Tabby Tuesday


Momma says those kitty purrs are pretty miraculous and she wants to learn how.  She got TWO new patients today already!  She needs a few more to pick back up but that was amazing to her to suddenly get TWO calls in one day when it’s been SO slow.  So we need to start purring for all the people who needs work because it seems to work!

Oh it’s Tuesday and it’s my turn again! YEAH! I laid in the sun yesterday. It was rainy this weekend and then it’s supposed to rain tomorrow so I took advantage of the sun while I could. Momma took a photo of me but she hasn’t uploaded all the photos yet so I couldn’t post that photo. This is an older one. It was from the first set she took with this new camera.

You can see my red softpaws if you look closely. They came off (Momma took them off) because they had been on for a full three months and they needed to come off. Now Momma needs to put some more on. I think it’s coming up to red season again, although we considered using orange and black ones for Halloween.

Momma asked me ask the cats to purr for more patients for her. She says it worked so well when I was lost and for Georgia and for all the other cats that maybe you can purr some patients to her. She expected to be a bit slow but not this slow. It’s been over a month since she had any new patient and she is getting very frustrated.

OH!!! I didn’t know!!! It is Miss Pixie’s Birthday!!!! We must wish her a happy one!! Happy Birthday Pixie!!!!


  1. Oh we are totullie purring fur more patents fur yer lady! Purrs all arownd! Yer red nales luk beeeeutiful…and yoo wuld luk dashing with blak and oranj too! Wow, yer sooo stylish!

  2. I see the paws! So cute.

    I’m purrin…. Mom’s goin’ to be in Seattle again Thursday night. Is it going to rain?

  3. I will purr for some new patients for your mom, Gemini. That is a lovely photo of you. I had red soft paws too – I haven’t had them in a while, but I’m starting to injure my skin a bit when I scratch (even though my claws are kept clipped) so they might be put on again.

  4. Gemini, that is a very beautiful photo of you! Pixie and I are going to purr for your mom. Thanks ever so much for wishing Pixie a happy birthday. You are nice.

  5. I will purr and I will pray for your Mommy!
    ps – you look lovely!

  6. Oooh I like the softpaws! I guess that means you don’t have to get an icky pawdicure!! 🙂 Think I’d better purr to Mummy about those as well as sending some more purrs in your Mom’s direction for added patience! 🙂

  7. Gemini:

    Furst let’s PURRRRRRRR fur yur Mom.
    Now let me gaze again at yur pixchur….*sigh
    Yu have such gorjuss eyes and floofy furrs…*double sigh
    Now let’s PURRRRRRRR again furrs yur Mom.
    and I needs to go wish Pixie a happy purrday.

    Yu needs to teleport ofur and I will happily share my sunbeams wif yu.

    Yur boyfriendcat

  8. Gemini, you look great in that photo. VERY relaxed, and your tabbiness is very beautiful!

    happy Day to you and your sisters!

  9. We are purring for new patients for you mom, too. Orange and black soft paws for halloween sounds purrfect. You will be the talk of the town.

  10. Purrs to your Mom for patients. You look so cute and it’s good to laze around on rainy days.It’s a good time to get your nails done.

  11. i have never seen a furrend is softpaws…are they easy to put on? my meowmie considere them for me and my bro but then she forgot about them – which is a shame really considering the state of her sofa and crapet

  12. Hi Gemini, your toes are cute! Orange and black softpaws sound nice for the fall! We will purr and purrayer for new clients for your Momma. Lots and Lots of them. Have a great Tuesday!
    Your FL furiends,

  13. we will send purrrrss to your momma! our momma knows how that feels – she has not werked in over a month eifur!

  14. We’z doing purrs fur yoor mom to get lotsa new pashents. I think we need to ask fur purrs fur our mom to get a nice job so she can buy us more stuff. Lots more stuff…Yoor piksher is lovely, yoo haf such a purrty face.

  15. we is sending purrs for yur mom to have more patients.
    we lufs the red claws, totally your color. you should do green and red for christmas next time. orange an black it so good for halloween too.

  16. Patients? What does your Momma work as?
    I’m starting to purr now. Wots of patients for your Momma.
    *purr purr purr*

  17. You do look beeyootiful Gemini! 🙂 I will send lots uv purrs for yore mommie too, I’s good at purrin’s, so I hope they help!

  18. That is very very very beautiful photo of you~!!!

  19. Oh yes, we think orange & black claw covers would look beautiful with your furs.

    Tipper & Misty

  20. woah..those red soft paws make you look like a TEMPTRESS CAT! Wow. I am really really impressed. Hubba hubba.

    hahahaha xx

  21. Oh, alla us Ballicai are purrin’ and purrin’ for yur momma to get more patients! And yur soft pawsies are cool — oranj and black ones would look kool fur Halloween!

    And you cracked me up with what you said in the komment about Brainball’s paw lookin’ like a bananer… hehehehe!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  22. We hopes ‘n purrs your mom get more patients too! We loves your picture, Gemini. those soft paws, we never tried em. They look cool tho.

    Moe & Mindy

  23. we will be purrin fer yer mom heer.
    dat’z a grate lookin pikshur gemini. an i like da touch uv red on yer pawz!

  24. we’re gonna purr fur more payshents too. an we alwayz love seein’ picshures of yur ‘dorable puffy self!

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