Pirate Meezer Rule Wednesday

cheyswan.jpgAh for once I remember Meezer Rule Wednesday and it’s as a pirate.

My rule: If ya mateys get a dumb pirate name, then just don’t print it. My fine name i and title are way too good to allow a fine and dandy nickname from the sea. After all, I OWN the sea!

That’s my rule and I’m sticking to it.

Gemini wanted to be part of this and perhaps we’ll get a photo up later. She heard that pirates had peg legs but thought they said Pig legs. I think she’s looking for a ham. I’m not sure if I should hope she finds a ham or not. I mean I’d like to eat a ham, but Gemini will get mad at me if I eat her leg.

I guess it’s her problem.

I have my lovely costume right here and I think it’s pretty spiffy if I do say so myself.

Now go talk like a pirate Mateys! Avast and Be Off and check out more pirates like the Missouri pirates (do they have a sea there to BE a pirate?)

So did I talk like a pirate or do I need to add some more avasts and land lubbers and stuff?


  1. I is postin’ me pirate post tomorrow. Meargh!!! Me loves this.

  2. Gemini, pig legs are very delicious – I will help you look for a pirate with one – Miles

    Chey, excellent rule! you look dashing in your pirate garb. very sexy – Sammy

  3. Wow, you look fantastic! No doubt about it …

  4. Working that outfit Girl!

  5. Wow, yoo look hot!!! Don’t tell Daisy I sed that. I meen, ARGGHHH!!!

  6. Ahoy, that be a fine pirate costume, Chey. Gar! Arr, me parrot concurs!

  7. That be a fine costume you be wearin’, Chey. Yer rule be a grand un, too.

  8. Chey, you look FAB!

    Love the rule too. Both my names were dumb, so I also refused to print them.


  9. What a handsome pirate! I just wonder what your name might be….?

  10. Ay! A fine outfit, but I got distracted after pig leg…

  11. Arrrrr Aye, those be scurvey garments you be wearin’

  12. Arrgh,Chey you are funny! “Pig” legs hahaha

  13. Arrr, we all be looking fur dat pig leg….

  14. Chey

    Gemini would make a fair lassie and I’ll see what I can do to round up dat pig leg furrs yu my sweet.


  15. oooh arrr me hearties!!! That be a fabulous picture of you as a pirate cat! Hehehehe excellent..!


  16. Arrrrrr me hearties, great outfit Chey! You sound fair like a pirate to us!
    Arrrrrrrrrrrr (means Purrrrrrrrrrrrs in this case hehe)

  17. Yar, ’tis a bonnie lass before me! As true and blue as da sea!

  18. arrrrrr arrrr arrrr shiver me timbers….

  19. Chey, you be a mighty fine and fashionable pirate! Arrrr!

  20. Very cool outfit. FAZBEARD the PIRATE

  21. Ahoi me matie! Oh boy do you look cool all dressed like a pirate! I think my Pirate name should be Capt. Ramses Red Beard! 🙂 It’s sure been a fun day trying to meow like a Pirate! Off to shiver me timbers… 😉

  22. Ahoy and meargh! Tis a fine pirate lass you make, Chey! Haf ye found some pirate booty? Tell Gemini to take the fine pirate name “Rackham” an there be her pig leg – Rack of ham! Arrgh!

  23. Thanks for the advice yesterday – I think I have worked out the problem.

    That’s a fantastic Pirate outfit! I don’t think Gemini would actually like pig legs very much. hahaha!

  24. MeeeeOOOooaaaaarrrrrrr

  25. Yarrr, Cheysuli, that is indeed a fine getup you have there. I have chastised my mommie quite fully for not helping me to blog. I have put her on a diet of nothing but crunchy goodness for a week as punishment. She did say to ask you if you got your name from a book, because she read a bunch of books once that had Cheysuli beans in them. I looked at her funny because of course you are a cat, but beans will be beans, and my mommie is an odd one!

  26. wow you look piratety meowwww great….

  27. What a fine pirate you are!

    ~ Noah, Arrrrr

  28. Chey, ye be lookin’ fine and ’tis a very good rule. Pirates should not be havin’ t’ use dumb pirate names.

  29. Wowie kazowie Chey, that’s a super great pirate outfit! Shiver me timbers! Have ye got any toona grog on ye? I’ll help ye drink it up!

    Kittyhugs and purrs and ARRRRR from MaoMao!

  30. Arrrrrrr yer a fine figger of a pirate to be sure, in fact yer so fine yer making our timbers shiver.

  31. You look like a great seafarin’ hearty.
    Ya scurvy dog ….err….cat!

  32. That is tooooo much. I’ve been talking pirate talk all day but it’s even harder than catspeak. Furry funny outfit you’ve got there!

    How was that?

    Lame, I know.

  33. Arrr me fine Lassie (uh, not the dawg). Did you get any loot today?

  34. Stunning outfit Chey, – oops, forgot to speak pirate, ha, ha

    Moe & Mindy

  35. Mommy, you look smashing!

  36. ‘Acourse ye don’t be needin’ a sea ta be a pirate! We be havin’ pirates on our rivers here in the Canadian Prairies!

    ~Pirate Jack

    Ooo! That be a pretty outfit Cheysuli!

    ~Persephone, Pirate Queen

  37. Wow, you sure do look dashing but whatever happened to your paws??????


  38. grate pirate awtfit Chey

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