Gemini is back!!!!

It’s 2 AM our time and we heard something in the backyard.   I went out and started calling for her and then I heard a mew.  Finally!  She was home. It took a few minutes to locate her under the bush and she wasn’t coming out so we had to go in after her.   She is home, inside and had a good meal (as did Cheysuli) and the two are getting back together.  I got a big purr for carrying her inside.

<> What relief!  I am certain that all those good thoughts and feline guardian angels who were sent out after her led her back home.


  1. Wonderful news! We know that you are much relieved and that she is probably very happy to be back in the house with the food source.

  2. I’m so happy for you and Gemini!

  3. YIPEEEEEEEEEE. Wonderful news about Gemini, give her lots of cuddles for all of us. Purrs.

  4. *~*~*~*YAY!!!!!*~*~*~* What wunnerful news! Alla us Ballicai are so happy little Gemini’s back home, safe and sound!

    Happy joyful kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  5. I was offline all day yesterday and just now read about Gemini. I am so glad that she came home. Yay!

  6. We are all SO SO SO SO HAPPY that Gemini fownd her way home!!!!! YAY!!!!

  7. Oh, yeah, we are doing a happy dance. We wuz gone cuz Mommas computer was in the shop, so we didn’t know about this horrible thing. We are so glad Gemini is back! YEAHHHHHHHH

  8. Meowm and I are thrilled that Gemini is back!!!!!!!!! Give her gentle scritches for us and please tell her not to go out again!!!

  9. Oh how fabulous! 😀 What great, great news!!

    Missing kitties is not fun at all! So many missing kitties these past few weeks! I sure hope they all come back home safe and sound.

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