Wednesday: Tara’s Birthday!

img_0420a.JPGOh here I am waiting for Tara!  It’s her birthday.   We are going to have quite a bash for her.

See, Tara’s human Momma went to Seattle.  Cheysuli has all the police in all the departments in the Greater Seattle and King Country area looking for her so we can have her here to surprise Tara on her birthday.  Who else wants to be here to see her surprise?

I have planned the food and stuff. We will be having tuna and shrimptinis and catmopolitans and whatever fish Chey brings back from the market at Pike’s Place.   We will have ham and chicken and catnip and some of that tuna ice cream we found.

There will be a catnip cake for Tara to blow out the candles on.

Everything will be decorated in Pink as Tara is a pink lady!

The party goes all day!  Come by and eat and greet.  Then go by Tara’s blog to wish her the best birthday ever!


  1. Oh boy, oh boy! What a ton of fun!

  2. Wow, time flies! I will try to make it to Tara’s party! Sounds yummy!

  3. We do! We do!

    I’m gonna go tell Miles there’ll be ham. I’s sure he’ll be there.



  4. Wow! I love parties and the menu at this one sounds exceptionally superb! I’ll be there. I’ve never been to Seattle before. This will be very exciting!

  5. Oh wonderful Tara’s birthday! The food sounds great and we’ll be there to help celebrate!! We hope you find her mom.

  6. oh oh oh oh oh!! we will be there!!!

  7. Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you all have a fun party!
    We cant come, cause theres to much to do today!
    Please wish Tara a happy Birthday from us!
    The Bengal Brats!

  8. *thud*

    Abby: Quick Boo go grab the smellin salt.
    Boo: Why?
    Abby:Because Ping has fainted. He just saw Miss Gemini’s picture.
    Boo: He is one silly brofur…oh we would love to drop by the party. And I am sure we will be able to rouse up Ping to come with us too, so he can see Miss Gemini and we will all wish Tara a wonderful purrday.

  9. Oh what a ton of fun! Mallory, and I would love to come to Seattle. Mallory has two brofurs living near Seattle! Can they come, too?
    Best wishes on your birfday, Tara!

    From all of us kits at Krasota Castle

  10. We missed yesterday’s postie. Gemini you looked very cute peeping from behind the curtains. That is a super cute picture.

    We are packing our daypacks to come to the party.
    mmmmmcake and birthdays.
    Happy Wishes to Tara!


  11. We’re having trouble with all of our friends who use I hope get to wish Tara a happy birthday. Do you know how old she is? I’ll try hard to make it to the party. It sounds like a wonderul party you’ve planned. Tara will be so pleased.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  12. Oh I’m so surprised! This is great! I know mom is in a meeting all day, but maybe the police force can nab her after it!

    Its too bad no one’s blog, including mine, is working this morning. Its great yours is, at least we can party here!

    Chey, you are a great adopted mom. And Gemini, such a sweet sister, you look so precious there!


  13. How wonderful!!!! What a great idea to have a party for Tara.

    I’m SO glad blogger is back up and running. Luckily we wished Tara a happy day before DP blogger struck.

  14. Happy Purrthday Tara!!!
    Where’s the niptinis? hehehe

  15. Happy Purrthday Tara!! We’re here to help you celebrate! Thanks Gemini for the great food and drinks!

  16. Hmmm…tara may be a pink lady, but her favorite color is purple.

  17. What a grate party…we hope yoo find Tara’s mommy, dat wood be so nice. We can’t wate to surprise Tara.

  18. Woohoo! A surprise party sounds very fun. I am THERE!

  19. Mmmmm, catnip cake! We’ll all be over.

  20. Great day for Tara~!!!

  21. Miz Allie Cat would like to come and surprise Tara…..Happy Meowwww Birthday to Tara!!!!

  22. Parteee!!! Great party food, guys.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  23. Par-Tay!!! Whoo hoo! We’re SO there!

    Luf, Us

  24. mmmpppffff pfanks pfor pfe ham – Miles

    oh Miles, for goodness sakes, act like a gentlecat and don’t talk wif your mouf full. Sheesh – little brofurs.

    Happy Purrfday Tara!! Thank you for the great party Chey and Gemini (and Miss Georgia too). This is wonderful. I think I will have a niptini wif my honeypie Abby. – Sammy

    Sorry Chey, I didn’t mean to be rude. This is a great party. Thank you for inviting us. I am going to have a meowgarita wif my girlfriendcat Sanjee – Miles

  25. Thank you all so much for coming by to help Tara celebrate. Eat, drink and be merry. Don’t worry about politeness. Miles I understand about the ham!

  26. We are here… and we’ve brought the niptinis!

  27. right – passport, check – tickets- check – am on my wayyyy!

    p.s I tagged chey for the catnip meme xx I can bring some homegrown from england although I believe seattle has an abundance of the good nip he he x

  28. Yay, a pawtay! I’m bringin’ some extra stinky goodness fur everybody with catnip seazoning! Happy Purrthday to Tara! How ecksiting!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  29. WHOOHOO! we’re so glad we got to stop by! (and, by the way, your picture is adorable!)

  30. Oh, hooray, we got here in time for the party! We certainly hope that Tara has a great birthday!

    Purrrrr, China Cat & Willow

  31. Tara’s purrthday! ::spin::
    Party in Seattle ::spin::
    I won’t spin cuz I mite spill the niptini an that would be a terribul waste.
    Nice to see efurryone is here… but where’s Tara?
    I broughted sum Temptations, an one bag just fur her.

  32. Happy birthday Tara!!! We wish you all the best! We brought some fresh nip and Anastasia promised to not get drunk again…

  33. i’m there – what a cool sounding party!

  34. This is a great party! Happy Birthday Tara!

  35. Chey – what a great pal you are. I think this is a wonderful thing to do for Tara. FAZ

  36. Happy – Happy Birthday Tara!!
    What a wonderful party. Chey, you are the hostest with the mostest.

  37. Happy Birthday, Dear Tara! Happy Birthday To You! I brought tuna puffs for your party, dear! And Chey, what a marvelous host you are.

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  38. Oh, this was so much fun! Thanks everyone! I had a few too many niptini’s….

    It was so great seeing Mom, although teleporting over to see her isn’t quite the same as in real life, but still, it was so wonderful.

    Chey and Gemini, you are truely family!!!!


  39. HAM!?! HAM!?! I am so there! Happy birthday Tara!!!!

  40. You are nothing but a beauty

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