Did They Catch Me?

chey975.JPGYou all know how humans are.  I had to snoopervise their vacation.   So many of my UK friends slipped out and showed me around the town as we made sure the humans weren’t overwhelmed by all the sites.  They went through Westminster Abbey, but I’m sure they didn’t see me as I stayed in the Chapel of Edward the Confessor (no longer open to the public–a disappointment to the woman as that was her favorite part 20 years ago).   I did check on them from the balcony of Big Ben (mercifully silent for me!).  I spent some time on the London Eye, but wasn’t thrilled with that moving thing.

I had to run along the waterfront to keep an eye on them on the Thames cruise.   Of course, I kept an eye on them at Hampton Court.  The British Museum was fascinating and I may have lost track of them as I wandered about checking out my ancestors.   I watched from the balcony as they watched “We the People” at the Globe.   I was disappointed in the Mousetrap as even backstage there were no mice!!!! Imagine. I think they should have gotten their money back but the humans enjoyed themselves.

I may have made one slip up, but I doubt the humans will notice, do you?  I had to peak out to see if they were gone…


  1. Chey you must have been SO busy!! Gosh, I’m glad to have you back. I missed you so much!

  2. we is so glad you’re back. snoopervisin bay-k-shuns is really impawtant.

  3. Hey Bud, glad you ‘re back .After all that snoopervising you must need a big catnap!!

  4. Your vacation doesn’t sound relaxing at all. Beans require so much snoopervising. It’s just silly.

  5. hey Chey – i will have to try and find the pictures I took of us in London on our day out together 🙂 maybe meomwie can find them later this week for me…xxx

  6. They won’t notice. I’m sure they won’t.

  7. I missed you mommy!! You have excellent…surveillance skillz. I hope that you can teach me so that next vacation, I can do surveillance too, and look out for my mommy and daddy…just like you!

  8. You did a wonderful job snoopervising the trip. And you picked a great place to pop into and out of in the station.

  9. It sounds like you were *very busy, Chey! You probably should just nap a lot for awhile to rest up.

  10. We’re glad you are back Chey and that you had such a great time!

  11. Hey, glad to have you back.
    I have already ask Latte of your sending address,
    remember you have choice Adan’s photo to the postcard?
    We are sending~~

  12. Oh Chey I am so glad your humans are back where they belong. I am also pleased that you too got to site see around London. You know, my human is ashamed to admit that she has never been on a Thames Cruise but she has been to the british museum and loves it. My human is petrified of heights so she hasn’t been on the London Eye before. See, my humans are culturally deficient. I really need to sack them!

    Good to hear from you Chey, love the cute picture – you know, you look just like me in that one! xx

  13. Welcome back Chey! Platform 9 3/4 huh? Did yoo go to Hogwarts from London like maybe a sidetrip? hehehe I bet the humans didn’t notice.
    Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi

  14. Yoo sound like yoo haf been furry bizzy snoopervising, yoo must be abserlootly worn out. Did yoo meet Harry Potter?

  15. Hi Chey. That picture looks like one Jasmine showed me: Platform 9 3/4.

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