Meezer Monday

img_0489a.JPGThe next paragraph will explain why I have covered my face.  First, sadly, after a great week of Meezer worship, it’s time to move on.  I’m still working on being worshiped up while I am now getting more referrals for those ants, I’m not getting any for Siamese Cat Worship!  Perhaps it just takes time?

Has anyone heard about the leaking cat?  Yes apparently it’s a bad thing if your cat leaks oil or anti-freeze.   Someone wrote an entire article about this. My article would be much shorter: TAKE YOUR CAT TO THE VET!!!


  1. Cat weaking anti-fweeze?
    Perhaps the cats need to find warmer pwaces to nap so they don’t need to dwink anti-fweeze?

  2. That sounds very very bad…

  3. Cats leaking oil or anti-freeze? I agree with your advice, Chey. Why would anyone need to write and article about that?

  4. Oh Meezer Worship… a definite must. And ummm, VET is right. Poison! EEK!

    Have a great week ahead! Purrs and Scritches

  5. Our humans are supposed to clean up all of our leaks. All of them.

    Happy Day Chey and Co.

  6. wow, leaking oil sounds nasty!

  7. Yes take your poose to the vet if it is leaking anything!!!!!!!!!

  8. Still getting hits from humans who have ants in their dishwasher? Me too. Apparently it’s an epidemic.

  9. Leaky kitties! Yikes, get thee to a Vet!!!

  10. I think an oil leak could be very dangerous for a cat. Where we keep our oils again?

  11. Leaking cats is funny!! Do we have a plug to pull to get the oil out!!
    Your FL furiends,

  12. A cat leaking oil or anti-freeze is very, very bad. He/She needs a vet immediately. I hope the Siamese Cat Worship does result in hits for you.

  13. Hhhhmmm. Our engines might seize up if we leaked our oil or anti-freeze.

    Chey, you can’t eat our NOMSS friend, Mr. Squirrel!! He is our furriend!

    Luf, Us

  14. Lando Bun says:

    DKM calls those accidental doots…

  15. Poor leaking kitties.

  16. That would be scary to leak oil or antifreeze…or anything fer that matter!

  17. The thought of leaking kitties is very disturbing, and I hope none of us ever ever leaks.

  18. we haf to agree wif you Chey~

  19. Is that why Grampabean keeps kitty litter in the garage?

    PS He has a 1965 Sunbeam Tiger, so that’s one cat that leaks antifreeze an oil… it’s British. Maxwell Smart drove one fur awhile on Get Smart.

    Bad joke wif appologies to our Brit furiends: Know why the British don’t make computers? They can’t get them to leak oil on the garage floor.


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