Chocolate Meezer Monday

cheychocolates.jpgHere I am with the lovely photo Maggie and Zoey made for me! I realize it’s up on their blog, but I had to put it here too because I love it! I am after all a chocolate point. Milk chocolate, I think.

I would also like to point out an upcoming blog action day. It’s for the environment and so I think it will take off amongst us cats. It’s called blog action day and it will be held on October 15, 2007. Participants are encouraged to spread the word, blog about the environment on Oct 15th and donate any earnings that day to charities devoted to the environment.

Let’s keep up the great cat blogosphere participation and do it!


  1. Hmmm. No comments yet for “Chocolate Meezer Monday.” Well, I don’t have anything to say about chocolate because I’m not allowed to have any. But I did stop by to say that I’ve tagged Gemini for the “How I Got My Name” meme.

  2. I saw this earlier today. These pictures are so neat!

  3. I love your picture, mommy! 😉

    And my mommy….she loves-loves-loves chocolate.

    This picture is an all-round favourite with us!

  4. This is beautiful~!

  5. That is a lovely picture! Just don’t eat any of that chocolate!

    The blog action day is a great idea!


  6. OH NO Rascal beat me to tell Gemini I had tagged her for a meme…well sweet lady you got tagged twice.

    Your boyfriendcat

  7. i am not allowed chocolate. meowmie said it is vey nice though but she is allergic to makes her go all big and swollen if she eats too much of it, then she has to see someone called Gym who makes the swollenness go away

  8. That’s a fabulous photo of you, Chey. 🙂 Lovely. 🙂 Just don’t eat the chocolate. 😉 Thanks for letting us know about the environmental action day!

  9. Mmmm….oh wait, I was drooling over you, not the chocolate.

  10. So very pretty – Zoolatry are very talented kitties!

  11. oh it’s beautiful!

  12. What a beautiful graphic Maggie and Zoey made for you!

  13. Fantastic photo Chey. Aren’t they talented. Mine mommy loves chocolate so she thinks this is wooooooonderful.
    Thanks for the heads up about the enviornment blogging day. I’ll participate!

  14. Holy smokes! Momma can’t get past the tasty-looking chocolate. We think you look very royal. Cool picture.

  15. When Mom sees this,she is gonna want those chocolates! hahaha

  16. That is a fantastic photo!

    Happy Monday – and thanks for letting us know about the October 15th event!

  17. Gemini was about to come out of the locker room and punt for the Seahawks…
    but oh no, oh dear, oh my… we’ve lost her pictures… these paws are too quick on that delete mail button! Ah well… can you please send again; we know she is wanting to get out there and play…

  18. Mum is drooling. CHOCOLATE

  19. That’s beeyoutiful and reely shows off yur gorjous furs. Maw sez dat choklat luks deelish.

    Luf, Us

  20. Hey Chey!

    Forget about Cato. Let’s start the debates. I am free this Saturday if you wish.

    Skittles, The Huntress

  21. Lovely photos. How did you do that? Oh, I tagged you for a meme. You can see it on my bloggie. I’ve been restin’. Sorry it’s late.


  22. mi brudder haz sum photo-portraitz on maggy an zoey’z blog.
    verree creeaytiv.
    i luv yer chocolat meezer!
    thankz fer tellin me abowt blogger akshun day!

  23. I really think that picture really sets you off nicely!

  24. Oh Chey!!! What a beautiful picture! Wow it really is so beautiful, Maggy and Zoey are sooo clever! That is really gorgeous and so apt xxx I will be sure to blog about my environment on October 15th. I have lots of things to moan about so it will be a good excuse. I’ll start with the human’s smelly socks. That really does pollute my environment!

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