Photo Hunt : Original

cheyoriginal.JPGI was waiting for this one. I am an original but how to make a photo of me original, when all are and I do this all the time? Then I thought the original could mean the cat this blog was originally for, but I won’t stand for that! Then what about my original ancestors?

I realize this cat is ancient but I feel so connected and I am sure it’s that strange understanding resemblance about the eyes that gets me.  She is no doubt an ancestor of mine.

Stay tuned later on for the debate responses!


  1. That cat is an original…is that Egyptian bred, royal family cat?

  2. How original! Of course , youre related to the original, lol…my photos are up, please come and visit

  3. Well that definately qualifys for original. Great photo too,…. does look a bit like you, doesn’t it? Have a good weekend.

  4. same here got a hard time to think for this meme hehehe…though got great idea there..happy weekend!
    mine is up as well.

  5. that’s a great shot! happy weekend!:)

  6. very nice entry for this week’s theme

  7. Very nice perspective. We are all originals even animals.

  8. great idea you have here… that cat has a charisma!


  9. Wowwww, original and also scared me~!
    But it’s a great photo~!

  10. wow, so unique and beautiful!

  11. How beautiful she is – like you!

  12. Fabulous, Chey! That statue is certainly an original.

  13. Chey, now I can see where you get your good looks from!

  14. oh, that is wonderful – a beautiful ancestor, Chey!

    Moe & Mindy

  15. Wow… almost a mysterious aura about this. Very good post for this theme indeed!

  16. neat one. happy Ph

    mine is up at My Two Cents Worth and
    The Four Seasons Of My Life I hope You can visit me too. TC

  17. That is a great shot and very original.

  18. Now that is original

  19. Great shot, beautiful statue! Pierced nose? Very original 🙂

    Thanks for visiting mine earlier.

  20. Very original and a neat photo, too! She does look a bit like you!
    Your Fl furiends,

  21. Of course she’s yur ancestor, Chey! We know you’re descended directly from Bast. That’s a lovely statue! We got our photo hunt up… FINALLY! Purrs!

  22. Fine picture. You gonna get a nose ring Chey?

  23. What an interesting and original photograph. sara from farmingfriends

  24. WOWY – that IS original! (just like you)

  25. Skeeter and LC says:

    Very nice “original”. We dint think of one that good at all (go and check). An we even haf some statues like that! Very good!

    Skeeter and LC

  26. Great shot. We humans look upon the fact of this cat and know for sure the cats are the masters! Happy weekend. Great take for this week’s theme

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