Sunday Guest Star

dscf0583.JPGWell, I am fatigued after those debates. I am quite impressed with all my fellow candidates.

However, this is not about that. I did quite like a number of answers, but one intrigued me above all. I don’t know if you know this, but I rather like to eat. Therefore, I was most intrigued by Yao-lin.

Good luck tomorrow, I will be supporting you all the way. Incidentally I am rapidly running out of interesting things to say in my comments so I will simply say this: I can’t wait until tomorrow night because the neighbours always have chinese food. mm.


I want to hear more about the Chinese food. Are these the same neighbors who had that had the roast lamb? Do they invite you over or are they some sort of hunting preserve? Do tell. You have the best food resources of any cat I know!


  1. I thought the debates were furry innaresting! You did a great job, Chey, and had ecksellent answurs. And Chinese foodies? Hmmm, I might be innarested if they’ve got stinky goodness!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  2. Reading the answers to all the questions was very interesting! I can’t vote, of course, being a Canadian-German cat living in Germany with Canadians, but I’m still interested in the outcome. You did a fabulous job, Chey.

    Yao-lin does have wonderful food resources, doesn’t he?

  3. I’ve pretty much missed the whole thing due to DadBean working on the (my) computer, but I do want to congratulate Yao-Lin, and also tell you your banner looks cool!

  4. HAHAHAHA!! Wow – I was TOTALLY not expecting to be your Sunday guest star! I am honoured, chuffed, pleased, touched – all at the same time. Thank you Chey!!

    To elaborate further, I will post an explanation about my hunting abilities on my blog!

    Aw, Chey, you will always have my vote 100% xxx

  5. The debates have been fantastic so far!

    I, too, was very impressed by Yao-Lin’s resourcefulness in getting that big piece of meat from the neighbors.

  6. I want to know about Yao-Lin’s food hunting too!

  7. Yay Yao-lin!! I’m ok with Chinese food…unless it has chicken. Then it is much more interesting to me!

  8. Re: Garden
    Looks can be deceiving.In the spring,Mom dug out a BIG pile of weeds.Only now is it being filled in with rocky earth.(it’s all we have).The weeds are an invasive variety and hard to get rid of.Those flowers are there until Mom clears more land and weeds.This will take a while. It’s only a holding area for plants.
    At the rate Mom is going,they will be holding for years,hahahaha!

  9. that story of Yao-Lin’s made me laugh…the picture is so cute (not for thenighbours though!)

    it is such a shame your Beans didn’t get to visit the Chelsea FC ground! the stadium tour is super! what team does your Bean like to watch? x

  10. We fink Yao-lin is a grate hunter too and he makes us laff. Even though I am a mighty hunter myself (if I may say so) I haf never been able to hunt down a big lamb bone like his.

  11. Oh that is a classic, Yao-lin is indeed a great hunter. Oliver was a great hunter too, he came home not once, but twice, with legs of lamb just like that. He had to turn his head sideways to get them through the cat flap, hehehe! We never found out where he got them!

  12. I am very happy for Yao-Lin, what a great wonderful hunter~!

    I eat Chinese Food everyday, but never seen such as big roast lamb before, I think that is coming from the North and West of China inland, not regular Chinese food. Everyday I ate’s food the meat has been cut little pieces. Not like that.

    People who live in very north of China, because of very cold weather they will roast lamb or pork like that. But I never it before.

  13. We are most interested in your Sunday Guest Star story too. We want to hear a report on how Yao-Lin managed to snag such a find. We are envious, we can’t even manage to get out of the house let alone go on such a hunting safari.

    Moe & Mindy

  14. O.M.B. that looks yummy.

    And Chey, I finks the weirdness at our house is congenital or somefing. That’s not bad to say is it?


  15. A hungry tiger :-).

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