Meezer Monday: Siamese Cat Worship

img_0234a.JPGI’ve been fiddling with my referrer stats again. I have now stolen visitors from Aloysius for “ants in dishwasher.” Apparently my standing up for goats rights now means people looking for goat worship find me. Hmm? Also foot lick adoration has now become foot worship.

All these people who want to worship me. I think they should find me under Siamese Worship. Or perhaps Meezer Worship or even Cat Worship! I would expect that there were lots more people interested in Siamese worship. At least they’d want to know how to worship a Siamese. Meezer worship would follow for those who are little bit more casual. As people love cats, well they might just search under cat worship, not understanding that I, as a Siamese, might be found under Siamese Worship.

As you can tell, I am highly promoting my blog for those who are interested in Siamese Worship. I am interested in being worshipped. Worshipping me is not that difficult. I like food. Feed me. I appreciate attentiveness to my needs. If you can anticipate them, so much the better. Other than that, I am not finicky. I like laps, on my terms. I like canned food, frequently. I love to play with the feather toy, followed by canned food. If I’m a bit large after your care, well you know there’s just more of me to love. So, I encourage you in Siamese Worship!


  1. Very spirited photo, Chey~!

  2. Well that post should bring in anyone interested in worship, cat, Siamese, or other.

  3. Yes, I agree, Siamese worship is very important!

  4. I am in total agreement, Chey. All Siamese, and all cats, deserve to be worshipped. The ancient Egyptians had the right idea, so I wonder what happened?

  5. Siamese worship is the best! We need to start a cult of siamese worship or something. It is in our blood!

    Speaking of worship, what a shame your humans don’t fancy a train ride to the isle of wight to come and worship me. Honestly – it takes about 2 hours from waterloo station and you would really enjoy bowing at my paws! Of course, you could stay in the spare room, I would even move my scratch post for you.


  6. *YIKES*

    Miss Gemini I did not knoo yu had been missing. OH MY! I hope that my purrty girl is OK. I werry about yu all the time. Momma has been nursin Daddykitty now furr bout a week after his opurrashun. So we have not been able to be on the innernets. I wood have zoomed ofur to look furr yu had I known. I will fuss now more than ever at Momma for not letting me on da innternets.

    Be furry careful Gemini and don’t go on another adventure like that again.

    Your boyfriendcat

  7. Naturally, you would be in favor of Siamese worship. I’ll have to just promote generalized cat worship, though. I am still getting lots of traffic from people who have ants in their dishwashers. Also, people seem to be curious about whether cats snoe. (We do!)

  8. beautiful shot here of you in all of your meezer loveliness!

    Cat worship. That sounds good.

    Purrrs, Prin

  9. how about just plain CHEY WORSHIP. We worship Chey!!!

  10. I considered Chey worship but there weren’t enough searches done for Chey or Cheysuli worship to make it worth my while. Therefore I decided to go with Siamese worship. I figure cats like Aloysius will get the cat worshippers…

  11. ::scuffs paw:: Um, I sorta worship Miles cuz he’s a grate boyfriendcat. Does that count for Meezer worship? Um well yoo’s furry goddess like tho Chey. But I don’t fink you’d be such a grate boyfriendcat for me.

  12. I HOPE not Sanjee, as I’m a girl…

  13. I worship you Chey!

  14. Goat worship…hummmm… The Boyz outside would like that, but I choose Cat Worship!

    Grate pitchur of you Chey!

    ~ Bandit

  15. I worship you!!! Of course, I also require that humans worship me too. Meezer worship really should be an element of screening when you’re choosing a furever home.

  16. Yes, Siamese Worship! That sounds superduper. I’m all fur Meezer worship, hehehe! Tell Gemini I’m so glad she’s back home and that alla us Ballicai send her happy snuggles!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  17. We fink yoo should be worshipped, but we fink we should be too, and efurrycat should be worshipped, cuz cats rool.

  18. I signed up for one of those stat counters, too and have gotten a few funny search thingies for how beans find my blog. I think that you should defintely be worshipped. It’s a no brainer for me!

  19. Women want to be worshiped, feline or otherwise.

  20. Hi Chey! I’ve got to get one of those counters and search thingys. You are totally a worshipable kitty. I think we should all be worshipped. Thank goodness mommy understands this. I’m heading to your my space page now! Good call with the election coming up.

  21. We bet people are lining up to worship you, bringing their canned food and feather offerings!

  22. I worship you, Chey!

  23. Meezers are to be worshipped….full stop!

    My blogs weirdest referral is ‘injection in bum’!!!

    I have no idea why!

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