Saturday Guest Star

Well, it wasn’t a funny week was it? It seemed to have lots of intriguing comments about Twin Peaks. No, Sammy and Miles, I do not believe my human killed Laura Palmer. She didn’t live in this area then.

There certainly were a lot of characters.  I had to give this one to Victor Tabbycat.  Victor said:

That’s a bootiful place, but I’d worry bout gettin wet. Mom amembers Twin Peaks. She got interested in it just afore it was canceled.

I fink maybe that “Srikanth” was actyoully one of us bloggin cats, intent on Werld Domination! All your blog are belong to us!

I don’t think we recall Srikanth, but it’s an interesting idea. I mean what if one of us actually was part of Twin Peaks?  What if one of us knew the log lady and the dwarf?  What if one of us was?  After all, I hear that there could be cats looking for total world domination!


  1. Srikanth was da bean dat left da comment on google dat he had taken over, but he really din’t.

  2. Victor is very handsome~!!

  3. Yay Victor!!! All your blog are belong to us!

  4. Well if you’d seen my litter tray when I was a kitten you’d think I might be the log lady. FAZ

  5. Hahahaha at faz!!!! ha ha ha excellent comment Victor – I imagine there are some really random cats out there you know!

  6. Victor is funny!

  7. Victor is funny, but Faz made us laff too finking she mite be the Log Lady.

  8. glad to know that your mom wasn’t BOB. But now I’m werried that our mom is the log lady. She wanders around mumbling to herself, she might as well have a log in her hands.

  9. That was a great comment!
    and Fazzie is funny too

  10. Tee hee. Yoo go Victor! Victor is a grate Saturday Guest Star!

  11. Nice choice for the Saturday guest star. 🙂 I don’t know what the whole Twin Peaks thing was about, so I couldn’t comment on that, but I do think Faz’ comment today is very funny!

  12. Good one, Faz. I think Victor was a good choice for this week. I also don’t know anything about Twin Peaks, so I couldn’t say anything about it.

  13. We never saw the show Twin Peaks either but Faz is very very funny today!

  14. Victor is a great kitty! I love his kitty yawn. And hehe, I’m all fur Total Wurld Domminashun by Cats!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  15. Yay, Victor!

  16. my meowmie never watched twin peaks, she said that she will buy the DVD one day and have a Twin Peaks weekend. whatever that it….so long as it doesn’t involve ignoring moi!

  17. Hi Chey. Thanks for visiting me. In answer to your question, yes, Jasmine bought some excellent toys. They are sooo fun. Jasmine said she’s been reading about which toys lots of other blogging poodins like, and then getting those toys. I am furry happy with my expanding toy collection! 🙂

  18. Oh, wow! Me? I didn’t know!
    Zippy was rite; when I readed the artical on Google’s blog gettin, um, “borrowed”, the borrower was named Srikanth… They assumed Srikanth is human, but…
    Seen any owls lately?

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