Tabby Thursday

img_1220a.JPGI have decided that all t days are tabby days and those are my days! YEAH!

Here I am with Georgia snoozing.  Georgia snoozes a lot.  The latest remedies haven’t helped her too much but although she falls over a lot (sometimes I help her fall), she is still  a very happy cat.  She loves her food. When Momma gets out the string, she likes to play with it too.

Anyway, Momma is so impressed with what equanamity Georgia takes her illness.   She doesn’t seem to worry about all those cat things she can’t do any more, but enjoys those things she can do.  She likes being on Momma’s lap and napping so she gets up there.  Or she asks to be picked up.  If someone doesn’t help her and she can’t get there, she goes somewhere else to wait or she looks out the window.

Momma thinks there’s some dementia going on too so that Georgia doesn’t really know where she is.  Still, Momma says so long as it’s a good place, that’s okay.


  1. Tripper the Psyko Stray Cat says:

    I LOVE TABBIES!!!!!! Is deemenshia the same as being PSYKO???? Cuz she duzn’t look too psyko!!!!

  2. I’m glad that Georgia seems to be happy even if she falls over a lot. Happiness can help anyone get thru a tough time. I hope you don’t decide to take anymore midnight strolls.

    Tara (not the cat)

  3. That is very sweet of Tabbies~!!! I like seeing you in this comfy way.

  4. Gemini, you look so sweet curled up next to Georgia. I am glad that Georgia still has happy times even if she can’t do everything she used to do.

  5. I love that Georgia is taking all of this so well. She’s such an amazing cat and she has fought so hard and remained so positive, she’s a role model to us all. Especially us meezer who can be a bit…well….sensitive. But don’t tell Chey I said that!

  6. You are Georgia look sweet napping side-by-side. I’m glad to hear that Georgia takes everything in stride, and doesn’t appear to be upset at the things she can’t do any longer. She is always in my prayers.

  7. Yall look furry comfy napping there. It’s good Georgia is happy and doesn’t feel poopy. That’s the best.

  8. Oooh lookie two sweet purrty gurls. Miss Georgia don’t mind me, but Miss Gemini is such a gorjuss gurl. Gemini dat is so sweet that yu watch ofur Georgia like yu do. I knoos she likes yu being close to her and takin care of her. Sleep tight sweet ladies.

    Yur boyfriend cat

  9. oh that is very very cute! You are a good friend for watching over Georgia x

  10. Awwww, that’s a preshus pickshure, and Gemini, you are such a wonderful little sistur to Georgia. I know she’s happy to have you as her sistur and her great friend. And it sounds like Georgia gets so much love n good care durin’ her Goldun Years.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  11. Awwwwww, this is a very nice picture of G + G snoozing together.
    Caesar has a bit of dementia… sometimes he wakes up from a nap…gets up… walks quickly into another room… and then stands there like he forgot what he was doing.
    We all try our best not to snicker too loudly.
    He also has presbyopia… and cannot see his food if it is too close. he needs glasses I think.

    Purrrs, Prinnie

  12. Thank you for pooping in to my blog – pleased to meet you!
    Georgia is gorgeous…big Stormy headbutts for her, she is a brave little kitty

  13. ohmygod that is such a bad typo! i meant “thank you for POPPING in to my blog”

    *massive blushes*

  14. You both look adorable. I am so glad that Georgia is being so zen about life… it is the best attitude!
    She is in our prayers

  15. That picture is so cute. My Lady has melted into a puddle of My Lady.

  16. Georgia sounds a bit like my great-grammy!

  17. Hehehee, sounds like Georgia has gone to a “happy place” and dats a good thing. When dad was young he had a dog dat did that, he enjoyed the things he could do and forgot the stuff he couldn’t. He was a silly, happy puppy until the end.

  18. Our hearts go out to Georgia. It’s tough getting old. Our mom is mid 40’s and she will get up to get something from another room, and totally forget what it was by the time she gets there.

  19. You guys are very cute together…altho I can’t help but ask: do you like to stick your butt in Georgia’s face when you sleep? She doesn’t seem too impressed, judging by the way she moves her head away from you!

    But I confess that I also love to snuggle my butt next to Casey’s head. My strategy is to try and sit on Casey’s head first (but she growls every time…I don’t get it) and coz she won’t let me do that, I go stick my butt as close to Casey’s head as possible and sleep.

    I feel that doing this is very sisterly…Casey doesn’t seem to agree…I don’t get it!

  20. well, efurryone has to haf their happy place. Georgia seems to be enjoying all she can.

  21. That’s a cute pictor of you two. Georgia has her happy place an you all to take care of her, so that’s all good. Gemini, I luv yur fluff. Mom would rub yur belly (an I’d be jealous).

  22. What a great trooper Georgia is!!! Cats can be so adaptable. Or not…

    Luf, Us

  23. Georgia is so inspiring – I love the picture of you two snoozing …

  24. It’s always so nice to see cats snoozing together like this.

    I’m not sure what happened to Georgia, but am glad to know she’s adjusting well to her illness.

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