Youtube Debate Scandal!

newspaper.jpgYes, I realize that some humans don’t take me seriously. I am grateful to the cat blogosphere for taking me seriously. Days like today are trying!

I’ve been rethinking my position on what Bush has been doing. He’ s been consolidating power in the executive branch and while I’ve been against this, I’m considering. He’s taking away a lot of personal rights in the United States as well. I’ve been against this too.

However, as a Feline for Total World Domination, I think that so long as I can have a coup, I’ll be fine. He’s just set up the laws to work for us felines once in power… Perhaps there is a reason for everything? I mean while I plan to benevolent, I’m still a cat. I believe in absolute power, absolutely!


  1. I think it is a dreadful shame you weren’t invited to the YouTube debate!

  2. What do yoo mean, some hyoomans don’t take yoo seeryussly.Are yoo kidding? They’ll soon change their tune when cat’s rool the werld. yoo should haf been invited to the debate.

  3. We are very very surprised that you were not invited.
    This was a serious mistake for them…

  4. This is terrible you weren’t invited. I’m still concerned about Bush being the one to set up “absolute power.” See, cats are smart enough to handle that type of influence….
    I’m all for ME and other kitties taking away our bean’s personal rights cause, well, they should be serving us, the kitties, but I’m pretty sure that serving kitties isn’t on Bush’s agenda.

    I still can’t believe you weren’t invited. Now I feel I should boycott.

  5. I say, make yur own bideo an submit it to YouTube. More beans need to know bout you! Chey, efun the dumbest policy frum a cat is better than Bush’s smartest policy.

  6. Man, that’s awful they didn’t invite you. We should have a pillow poop-in.
    — the Pepster

  7. When, oh when, will they ever start to take felines seriously???!?!

  8. ::sigh:: it’s hard trying to be overlord of thet werld AND benevloent at the same time.

  9. How could they not invite you?
    We fewines are in for world dominion, don’t they know?

  10. That’s just not acceptable. I like Victor’s idea of you submitting your own YouTube video, so you can be heard.

  11. hahahaha oh chey that is brilliant! x

  12. viva la revolucion!

  13. Yeah, it burns me up that they don’t take us kitties seriously! Momma and Daddy have said at least a squillion times that the wurld would be much bettur off if alla it was run by kitties. And alla us Ballicai agree.

    We’re behind you, Chey! CHEY FOR PREZ!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  14. Keep up the good work Chey. You’re the cat! FAZ

  15. Wow. We am seriously impressed!

  16. This is an outrage. After all, Cats are the superior species.

  17. Fanks fur stil stoppin’ by sto bisit us. We’ve been bad ’bout updating.
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  18. That tells me just one thing — they are seriously scared of you, Chey. Keep the heat on and give ’em hell!

  19. You go girl! Kick some serious Youtube Butt!

    Luf, Us

    Pee Sss. Dorf says thank you for your kind words. He is feeling more like himself, albeit a toofless self now.

  20. Hey, speeking of the deebates, win do yoo and the other cat candidits wunt to have the deebate?

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