Meezer Monday

img_0383a.JPGWell, now for a round up. The good news is that I am getting some hits for Siamese Cat Worship! That sad part is that the hits are coming from people asking “Why Do People Worship Cats?”

Allow me to respond: because cats are worth worshiping. We purr when you worship us. We flex our toes in a way that makes you go AWWW. We look at you with our large round eyes and while we are thinking, oh aren’t you easy to manipulate, you are thinking, AWWW. We give you something that is soft and cuddly if you just serve our every need. We allow you to pet us, which lowers your blood pressure. We purr for you, which is the same frequency with which bone heals. Need I go on?

I also appreciate the person who found me while looking for Siamese cat Goddess! I am the right paw of Bast, you know! There was another search for someone looking for the definition of visually addiction (I am. Let’s just leave it at that.).

I am sorry to say that I am unable to help the person looking for pumpkin butternut soup.


  1. I wonder if pumpkin butternut soup came from our blog? They visit us quite often.

  2. Well, I think it is plain obvious why cats are worshipped. Those people are crazy. Hmpf.

  3. why should cats be worshipped? – because.

  4. Wow, I didn’t know purrs were a bone-healing measure. That’s so awesome. By the way, you’re looking very svelte in that picture.

  5. Hello my love!! I am back!! Thank you so much for the lovely rosette this morning, it was so sweet of you! I missed you so much, and snuggling with Kaze just wasn’t doing it for me….I do however kind of want to pounce on your belly…..I love that photo of you in your Millie Bed, it is gorgeous!!

    Your devoted Husband Cat

  6. Why would someone even need to ask that question? They are very silly. I got the search phrase “Adopt Pink Santa Cat” last week.

  7. People who don’t worship cats are usually very unhappy. I feel sorry for them. FAZ

  8. I think the question should be Why wouldn’t you worship cats? Do humans really have a choice? 😉

  9. Ahhh yes, lowering the blood pressure. Dad said that exact thing to me this morning while I was having my holding and we were discussing the coming day. It’s a tough job, but I do my best.

    Thanks for the tasty rosettes for Misty & me.


  10. haha oh chey, of course you are getting hits for cat worship ha ha. Is it true we purr at the rate that bone heals? That is pretty amazing you know.

    I don’t think I have lowered my human’s blood pressure AT ALL. Quite the opposite in fact. My blog explains why today.

    Mwa ha ha


  11. Cats are a joy. That’s all. All cats (although my next one will be a Siamese). Always.


  12. Oh Chey, you are so correct, we do so deserve worship! And you, my lovely adopted mom, look so elegant in the photo!

    So I’m very intrigued about what you and Gemini might be up to….


  13. We love being worshipped.

  14. We can not comprehend someone having to ask “why to worship cats”.
    Beans, humans, people, their whole purpose in life is to worship cats, right?
    So they better all get to it!

  15. Hello there. I see Chey has let you in…Miz Allie says that she has a Catnip Capers Memo for you to read…tag and come see mine..

  16. Cat worship is mandatory in our house!
    Good to see you and Gemini this weekend.. you girls sure can can-can!

  17. Chey your funny in a very intellectual sort of way.

  18. Sorry that was you’re not your.

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