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img_0391a.JPGWell, this is a bit of a mashup post! First off I’d like to point

I hope that all of you have noticed the banners at the top of the site now, all cafepress and all for our cat friends.  I tried to get mostly meezers but Daisy is such a good friend it was hard to leave her out. Having said that, now I’m thinking I should do the Cat Realm and perhaps the House of Mostly Black Cats.   So many decisions.  See if I put them on there, then there will be less viewings for those that I have on there… Decisions, decisions. I now have a page on the main website that goes only to the meezer cafepress stores, including my own.

So, this photo is of a haloframe.  Our maid of honor knows the woman who makes these.  She, the artist, used to be a 911 operator and now she sells her crafts.   She has some premade frames but you can get them personalized. Kathy just said she wanted a Siamese that looked like me and this was the frame she got.  Isn’t it great? Now my humans can have a photo of me on the fridge–or anywhere else you can put a magnetic frame!   If you want to have one with your name on it, or if you think she should always offer a Meeze, head over there and ask for one like mine and have it personalized with your name!


  1. That *does look like you, Chey! I like it!

  2. That is very beautiful~! I like it very much.

  3. So life-like…it’s like da eyes can see right thru ya!

  4. That’s a lovely frame, Cheysuli, and it’s so great that they come personalized.

  5. Grate frame! That looks juss like yu!

    :::wavin boff paws:::
    Hello sweet Gemini!!

    Your boyfriendcat

  6. Grate frame Chey. Yoo sure yoo didn’t model furr it?

  7. Cool Halo Frame! You find the funnest things.

  8. That’s a great frame. The picture looks like you, too. Cool!! Personalization is great.
    Your FL furiends,

  9. I LOVE your banner!! Fantastic picture! I’m going to have to get myself something like that – although that picture is stunning! Hard to beat!

  10. That settles it. The human simply MUST get hundreds made with my portrait, to decorate every surface of the house. It is a must. Those are great x

  11. very pretty frame and a great reproduction of a one of a kind meezer! i think you should do Yao-lin’s idea. I think we all should. I totally need to earn my green papers. Let’s see, mommy and I start our new jobbie on the 27th…..

  12. wow, that is cute!
    my meowmie needs to get her bum into gear and earn some Vet Tokens sharpish! I’ll encourage her to do something similar I reckon – the more Vet Tokens she has, the less tokens I have for salmon and chicken!

  13. Wowie, that’s a purr-etty frame, and the Meezer does look like you, Chey!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  14. I checked out that sighthound clothing site you mentioned – that “snood” is pretty cool!

  15. Hey, Chey, that’s a grate frame! And thanks for the banners!!!

  16. Oh wow, Chey, you’ve been framed. Now that’s bad! Fanks for joining the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos this weekend.
    your bud Pepi

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