Tabby Tuesday

img_0423a.JPGI was ever so excited to see Ping as mancat Monday. He is just the handsomest cat ever!

I was taking a nap but I had to get up to see that blog again and again on Monday and here I am stretching out my toes.

Momma and I are still looking for a nose twin. Cheysuli is nose twins with most of the meezers so hers is too easy but mine is rather challenging. Momma and I have to admit we are not nose connossieurs!


  1. Tuna ice cream sound yummy. I was at the party late, sorry I missed Chey!

    You are such a lovely tabby, I’m sure you have an equally lovely nose twin!

  2. that is an excellent stretch there

  3. Everycat’s talking about face twins!!! Persephone has one, but only because her face is the same shape. I’ve never seen a cat that looks like me, except the whole all-black thing.

    The string IS fun to play with! It’s part of my job as an artist’s assistant! But I don’t like playing with it much when it’s still wet and stinky!

  4. Very nice stretch. 🙂 I’m still looking for my nose twin too. My moustache is fairly unique, so I’m having a hard time finding a cat whose nose looks like mine!

  5. Oh oh oh…look at how purrfectly Miss Gemini arches her back. You get a purrfect 10 for that my dear sweet floofy princess. *sigh* I just quiver my tail with joy efurrytime I see all your booteefullness. I had not heard about nose prints. I will have to look into that. Momma says that Abby and Boo look alike. HA! I wonder if she missed that Abby doesn’t haven’t a tail and Boo does. They don’t look anything alike to me. Momma said she saw a kitty on TV that looked exactly like me. I told her I could be do a commerical. Do you think I would make a good TV star, Gemini?

    Your boyfriendcat

  6. Tuna ice cream – I missed tuna ice cream – aaarrrggggghhhh!

    Waving from space.

  7. Good stretching, Gemini! I like stretching up on my toes, too.

  8. what a cute stretch Gemini!!!

  9. Gemini, you are such a beauty. I like your floofiness.

  10. Gemini – your stretching is like looking at someone who is yawning, it makes ME want to stretch!

  11. That’s a mighty huge stwetch!
    I’ve got twouble wooking for mine nose twin too!
    You see, mine nose is HALF pink and HALF bwack….which is weawwy almost impossible to find!

  12. We’re having trouble finding nose twins, too. We’ve got a couple of leads, but geesh. This is a toughie. Good luck to you, too!

  13. Ping is a very handsome cat. That’s a nice stretch, Gemini.

  14. that looks like a nice gooood stretch!
    yes, chey has many face twins…my meowmie had a cat when she was a baby-bean called Woppit, he could be your face twin if he were still around but he over at the Bridge! you are very similar

  15. We need to see a close-up of your face. There might be a tabby here that could be your twin. We have lots of tabbies!

    Luf, Us

  16. Awww, that’s a wunnerful stretch! Hmmm, I’ve seen the challenge about the nose twin, too! That looks like fun. There’s anuther snowshoe meezer onna blogosphere who might be my nose twin, and I think Marilyn’s nose twin is prob’ly her mancat, Mickey Mantle! hehehe

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  17. Cool picture of you, Gemini – stretching feels so good!

  18. That is quite the halloween pose!

  19. Very nice stretch Gemini and we hope you find your nose twin. Ping is a very handsome Mancat and you two make a very cute couple.
    Your FL furiends,

  20. wow, that is a great stretch. Ping does look very handsome. you two are very cute together!
    i hope you find your nose twin soon, but if you don’t, that just makes you extra special and unique.

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