Gemini is back!!!!

It’s 2 AM our time and we heard something in the backyard.   I went out and started calling for her and then I heard a mew.  Finally!  She was home. It took a few minutes to locate her under the bush and she wasn’t coming out so we had to go in after her.   She is home, inside and had a good meal (as did Cheysuli) and the two are getting back together.  I got a big purr for carrying her inside.

<> What relief!  I am certain that all those good thoughts and feline guardian angels who were sent out after her led her back home.


  1. Oah Dear~!!!! Thank God~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Finally, Thanks Gemini to give us a meow~!
    That really makes everyone tears~!

    Momma you could get some sleep now….
    Thanks for every friends praying~!!!

  3. Hooray! Yahoo! This is very wonderful fantastic news! I am so happy that Gemini is safely home.

  4. Woo hoo! (Millie and Jasmine do the Happy Dance of Joy!)

    Such great news!

  5. Yay! 🙂 I’m so glad to hear that Gemini is back home! 😀 😀 😀 That’s such wonderful news! 😀

  6. Yay! We are so happy to hear that she is home safe and sound!

  7. we are so happy 🙂

  8. I’m so happy that Gemini is HOME! Give her lots of love and purrs from us!!


  9. I’m so happy that Gemini is HOME! Give her lots of love and purrs from us!!


  10. Woohooo! Welcome home Gemini! Dis is grate noos. Aaaah, we feel better now…

  11. *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* and purrayers of thanksgiving!!!! welcome home, gemini!!! *twirl* *twirl* *twirl* *twirl*

    purrs and headbonks to you all–nels, ed, nitro, xing, and the beans

  12. Hip Hip Hooray! ::spin::
    Gemini is home safe an sound! ::spin::
    Chey got a good meal, too! ::spin::
    Fank Bast for protectin sweet Gemini! ::spin::

  13. We only just heard about Gemini being missing so we came straight here, and now we see she has come home again. We’s so happy furr yoo all cuz we wuz reely worried when we heard about it. Purrrrrrrrrs and (((hugs))) to yoo all.

  14. Oh thank goodness!!!! I just knew she’d come home. I bet she’s going to get lots of love and be spoiled like crazy. Good job Gemini, you’ll have to tell us about your experiences after you’re settled.

  15. Great news!!!

  16. Oh, that’s GRATE noos! We wuz so werried! Fanks fur letting us know that Gemini is back safe and sownd.

  17. Thank God! We’re so very happy for this news and that your entire family is together and safe. Even Bendrix, my evil alter ego, is doing the happy dance!! We’re so glad to hear this.

  18. Thank Goodness!! This is the happiest news ever!!! We are doing the Happy Dance around the living room! ::spins::

  19. YAY!!!!!!!!! :: dances round :: Woo hoo!!! Wheeeeeeee!!!!
    Oh we’s so glad Gemini is home safe!!!!

  20. We are happy, happy, happy, too that Gemini is back and okay!!
    Yippy!! Yippy! Yeah!!!!!!!!!

  21. I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware that she got out. My Cookie, escaped one morning when I went to work, without me realizing it. When I came home she was gone. I heard her mewing outside in the middle of the night. I remember the sheer job of finding her!
    Wow, I’m all teary thinking about it. I AM so glad that she’s back. She knows how much she is loved. Makes me appreciate each of mine that much more, thank you.
    Enjoy having your baby back home!
    Tyler’s mom, Lynn

  22. Hooray for the return of Gemini! You must all be so relieved. 🙂

  23. I’m jumping for joy to hear that Gemini made it home safe and sound.

  24. Oh, such good news. My eyes got all leaky and I had to read the post twice.
    We’re saying a prayer of thanks today that Gemini is back home.

    not the mama
    and the kitties of Purrchance To Dream

  25. Woo hoo and Hooray!!! We were so happy to find out Gemini is safe and home! Our eyes were all leaky with relief… but now we are ::happy dancing:: Now we’ll send happy purrs to your whole family!

    Purrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  26. WHOOHOO! Our Lady’s got leaky eyes and we’re bouncing around doin’ the Happy Dance. Purrrrrrrrrs!

  27. We are so happy to hear that Gemini is home, we won’t need any catnip to keep us happy today.

  28. *clap! clap! clap!!!*
    Yeaaaaa she’s home!!
    Don’t do that again, ‘k?
    Wes wouldn’t wanna loose you

  29. Yippeee! Give her a head bonk from us.

  30. Wonderful!!! The maid and the butler know exactly what you all were going through!!! We are outside cats, but “day only outside”! And once in a while I decide to not come home overnight! I even made a funny post about it but the staff doesn’t find it funny at all…. Especially as I am an ex-feral and they can NOT catch me when I am outside because I do not allow them to approach me when I am outside the house. And sometimes not even inside the house. I like to approach THEM! When they are seated or lying down. But we are furry glad that Gemini is safely home! We wonder if she will tell us about her outside adventures in a post?
    Oh, and by the way: those beautiful eyes at our post? They are MINE!

  31. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

  32. I’m so happy!!! What a relief, I was so worried!

    Welcome home sweet Gemini!



  34. SOOO glad Gemini came back. I was very worried when you mentioned coyotes because we believe that is what got my brother Rusty 2 years ago 🙁 He was an outside kitty but usually not overnight. One night my folks didn’t call him in …..

    Anyway, I hadn’t wanted to mention about the coyote while Gemini was lost. Now that she is home, I felt I could say something for the other kitties to take note.

  35. We are doing a happy dance!!! That is the best news! Yay!!!!

  36. Thanks be to God!!! Poor little kitty alone out there by herself!!!!
    Bet you are all cuddling her up really good!

  37. We are so happy that Gemini found her way home. It must have been one of those Guardian Angels looking out for her.

  38. Thank Bast!

  39. YIPPPEEEEEE! We are so happy that Gemini found her way home! One of mom’s biggest fears is one of us getting out without her or dad knowing it. Sending you all extra purrs and head butts!

    -Jasper McKitten-Cat

  40. Woooo hooooo – yipeeeee!

  41. I am so sorry that i did not know about Gemini…my pet human has not been paying much attention to blogs this week.

    We are all so happy the she is back and safe. I am sending over a bouquet of catnip for all.

  42. =WHEW=

    The Woman loves in fear that one of us wil get out. And it really upsets her when other kitties do. She (well so are Buddah and I) is very relieved and happy that Gemini is home.

  43. We am so happy she is back! That is such a scary thing.

  44. :::oh my stars!!:::::
    We have not been on the computer and NOW we have just read all of this.
    What a terrible and frightening couple of days.
    We are so happy Gemini is home.
    We hope she is okay.

    Puuuurrrrrs, Princess

  45. That’s such good news! We’re very happy that Gemini came home 🙂

  46. Ooh, what a good thing! We’re very happy! Welcome home, Gemini!

  47. what a wonderful relief!! We’re all so glad that Gemini found her way home. give her pets & snuggles from us.

  48. We heard da buzz and we stole onto mommy’s sister’s computer to confirm that Gemini is safe and sound at home….yay yay yay!!!! We are soooooooooo happy!!

  49. I am very very glad to hear that she is back!

  50. I’m so glad to hear this!!!! Purrrrrrrrrrrrs.

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