Meezer Monday

img_0559a.JPGWell it’s Meezer Monday. I’m not sure it’s a happy meezer Monday. I am told that at the end of this week the humans will be gone for 10 days and that a “pet sitter” will be here to feed me and change the litter box. However, this slave will not help me blog nor will she be there to keep me warm at night.

I am not pleased.

I am pleased that I will be in charge of making sure this isn’t too stressful for Georgia. I think I should get extra treats for this.  BIG TREATS. I have more responsibility you know–AND I won’t get to blog!


  1. I’m not sure we are very happy about this…

  2. we is not happy about that eifur!! you need extra treats for sure.

  3. Wow, that sure is a lot of responsibility for one Meezer. But I guess it’s good practice fur when you are President – then you’ll have even more responsibility!

    With regard to my kitty bed, Peter said the washing detergent scent was ‘mountain fresh’, whatever that means. I’m hoping it will be okay if I leave it fur a while. I think it will be. Later in the day after Peter washed it, I went near it and sat down for a while (but being careful not to actually touch it!) so I’m already slightly less scared.

  4. Nice pic, Chey!

    As to the other thing, no wonder you’re not pleased. Negotiate! Get how many extra treats down in writing beforehand!

  5. Oh Chey, I know exactly how you feel! But not help you blog, that is really terrible! We will really miss you. You should get extra treats for that!

  6. I definitely think extra treats are needed to help you get through your slaveless and blogless ten days. It is very good of you to help Georgia through this difficult time. It is good practice for being President.

  7. I sympathize with you, Chey. I was not happy when my humans were away, although they treated me well at the Katzenpension. I think you definitely deserve extra treats.

  8. Oah Chey, I dislike my human away, too. I hope they will be back soon to help you blog.

  9. Wow that is a long long time. And a BIg responsibility too with Georgia. We shall Miss you! Maybe you can sneak on once in a while? Purrs and Purrs and Scritches

  10. 10 days!?! that is waaaaay too long.
    Maybe you can fake sick and they will change their minds….

  11. Poor Chey! Well I think you should all just come stay with us for the week. We’ve got Meowmy feeling guilty for leaving so we’re getting a great life! I don’t know what I’ll do without you for 10 days!

  12. Oh no! 10 days is a very long time. Too long.

  13. Big HUGE treats!
    That is an awfully long time to be without your folks!

  14. Chey

    That is an excellent picture of you.
    YOU deserves LOTS of treats, and it isn’t fair…10 whole days and nights…oh my what am I going to do about seeing Gemini?


  15. I completely sympathize with you. My mom and dad went away for THREE whole weeks one time. Now I understand they were off “doing good” and helping people. And I had one of those pet sitters and she came twice a day to pet me and feed me and stuff, but it just wasn’t the same. I was so excited when my mom and dad came home I didn’t even act mad or anything – crazy, huh? Looking back now, I guess I should have pooped in their suitcases or something.

    -Jasper McKitten-Cat

  16. ooooo fantastic picture of you. Mommy is taking tons of pictures of me with the new camera.
    I’m very sorry your beans are going away. Mine just got back so I know it is very lonely. I’ll be happy to come keep you company if you want. I think you deserve extra treats for all the extra work you’ll be doing. Heck, you even have to train a pet sitter! Do you have treats for her? Most beans like chocolate. When she pets you in the right spot, give her a candy bar. When she doesn’t feed you fast enough, wave the candy bar just out of her reach….

  17. Chey, you and Georgia and Gemini are welcome to stay here… plenty of room in the Casino!
    And we will give you extra treats… your humans will never know.


  18. This sounds very unfair to you! I would not be happy.

  19. Hey Chey,thanks for the welcome.You sure are a pretty cat,I don’t like slaves either.I just spend a lot of time in my spot in the closet until Mom comes home.
    They give me pats & scritches but it’s not the same.

  20. We feel yer pain – our beans is abandonning us too!

  21. No blogging! Oh no! Poor Chey! We know you’ll do a good job lookin after Georgia though. So definitely you should get LOTS and LOTS of treats.

  22. 10 whole days! That’s long time! We will miss you and Gemini and Georgia. It’s no fun when they are gone. Mom thanks you for the birthday wishes.
    Your FL furiends,

  23. What a beautiful cat you are. I hope you will be ok during the time the humans are away.
    Sara from farmingfriends

  24. Oh that totally sux!! You’ll have to revolt!

    To answer your question, NO! Our outside enclosure has NOT been rebuilt, but we do enjoy snoopervising Maw doing yardwork from inside the house with the cold air rippling our furs. BUT WE WOULD LIKE TO GO OUTSIDE NOW!!!

    Luf, Us

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