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img_0865a.JPGWell it’s Feature Friday again. I’m always on the look out for great comments and am waiting to be intrigued. Who will it be this week? Last week, I was astounded at the number of cats that haven’t read Harry Potter. While the books are better, I think it would be more enjoyable for us to have a movie day for the first three movies (I’d hate to have a bunch of napped out cats). So, next Wednesday we will be doing a Harry Potter movie day with catnip and snacks and lots of pillows.

Ah, you might say, what’s up with that photo. Well it’s me, keeping an eye on the Woman in London. It looks like I was caught. Who would have thought she’d want a photo of Big Ben from behind a pillar that was being repaired. As the tour guide said about the tower of London repairs–well we began this in 1078 and we should be done any day now. That seemed to be how things were. There were lots of repairs to things, but I suppose when they are that old, they need to be repaired frequently.

The woman thought they made interesting photos and was always trying to find unusual angles so that she’d have original photos. The male, well, he just said stand in front of it so I can take your picture. We’ll see who’s photos are better.

Time to be intrigued…


  1. Wow – the maid says they must have cleaned up London since she was there last because Big Ben sure looked A LOT DARKER!
    Very nice how you spy on the woman!!! Chey 007, hahahaha!

  2. Nice job spying on your humans, Chey. Too bad you were caught.

    Yes, old buildings seem to need a lot of repairs. My humans don’t have any good photos of the city hall in Aachen, because the entire building was covered in scaffolding. So they bought some postcards of it pre-scaffold, so they would have a picture of it.

    A Harry Potter movie day sounds like fun! Like I said, my mom LOVES fantasy, but just hasn’t been able to get into the Harry Potter books. ::shrug::

  3. Gosh I wish I could spy on my Mummy like you do your woman! I’d just love to know what she gets up to when she goes out for hours and hours… I’ve sniffed lots and can safely say she’s not out fussing other cats at least! 😉

  4. they should rename it big chey wiff yur pichure on it. its been big ben so long it needs an update.

  5. I like her idea on photos, they should be interesting angles, lighting, things that aren’t usual. I like to experience things as the photographer sees them, not how the photographer thinks they want to be seen. I have a skewed view of the world since my head tilt issue so I like interesting angles, things that no one else has seen.

    Sadly, I too am HP deprived. Meowmy has seen movie #1 & #3 though if that counts.

  6. I read Hairy Potter books, but I like Chronicles of Chrestomanci better. Temple cats are funny. I never go to london though and do not know what this cricket is. It something I eat once though, I think.

  7. According to the time on Big Chey… it is time for the peeps to come home!

    Everyone here has read the books and seen the movies. They were lots of fun!

    Happy Week-end to you three … there, at home…. suffering.


  8. We thought your last comment was great….especially with Big Ben in the background and “time to be intrigued”…yep BIG time!

    Hellllloooo Miss Gemini

  9. it looks like you is going to pop right out of big ben like a 3-d mofie and scare the poo out of efurryone in London. Then they could make a movie about you – like American Meezer in London or somefing like that – Sammy

  10. Mom is a little kooky on the history and happenings in buildings. Oh, she appreshiates nice arkitectsher, but it is more of “what happened here” and sometimes the myths that go with it that intreeg her. Sometimes the plainest buildings have the most intristing history.

  11. Oh no…your human males LIKES Vista? I won’t tell that to the Chip Man who’s spending every night until 2 am “working”. Its driving the Chip Man crazy with all of its bloated stuff and asking millions of questions. Really, I think he’s ready to throw his brand new Lenovo out the window.

  12. Chey, that’s a very good spying spot.

  13. Well, Chey, you look good up there! YOu almost got away with it, too. Our mom liked the Prisoner of Azkaban movie best.

    Moe & Mindy

  14. Movie day!!!!! Maybe Crookshanks can use magic to bring us all over!
    Movie #3 was very good. Movie #5 was very scary.

  15. Chey, you gave it away that you were spying. I doubt that some would have caught that you were peeking out of the clock tower. hehehehe.

    Mum can even tell you about the church that is in front of the tower. She has way too much trivia in her head.

    Movie day? Hmmm, count me in!

  16. You are doing a good job of spying on your Mom, too bad you got caught. You get really big when you go into spying mode, don’t you? The picture could be something from a scary movie, like The Meezer Who Ate London, or something.

  17. I’ve got nuthin’.

  18. You look very imposing there.

  19. Mom has seen all the HP movies, but read none of the books. She’ll listen to it on Books on CD though, that is how she does most of her reading nowadays. She listens while she drives. We almost missed your face on the tower. That was cute to spy on them that way.
    Your FL furiends,

  20. Was your mom using some sort of exotic lens – how come your head looks so big??? I like the effect; I was just wondering.

  21. Wuz yoo up there checking the maintenance werk wuz done rite, or were yoo meowing as a substeetyoot furr the bongs?

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