Tabby on Tuesday

img_0253a.JPGYes, it’s me Gemini. I am feeling much better than last week, thank you all furry much.  Momma was disappointed in this photo. I love to stretch out and sleep on the treadmill after she walks (after all, watching her do that is such hard work!) that she thinks it’s funny.  Still these all came out blurry, no matter what setting she used. Of course it’s pretty dark inthat room so she probably had to try and hold the camera still for too long.

I think I should be worshipped too. In fact, I think all cats should be worshipped. Maybe Cheysuli will make that a law when she becomes president.


  1. You look cute! Meowmy has issues with light and stuff too. She said something about “P” mode and adjusting that weird dial by the shutter to set the F-stop. Now don’t ask her exactly what setting does what but she’s had some good luck with playing with stuff.

  2. Yoor so purrty! Dat wood be a good law, all kitties must be worshipped.

  3. I think sitting on there is better walking on there~! After all, we cats don’t need to be too tired~!

  4. I think you are smarter than your mom, napping is always better than walking!

    And yes, all cats should be worshiped. The Egyptians has it right!


  5. Yes, all cats deserve to be worshipped! You look very cute lying on the treadmill. I generally avoid the treadmill since I think it’s silly that my humans run on it yet go absolutely nowhere! Humans can be so silly.

  6. That is the funniest picture! You look like you are just starting to relax after a very hard workout he he but I know that isn’t true!

    Shame your human won’t come and worship me. He is obviously a fool. A fool I tell you! He should worship Chey and you extra to make up for it he he xx

  7. We wuz so releeved that yoo got back furrom yer advenchur safely Gemini. In fyoocher we fink mebbe it would be best if yoo did yer walking on the treadmill and not outdoors where yoo mite git lost again. On sekkund thoughts, leave the treadmill walking to yer mum, yoo look kyoot lying on it.

  8. Gemini, you look very cute on that treadmill. I am glad you are feeling better this week. I agree with you that all cats should be worshipped!

  9. Oh my sweet goodness!
    What a gorjuss pixchur of such divine furriness! It is so good to see you!! I like to play on Momma’s treadmill when she isn’t on it. It makes these whirlie noises when she uses it and I don’t like loud sounds.

    This pixchur of you is still booteefull…Momma sometimes has problems wif da shutter speeds too. She says she learned that if you hold the lense with your left hand to stablize it in low light it helps. She also has learned to take LOTS of pictures and she usually will get one that isn’t blurry.

    I will be ofur to snuggle wif you today. I hafta to make sure my purrty girl is totally recovered from her orrdeal.

    Your boyfriendcat

  10. Gemini,your a very smart and pretty kitty, The Brats agree cats should be worshipped,
    well since they are so spoiled I guess they are…

  11. We are so glad you are home and safe. That treadmill loooks like a furry good napping place.

  12. I’m glad you’re home safe and sound! We were very worried. My mommy has trouble with her digital in dark rooms too. She is begging daddy for a better camera for her birthday. We’ll see…….

    All cats should be worshipped of course!

  13. Can I vote for Cheysuwi to become the pwesident now?

  14. DKM has one of those in the forbidden room. Why does she just assume that I would chomp to pieces those tasty electrical cords?

  15. Gemini, I hope nobody turns that thing on when you’re asleep.

    Chey for President!


  16. we would support the worshipping bill when Chey becomes president

  17. You look very good there, Gemini.
    I think that is what that machine is good for. Resting and being worshiped. Yes indeed!


  18. You look great relaxing on the treadmill, Gemini. I am very glad that you are feeling better. I agree that all cats should be worshipped.

  19. you look fabulous!
    i think that you should start your own religion so we can all worship you as the cat goddess!

  20. Of course all kitties should be worshipped. We agree a squillion purrcent. Your pictures is adorable, as always. Sometimes extra fluff looks even better slightly blurry – it makes the picture look even softer and cuddlier.

  21. Gemini we are glad you found your way back home. You are quite the little dickens!
    We have a one of those things too, except at our house it holds clothes.

  22. Oh yeah, deffunitely all kitties should be worshipped, hehe! Kitties are the greatest and my momma agrees! We Ballicai are so happy that you’re back home safe. And that there ecksersize thingie looks like a great place to nap!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  23. Oh Gemini, I would be tired watching My Lady run on that thing too. I don’t blame you for taking a rest. Pee Ess: I’m very glad you are back home safe and sound.

  24. Is dat what yoo use to get exercise? We can just picshure da furs flying in da wind!

  25. I agree that treadmills are made for napping. Those silly humans have it all wrong!

  26. I think you have the right idea with this “machine”!
    and Gemini, you look wonderful.

  27. I am glad you are doing OK after your adventure. You have the right idea of resting on the walking machine.

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