Thankful Thursday

img_0403a.JPGWell, I am combining many things here. I wanted to do Thankful Thursday and also post a letter and then Yao-lin tagged me for a meme! I am thankful that I have good friends like Yao-lin who tag me for memes and that I have paws that are dexterous enough to write letters.

I am also thankful that there were so many cats who could come by and wish Tara, my lovely adopted daughter, a happy birthday!

So for the catnip meme:

All you catsters out there have to do is just list 5 things you do whenever you’re on the nip, and don’t forget to tag some friends! Let’s find out just how whacked out some of us get!!

Alas, I don’t use nip. In fact, even if I try, I am not affected by it. But here are five things I COULD have done while high on nip (although I don’t use! Georgia is our nip a holic around here.)

1. I could have had a vision that I was talking to Bast and she named me her Right Paw and so I could have started to referring to myself as the Right Paw of Bast.

2. I could have started a blog.

3. I could have decided that I would run for president (honestly, I’m not sure I shouldn’t use the excuse of being high on catnip for that one!)

4. I could decided to participate in memes.

5. I could have written this open letter to Congress:

Dear Congress

Last year Humans voted and voted in Democrats hoping for some change. Instead, you continue to sit around and do what ever the president asks for.

According to you, you can’t impeach the president because you don’t have enough votes. Instead of calling for an investigation (which you do have the power to do) and perhaps persuade other congressmen that your cause is just, you sit around and let him do whatever he wants.

Right now, the President seems bound and determined to destroy the Bill of Rights. I am afraid to go to sleep any more for fear of what right will be taken away. I hope I’m not arrested for printing this. (Can I use the catnip excuse?) The only right that I seem assured of keeping is the fact that we won’t be required to billet British soldiers in our homes. Take note Yao-lin–if you invade, bring tents.

You can’t succeed if you don’t try and none of you are willing to stand up and try something — anything. At this point, we’d be thrilled if you just stopped taking away rights and giving them to large corporations.

Just think, if our nation’s founders had thought like you, we’d all be part of the Commonwealth. That’s probably the best argument for your actions being right. If we were part of the Commonwealth, the middle class would have healthcare and having voted in another party, Bush wouldn’t be in charge any more.

However, if you are going to just sit back and let the president do what he wants, I’ll be holding you to that attitude when I ascend the presidency.



Right Paw of Bast

So see, all the things I could have done under the influence of nip? I’m not sure who has not been tagged, so I tag anyone who wants to play!


  1. ::sound of paws clapping:: Hooray! Thank you fur haffing da guts to say what we’ve been thinking…

  2. Chey, thanks again for the great party! It was so great seeing everyone and Mom! You are all the best!

    I’m not affected by nip either…..


  3. Hmmm US, UK, it all sounds familiar.
    Nip’s grate, yoo should reely try it again sumtime.
    We missed Tara’s purrfday, we’re just popping ofurr to give her belated wishes.

  4. Chey, since you are running for office, I think you should make it clear that you have sniffed some catnip, but you never inhaled any.

  5. Oh Chey, well, firstly I think the things you could do under the influence are great – they are all creative so you needn’t worry about anything! Secondly, I think your open letter is wonderful and you know what? It DOES sound like the UK. All our prime ministers sit around doing whatever they want. In my opinion, our Labour government has created a state where the fat cats (no offence to any real fat cats) sit at the top and don’t listen to anybody. The single worst piece of legislation that has ever been put in place in the UK is the human rights act. If your government gets rid of your bill of rights, will they put something damaging in place instead like ours has? And what about the feline rights act? Hmm? How come asylum seekers don’t have to go through quarantine but a foreign siamese cat does? So many questions, I am ranting and I digress!

    Seriously, it is dangerously close to the time for meezer world domination. The world needs us.


  6. You look very very comfy in that bed.
    We do not get high from nip anymore… I guess we developed a tolerance.
    Prinnie gobbles it up… and takes a nap.
    I nibble some…. and take a nap.

    Headbutts, Caesar

  7. stand up for your human and feline rights! mind you, could be worse – at least you never had to have mrs thatcher as your country-boss – part of her wonderful legacy is the whole fact-cat (apologies to fatties!) scenario we now have, it has long preceeded labour’s rise to power 🙁

    i can’t take the majority of politicians seriously – it’s just showbiz for ugly people.

  8. Chey, I wholeheartedly agree to that entire letter! Meowmy is always talking about how terrified she is of loosing all of her rights. I think posting it is a great thing and if anyone tries to arrest you I’ll break you out. You know I’m small and tricky. Then we can go live in Canada together.

  9. Chey

    I am thankful for Miss Gemini!


  10. Chey, you are the Right Paw of Bast!

  11. I don’t get much from nip either, some days I’m like WOO HOO I CAN GO 800mph and other days it’s more ‘meh’.

    Thanks for stopping by! 😀

  12. Wonderful letter Chey!!! We think you should sign it and send it to 1600 Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C.

    Luf, Us

  13. PS – Castle is a blue point 🙂

  14. Wowie, Chey! All us Ballicai are standin’ up and clappin’ our paws fur your letter. You will be such a good prezzident!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  15. You got Mommy rollin on the floor laffin with that letter, Chey. After she stopped, she shrugged and said it was better than cryin about it being that way. We can’t wait til you’re elected!

  16. Wow – you should not do nip more often – you thought of lots of good things!

  17. No nip wif awesome clarity. Hmmmm. We may haf to hold off on da nip.

  18. We love that letter!

  19. What a great letter. Right Paw of Bast eh? Awesome. Excellent Non-Nip Nip Possible List! ehehe… Purrs and Scritches

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