Gemini about our new tent. It’s not as sturdy as it would be if they had used a bigger width of PVC but it’s much better than Mommy feared it would be. It holds up the furballs, even when they are rambuncious. All in all we give it about an 8 out of 10.

  18. We are also thankful that you are all in good health! I had a few mats recently, and they were very unpleasant. I hate to admit it, but having the vet staff brush them out while I was asleep for my teeth cleaning really helped. Now I’m eating Cosequin (Glucosamine) and can groom properly again. I’m sorry Gemini didn’t find her pig leg. Victor is still running around shouting “Rack of ham”! We have Miles to thank for that! Purrs to all!

  19. We are glad you are all doing well. It is very good to be thankful! And we are so thankful that we have met so many good Cats and their beans since we have been blogging. Have a happy weekend!
    Your FL furiends,

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