Photohunters #1 (for me) TWO

img_0314a.JPGThis weeks theme was TWO. I know you expected TWO Siamese but instead I decided to surprise you. Here are TWO Chihuahuas.

Now you know what I had to put up with while people were visiting for the wedding. I liked chasing the black chihuahua who is chasing the long haired one. That was fun.

At any rate, there is still time to comment on Feature Friday for the Sunday Guest Star role!


  1. Now you know what it’s like to have two buns running about the house!

  2. looks like they’re having a lot of fun! 🙂

    welcome to the photo hunt! 🙂

  3. Don’t they break things at home?

  4. Bet you were worn out. The may be small but bet they run fast! Happy photohunters :o)

  5. great! two dogs right?

  6. Happy photo hunt…Great terrible dogs…:)

  7. Oooh, My Lady loves chi-hua-huas. She thinks they are so cute.

  8. Those two look like they kept everyone busy!

  9. Chasin’ them teenie woofies sounds like fun!

  10. Hahahahahahaha! Look at him running!

  11. Chiahuahuas are cute – I would like one for a pet. Are cats allowed to have their own pets? FAZ

  12. Oh, and so playful too!!

    Mine’s posted, drop by if you can.

  13. They look like they’re having fun

  14. What cute little pups!!
    Looks like they are having lotsa fun 🙂

    ~ Gracie and Miss Emily

  15. Ha! They look littler than Me!

  16. OOooo, I wanna play! I wanna play!

  17. what a playful shot!!

  18. Yikes – they’re active ones, aren’t they? I’d come over and help you chase them, but Grr and Cocoa will pass.

  19. Oooohhhh. Yippee little things aren’t they?

    Luf, Us

  20. Wow they’re small. That makes for good toys.

  21. Chiwawas are SO not a match for the mitey Simeeze! Do they taste like chikken?

  22. Omigoodness … Are they noisy? They look furry active an’ barky! Mom says that she’s thankful that we’re not doggies (‘specially wee doggies) ‘cuz we’d be NOISY an’ get her into trouble. But we’re furry quiet … Shhhhh …

  23. Bet they had fun chasing though. Good photo and have a good week.

  24. My husband calls those barking rats. 😉

  25. I love posts with a story to tell. . . good intro to Photo Hunters theme.

    Come see mine.

  26. This is a great action packed photo of these cuties.
    Sara from farmingfriends

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