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img_1000a.JPGWell, there were lots of thoughts. I would like to commend those who noticed that I was peaking out of Platform 9 3/4 from my original London photo. I did not meet Harry, although I met someone far more interesting (and in my opinion important.). I got to meet Crookshanks. He’s a delightful fellow. Had a lot to say as well. I’ve really got the inside scoop on Hermione but I promised not to share.

At any rate, yesterday several of you asked about what meezing was. It’s a meezer sound we make to our humans. It’s not the loud cry you think of, but rather the meeze. Latte described it far far better than I can.

I’d like to remind everyone that Sunday Guest Star is back up and running as usual. The cat whose comment intrigues me the most will be featured on Sunday! Of course, this photo was an interestingly ruined one my human took. She was shooting the traitors gate but the gate area itself was darker than she expected and so there was a greater than expected lag for the exposure.ร‚ย  She moved a bit and now it looks like all the ghostly traitors are moving through… perhaps that’s what she captured and it wasn’t camera operator error at all. She’d like to think so.


  1. I’m glad that the Sunday Guest Star will be back! It’s always a fun read.


  3. That’s a kind of cool photo! Sometimes operator error ends up being a great surprise!

  4. Very cool photo. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sometimes “mistakes” end up making great photos. I don’t understand your first paragraph at all, but I guess it’s some pop culture reference that I’m not up on.

  5. That is certainly a ghostly photo and whoooooo knows? Schmaybe it was just da right exposure to catch dem ghosts on film.

  6. Of COURSE that picture shows apparitions in action. It is obvious! My pictures often come out with orbs around them. It is all ghosts you know, and never ever digital camera anomalies!Just ask Derek Acorah ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. welcome back!
    Looks like there are spirits stuck in the camera…maybe you should sage it.
    Hope to see you at the peace rally tomorrow


  8. Hey Chey…can I see ghosts?

    I found the photies of our day out!

    Come to my blog to see them!

  9. platforom 9 3/4? they could not afford to build 10?

  10. Did you get to travel by flue while with Crookshanks? The spirit photo is neat.Probably happened for a reason, the cat spirits wanted to sat hi!

  11. Aaaaaahhhhhhh! I see dead people. Oh, that was just a movie. Never mind.

  12. What a creative way to screw things up. Those are the best creative things, you know, screwing things up. It’s just hard to figure out which screw ups to keep.
    Boni Maroni

  13. Ah meezing…a term I know well. If Meowmy says “meeze-meeze” to me I say “meeeeeezzzzeee”. It really sounds like what I’m saying is meeze instead of meow. Kaze has a whole huge vocabulary filled with meezes, mao’s, merfs, rows, and merrr…. along with other noises. Yup, we love our meezes and I’m not sure if we coined the term or not but I know lots of cats ask us about it.

  14. Is your house haunted? because it looks like you have a visitor coming in through the window there….
    So lucky of you to meet Crookshanks. We are sure he had a lot of great stories to tell.

    Lastly, we are impressed with the meezing.
    Cornish Rex cats just howl really loud, or we chirp… which gets us just about anything we desire.

    Happy week-end to all of you girls there

  15. Hi Chey,

    It must have been fun to hang out with Crookshanks. So you had some good times while the ‘beans were away, great!…….and why not, ha, ha.
    Cool looking photo!

  16. hehehe, I say meeze once in a while, but mostly, I say MAO MAO MAO, and I also say MAAAOOOOWWWR and I say MURP and sometimes I efun say MURF. And my sistur Dodydoo sez EEP-EEP-EEP-EEP-EEP!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMaoMaowrMurpMurf!

  17. I see dead people!

    Mum said she recognized the place from the picture. Guess she has been their too. Not sure if she saw or caught any ghosts on film.

  18. Oh, such fun to have met Crookshanks. Your trip sounded like a great time. That is a scary ghostly picture, indeed!

  19. Ghosts? We’re SO outta here!

    Luf, Us

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