Tabby Toesday

img_0429a.JPGThis isn’t the clearest photo of me but Momma liked the fact that I was looking cute.

Here are my tabby toes and I have to show them off. My feet are getting a rest from the softpaws that I wear.

I like to sit in the window and look out.  Then I like to bat at the curtains. Momma doesn’t like that too much when we play like that, but it is fun.

Georgia likes to sit in the big window and look out too.


  1. That a good place to hid and peak out. Or and peak in. 😉

  2. Oh you DO look cute there! (I’m a curtain batter, too.)

  3. Gemini, you do look so sweet! Great toes!

  4. Gemini, you look very very cute! I like to look out the window, too. It’s very fun.

  5. Kyoot toes Gemini. I don’t bat the curtains, I like to stertch my toes on them. Mum duzn’t seem to like that either.

  6. yeah chey yoo can come sneaky in offur here and blend in and eats some ham. we gets it efury monday from dominos has the $5 large pizza. we hipknowtised the beans into getting whut we whant.

    oh yoos so cuute chey. thats a gud peek a boo spot too.

  7. I love looking at photographs of cats. I have five cats on my farm. It’s great to play hide and seek with you.
    Sara from farmingfriends

  8. Hi Gemini, your toes have little tufts and that is cool! Does Chey wear softpaws too? Windows are lots of fun.

  9. we love batting at the curtains.

  10. Oh my Miss Gemini how cute yu look peekin out behind the curtain. I would love to play hide and seek wif yu. We could have a lot of fun. Momma says I pull on the furnkneecurh too much she is takin about getting me soft paws..would I like them?

    Your devoted boyfriendcat

  11. that is a lovely picture!!! You do look cute there x

  12. You look like you are getting ready to do something that you shouldn’t. I admire that. Keep up the good work.

  13. Gemmi, thats a real cute picture!!! You can be real stealthy & hide back there too!

  14. Gemini, you look very demure sweetheart.

  15. We…um, SABI…gots in trouble fer pulling da curtains down – rod and all!

  16. Cute toes!

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