Sunday Guest Star

Well, after a slow start and feeling he would never be the guest star, Dragonheart becomes the second cat to be chosen a second time. I have to admit, Miles was the funniest (as usual) but Dragonheart… HE was the most intriguing and that’s what this is about.

Very cool photo. :) Sometimes “mistakes” end up making great photos. I don’t understand your first paragraph at all, but I guess it’s some pop culture reference that I’m not up on.

Now, that intrigues me. Dragonheart, do you really men to say that your human has so neglected you that you don’t know about Harry Potter?  You have not visited the magical world of Hogwarts?  REALLY?

Cats! I think we should purr for Dragonheart. He seems to have everything (except perhaps fur)–good food, a loving home, warm blankets, snuggles but obviously his home is lacking!   He doesn’t know who Harry Potter is!

As the Right Paw of Bast I say This is not acceptable!  Everyone sign up for chapter readings for Dragonheart. I think if each cat takes a chapter we should be able to get through these books in no time–well at least the first few.  We might have to call in some humans for anything after book 4 but I think the best ones are the early ones (and show Crookshanks at his best as well).


  1. I am with Dragonheart on this one. I only know about Harry Potter cause so many kitty’s beans were reading it when the last book came out. My Lady does know what it is and has seen the first movie, but hasn’t read the book. Maybe I’ll sit through the readings with Dragonheart…

  2. Gosh, I don’t know anything about Harry Potter, either!

  3. *gasp* we haf to remedy this immediately ~

  4. The best ones are the earlier ones for sure! Great pic of Dragonheart!

  5. Well, I have heard of Harry Potter, but we never read it either 🙁

  6. Ummmm, I know of Harry Potter, but have never read any of the books…

  7. We read the books and i had a small part in the last movie!

  8. I have read the Harry Potter books and seen the movies, but I can understand that they would not appeal to everyone.

  9. Yes, that is too unfortunate for Dragonheart! We suggest reading the books, not watching the movies. I am sure he’ll catch up fast and without no time he’ll have a magic wand!

  10. No, Chey, neither I, nor my humans, has ever read the Harry Potter books. We are probably the last creatures left on this Earth who haven’t! My human mom usually loves fantasy novels, including some excellent young adult fantasy authors, but she has never been able to get into the Harry Potter books.

    And yes, Miles is always funny. 🙂 Thanks for choosing me as your guest star this week Chey! 😀

  11. I think Mom lives in a fantasy world .She likes Harry Potter.But she also likes
    Lord of the Rings and that kind of stuff.I bring her back to Earth with some well placed claws,heehee. Kudos to Dragonheart!

  12. Dragonheart is a very intelligent kitty. I’m sure he will read up Harry Potter in no time!

  13. YAY for Dragonheart. we haf not readed the Harry Potter books eifurr. they’re too long – I haf a short attenshun sp……OO a fly!! see ya!!


  14. We hafn’t read Harry Potter either, but we haf watched the DVDs with our Beans so we knew how and where to catch the train to Hogwarts. Dragonheart would probly be better wiv the films, we tend to fall asleep on books.

  15. We’ve only seen Happy Potter movies, Mom has never read the books!!
    Have a great week and that was a cool picture that your Mom took in London!

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