Feature Friday

img_0785a.JPGWow! I was amazed at the numbers of cats with questions about feedreaders and feeds (not the food kind).  I will have to post on this next week.  This week, of course, we have the presidential debates. TOMORROW here.  Right after the photohunt post (or before depending upon which gets up FIRST.)

Skeezix will be hosting and will include a link to each candidate and a brief teaser of the debate question.   I’m quite excited–can’t you tell?

Anyway today is Feature Friday and that means the most intriguing question will be featured on my blog as the Sunday Guest Star.  Will it be you?   Or will it be someone else?  Hmm… If only I could tell the future… as the Right Paw of Bast, one would THINK I’d have that super power.  Ah me.


  1. I’m so excited about the debate! Of course, you are going to say you are standing there, and not Latte, right?


  2. That is a lovely photo, Chey. 🙂

    Good luck in the debates! 🙂 It will be very exciting to read all the candidates’ answers. Being able to tell the future would be a very useful superpower.

  3. Oh, no, you’re not nipping it up right before the debates, are you, Chey? You need to be at your best and have your mind clear for the questions.

  4. Looks like you’re on the ‘nip again Chey! Is that wise before a debate?! Oh you only sniffed it and didn’t really inhale, well that’s ok then! 😉

  5. I am so glad that you will talk more about feeders. I asked Mommy to explain and she gave me the classic blank human stare. I don’t know if you have ever had the chance to see a classic blank human stare, but when you get one it is pretty frustrating.
    Easy on the ‘nip – those debates can be brutal!

  6. Good luck in the debates!!!
    I look forward to your “school” posts.I’m an older cat and need to catch up on all the new internet stuff.

  7. Would you like to borrow something snazyy to wear for the debates? Remeber to look into the camera and smle… i am sure you will do fine.
    Pooses for Pease supports Cheysuli!

  8. Purresidential Debates, yay! I’s sure they’ll be more fun for us than yoo. Sorry bout that. The bad side of politics, I guesses.

  9. I is right though, after playing with there is a delay – sometimes many hours, before Google reader picks up the new posts. There was new Stuffs on Icanhascheezburger that had not showed up on the reader yet.

  10. Good luck with the debate tomorrow. This will be very exciting and fun!

  11. I’m so excited about the debates!!! I will give you a shoulder and neck rub so you can relax. Do you like your paws rubbed? Kaze does. You’re going to do great!

  12. What a great tummy! Too bad I can’t just reach through the screen and pet it! I’m looking forward to the debate! Sounds exciting!

    Don’t forget (with all the political hooplah) that the third edition of The Laughing Cat carnival comes out next week so send in your funny cat stories!

  13. Hi! You look great in that photo. Very nipped out. Mommy wants to give you a big pet.
    Mommy is working tomorrow, but we’ll be tuning in late to check out the debates.
    Good luck!

    Hi Gemini!! *waves paws*

  14. Go, Chey! Any cat in the White House would be better than the Current Occupant.

  15. Good luck tomorrow, I will be supporting you all the way. Incidentally I am rapidly running out of interesting things to say in my comments so I will simply say this: I can’t wait until tomorrow night because the neighbours always have chinese food. mm.


  16. We are looking forward to the debates tomorrow. We can hardly wait for the candidates to present their platforms and splain how to get us back on track – cat’s rule.

  17. Chey, we want to wish you good luck at the debates this weekend. I’m sure you’ll do quite well.


  18. Heh Heh. We luf all the comments about the nip before the debates. Especially where you just sniffed it and didn’t really inhale. Crack us up!

    Luf, Us

  19. Are you nervus Chay? This is a big night for you.

    Hi Gemini!! Thanks for stopping by our blog today.

  20. That’s a great pickshure of you, Chey! And wowie, the debates will be funsies! Good luck, my furriend!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  21. Chey, this is a stunningly beautiful photo of you. Your furs are just magnificent!

    We are looking forward to the deebates

    Happy snappy week-end

  22. good luck in the debates chey – weez rooting fur you!!! xx

  23. Good luck in the debates Chey, we’re looking forward to it. We want to know about feed readers too. We thought it meant we got eggstra treats if we read yer blog, but mum sez fat chance boys, yoo git enuff treats as it is.

  24. Oh, Gemini, we are glad to hear you live in a purty place too. We’re on the east coast of Canada.

    Moe & Mindy

  25. Good luck in the debates! They are next for us to read! Feed readers a still a bit of a mystery to us, too.
    Your FL furiends,

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