Photohunt: Paper

This weeks photo hunt is paper. In this photo, you can clearly see Georgia. She is sitting on some paper. That was my certificate when I won the Miss Litterbox contest. Miss Litterbox was a much less scandal ridden affair than the Mr. Litterbox and I am proud to hold the title.

Besides the paper that says Miss Litter box, you can see Georgia looking at the toys and the treats that I receied for this. However, she seems intent upon sitting upon my certificate. I’m sure it’s because she is so impressed with how wonderful I am!


  1. Of course she is impressed! Who wasn’t impressed with your victory in the Miss Litterbox compitition…

  2. Congratulations! And those toys look like fun!

  3. I recall the Mr Litterbox affair, it was quite the scandal! I think you deserve to be Miss Litterbox and I am sure those gifts were wonderful! x

  4. I think Georgia is studying the award because she wants to enter next year!

  5. Guess I’m too new to know about the Litterbox award. But hey,Chey, if you won it then, way to go! Winning anything is good.

  6. Georgia looks furry impurressed wiv yer sirtiffycat and is reeding all about Miss Litterbox.

  7. Wow, a Miss Litterbox certificate….I can understand her admiration. And she is probably a little envious of your certificate. Such an honour…who would be???

  8. We are all impressed with how wonderful you are. FAZ

  9. I am sure that she is studying your certificate very carefully to see if she can win next time. We are all impressed with your talents and beauty, Chey.

  10. We are very glad she did not use your certificate for her “business”.

    Luf, Us

  11. hehehe, that’s really cute! I’m sure Georgia’s furry proud of you!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  12. Oh yes, Miss Litterbox! I remember when you won that, very impressive. Mr. Litterbox certainly didn’t end up as well but it certainly taught us all some important lessons.

  13. Skeeter and LC says:

    Oh so cool, we dint know you was a Photo Hunter too. Nice pic! Hope you liked ours…

    Some of them topics we dont unnerstand too good (like “music”), but we like to try to take neat piciatures of the topics that we do unnerstand. “Dirty” was fun.

    Skeeter and LC

  14. Georgia does look very impressed with your certificate. I hope she didn’t crumple your paper too much. (My papers don’t make a very interesting photo, either, which is why I didn’t post them for the hunt!)

  15. A Miss Litterbox certificate, that is a neat award. Georgia loooks like she is very interested in it.

    Gemini, the kitties in our post were Ariel and Lemieux from the Kitties and Mom, not Tigger and I. They along with their brother Tocchet are our new adopted family. We are glad you like the new template.
    Your FL furiends,

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