Meezer Monday: Debate Wrap Up

img_0210na.JPGFrom The Seattle Paper:

‘Weekend Debates showed where candidates stood on the issues. Cato and Cheysuli showed the more progressive side, with Skittles showing a moderate position and Doc Holliday showing the conservative point of view.

Northwest Candidate Cheysuli seems to be in the most trouble. With Skittles and Doc Holliday appealing to more moderate and conservative voters, she and Cato seem to be in a battle for the progressives.

“Her answers were quick and concise, however, Cato’s somewhat rambling responses showed off a thorough grip of all the issues. Given that she and Cato carry the most similar progressive positions, this means that Cheysuli may have a tough road to build back up popular support.”

Cato carried off the coup with a solid, well researched position on the cat food issue. Cheysuli gained some ground on the issue of temperature taking methods and again on the Vishus Deer menniss. However, many cats are not directly affected by the deer, which means that many potential voters weren’t paying nearly as close attention to this question as to the earlier ones.

Cheysuli seems to have good points and a solid progressive stance, however she may lack the political tact and rhetoric to really be effective as a statescat. With debate rebuttals coming up in a week, Cheysuli may gain back some of the ground she gained.

“I think she’s got the ideas. It’s the fact that she knows what she knows and expects that others do as well. She doesn’t site her sources the way Cato does,” said one admirer.’

For cats with more important things, Cheysuli says she’ll be doing the feedreader tutorial on  Wednesday.  Gemini gets the blog tomorrow.  We thought we’d do a little neon meeze today…


  1. Well I just caught up on the debates as my stupid human was her usually non-co-operative self on the weekends. Sigh. Chey, you rock!!! Not only because I love you but because I agree with all of your points on the debate. You are going to win!!!!

    (But I’m not above a publicity stunt should you need it. Just let me know.)

    Go Team Cheysuli!!!!

  2. I think that you will win, Chey. You really have my vote!

  3. P.S. Do I have to register or something first? Hee hee.

  4. The debates are very interesting!
    And that picture is way cool!

  5. Who cares about tact and rhetoric? We want action!

    Yr fan,

  6. Yes, we meezers do simply want action.

    And good looks (and cool pictures) do still count. This is politics after all.


  7. Very cool photo effect, Chey. I think you are selling yourself short on the debates. Remember, we are cats. Some of us have short attention spans, so being concise is a very good thing!

  8. I think you are doing better than you think you are, Cheysuli. I think you did the best in the debates. Gemini, I already did a limerick for Ping. You can find it at or just click on Ping’s label.

  9. My goodness, this type of intense political debate goes right over my head. FAZ

  10. I do not get this Vishus Deer issue. We don’t usually see deers, what deers there are, Panthers eat and don’t seem Vishus to me at all when they dead. I never chase deers but if I wanted to, I could go to Big Pine Key where they have mini-deers just the right size for a mini-panther like myself. However, I do not like the conservatives, so…

  11. Good Luck Chey!! You are a cool cat with a cool pic!

  12. Hi chey nise pichure. i wasd berry comfy in my bed until the beans woke me wiff the flashy.

  13. This is a very attractive photo.

    The deebates were very informative. Now we are totally informed and confused too.

    Happy day

  14. I enjoyed reading everyone’s positions, I like the way you think!

  15. Well, as long as you’re not Republican, you have our vote.

    Tee hee, we like what Ceasar & Prinnie said.

    Luf, Us

  16. It’s going to be sooooooooo hard to decide. But, we cats can no longer afford to be fence sitters. Get out the Vote!

  17. Chey, I think it is going to be a very close and exciting race. I can’t wait for the rebuttals!

    Who is in charge of making sure there are no hanging chads during the voting, I wonder?

  18. I’m voting for the ear temperature thing, rather than putting up with the thermometer in the booty act once more! 😉

  19. You have our vote Chey.. mebbe you wil co-sider da mad Burr-man when you see how hand-some he iz, fur your Secretary of State. He iz a peas candidate.

  20. Chey, we is behind you 100 %! you did GREAT!

  21. My congratulations on your fine performance in the first debate. I can’t wait for the rebuttal posting!


  22. Chey the picture is divine, as are you – it is therefore your DIVINE right to become president. I am looking forward to the next round of posts. I firmly believe that you will win! Also, I noticed Latte said he is not beyond a publicity stunt. Could you see fit to use this to your political advantage? I’m thinking – photo shoots for hello Magazine ?? Maybe you two should go out for a night without anything covering your spot 13 like britney et al. Guaranteed media coverage ha ha.


  23. Hey Chey! Latte asked pretty much the same thing about the ornament! Ha ha. Truthfully, they are made by a company called country artists, if you go on ebay dot co dot uk and do a search for country artists siamese cats or similar you will find a few on there. They are quite heavy, made of clay or something similar but I am pretty pleased with the likeness. The human says if she ever sees a spynx one she will snap it up straight away for dragonheart!

    If you can’t find any online, the human can order them from the shop down the road where she got mine but they are pretty expensive, not sure how they would ship but would be happy to try and sort something. E bay does have some on there though and there may even be a website or something??.

  24. Hiya, Chey! You did a superduper job in the debates — I enjoyed reading everykitty’s pozishuns on those furry impawtant isshues and I look forward to the rebuttals! You and all your kompetiturs are so smart and such spiffy kitties!

    hehehe, I love how Gemini thought Brainball’s paw was a bananer! Momma just laffed her head off ofur that.

    Thankies so much fur your purrs for my sistur Brainball — she is doin’ a lot bettur today, eatin’ bettur and Brainballin’ around and doin’ her Alpha Cat patrols (YAY!); she’s also gettin’ in more naps, though, which is good. Momma thinks she still needs some more good bathroom trips before she feels 100%. But she’s much bettur and Momma will keep an eye on her to make sure she keeps gettin’ bettur or else she still might have to go to the v.e.t.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  25. Chey, you are beautifful and you get my vote!
    One things concerns me though…politics is showbis for ugly people….so I am not sure you will fit in! You are far too stunning!

  26. sorry my comment scared you away from watching the Bunny video on DKM’s site. it’s worth watching and it has a happy ending in that the bunny is doing well but it’s just so maddening what cruelty people unleash on animals that cannot defend themselves and trust us.
    carri ann
    aka archi’s mum

  27. WOWY – this political stuff is really complicated!

  28. Skeeter and LC says:

    Chey – That’s tough having an opponent with similar views. It splits your potential supporters. However, we expect you will do well when all the debates are finished!

    Skeeter and LC

  29. Nothing better than a good debater. Yoo win. Neon! Neon! Neon! Who knows? Maybe that’s reality?

  30. Dearest Chey,

    Who is your journalist?

    My main stance is to bring home the troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. Hardly a “moderate to conservative” stance.

    Quite liberal if you ask me.

    Is this Yellow Journalism??????????????????????

    I thought we were playing fair.

    Skittles, The Huntress

  31. Well, I don’t care what you guys debate on as wong as I get mine stinky goodness and BBQ pork. But cool pictors do count! And you’ve got one cool pictor!

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