Tabby Tuesday

img_0679a.JPGOh my it’s my day again. Every cat has been playing scattegories and I wants to play too. I think someone said they tagged anyone who wants to play, so I will pretend someone tagged me!

RULES: Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following…they have to be real places, names, things…nothing made-up! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You CAN’T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

What is Your Name: Gemini

4 letter word: Glad

Vehicle: Gremlin

TV Show: Gilligan’s Island

City: Grand Junction

Boy Name: Gary

Girl Name: Gladys

Alcoholic Drink: Gimlet

Occupation: Gynecologist

Something You Wear: Glasses

Celebrity: George Clooney

Food: Grapes

Something Found in a Bathroom: Garbage!

Something You Shout: Geronimo!!!!


  1. Pssst. I pretended somekitty tagged me, too!

  2. Hi Gemini. You look furry wise and beautiful. Purrs.

  3. Geronimo!!! I holler that when I run down the stairs.

    you look lovely in your pikshur!


  4. Those were good answers, Gemini!

  5. Glorious!

  6. I think you should have put down germ killer for something found in a bathroom. Other than that, you gave very good answers!

    Tara (not the cat)

  7. Oah my dear Gemini, those answers are great.
    And this photo of you is stunning~!!!
    Lighten my sight~!

  8. Gemini, those answers were brilliant!
    Maybe if our mommy feels better we can play also!
    Your photo is very beautiful!!

  9. Z is for ZOEY… and that’s a hard one; but fun… we played SCATTEGORIES over at Zoolatry this morning.

  10. I’m obviously partial to Chey but I have to say…you look HOT! Your Woman has really mastered that camera!! I want to play Scattergories too, maybe I’ll play Thursday.

  11. Dear Gemini,
    You did an excellent job on this meme. I’m still working on mine. Maybe I’ll finish later.

  12. Beautiful photo, Gemini! 🙂 I enjoyed reading your answers to the meme. It’s a fun one!

  13. Gemini, you look very thoughtful! I am glad you did this Meme because I liked reading your answers. Gilligan’s Island was a very good show.

    ::sings:: ” If not for the courage of the fearless crew the Minnow would be lost.. the Minnow would be lost!”

  14. *PLOP*

    Gemini, Ping has fallen over AGAIN after seeing your fabulous picture.

    *SPLASH* (I just threw some water on him)
    *shake shake shake*

    OHMIGUDNESS!!!!!!! Gemini yu are da purriest,da most lovliest, the most efurryfing in da whole wide werld!! I am a lucky mancat.

    Your boyfriendcat ~Ping

  15. oh wow Gemini you are so cute and funny! geronimooooo!!!

    Hehe – please tell chey I tagged her for the seven p’s meme x

  16. You came up with some great answers, Gemini. I really enjoyed reading them.

  17. These were terrifical answers to this very silly meme. It takes a lot of thinking, this one, and you did wonderful. You must be in a deep nap by now…. ::so I’ll just tippie-toe outta here::
    Happy Day to all of you

    Purrrrrrs, Prinnie

  18. Yoo don’t hafta pretend yoo were tagged, if some cat sez effury other cat that hasn’t played yet shood do it den yoo haf been tagged. We like yoor answers, speshully da one about occupation-it maded mom laff. Yoo don’t hafta amember dat much about us and here is a simple way to know us
    C-is for crazy calico who is Zippy
    S-is for steady, dat is what Sadie is
    S-is for simple, Speedy simply wants peace

  19. Gemini, you did a great job on yur meme! Your answers were just purr-fect. And I like GERONIMO — that’s a great thing to holler! I love to holler.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao MAO MAO MAO MAO!

  20. Great going Gemini! I thinking of tagging myself as well, as it looks like fun.

  21. Hey Gemini, those are neat answers.Geronimo,heehee, that is a very popular word. Purrs,Mickey

  22. Hi Gemini! You are so furry gorgeous! Great answers!!!

    Luf, Us

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