Feature Friday

img_1227a.JPGWell it’s that time of the week again. It’s Feature Friday when I am working on you all to amuse me, inform me, or make me ask tough questions. Who will it be this week? Who will I feature on Sunday Guest Star? Will it be you? Do you have the humor, the wit, the turn of a phrase to intrigue, me, Cheysuli–the Right Paw of Bast?

I know you do. Show me what you’ve got.

By the way: here’s a teaser comment. My human was appalled that there are people that think that it gets horribly humid in Southern California. She lived there for much of her life but also lived in Alabama and Wisconsin. She thinks those are both much more humid. What does humidity mean to you or your human?


Breaking News:

Anastasia is missing and has been since Tuesday. This is very unlike her and her people are very worried.  Please wander by and give them your purrs.


  1. Humidity = Latin fro (AKA: curly hair turning into giant frizzy poofball)

  2. You see how those two little tufts of fur are sticking out of your belly? That’s humidity…xxx


  3. Ah, humidity. My slave suffers from sweaty palms when the weather is very hot and humid . Needless to say I will NOT let her touch me until she has washed her hands and thoroughly dried them. I then insist that she uses anti bacterial wipes for good measure. After this, I may not even allow her near me at all, it depends entirely on my mood. Humans can be quite disgusting you know!


  4. Humidity is definitely relative. Here in Munich, there are people that say Munich is humid, and others that say it is dry. If you’ve lived someplace where it is incredibly humid, then Munich will feel dry. If you’ve lived someplace where it is incredibly dry, then Munich will feel humid. My humans, who have lived many places (since my dad is an army officer, he has moved around a lot) says that Munich is fairly humid, and can be crazy-stupid humid at times, but isn’t crazy-stupid humid all the time, like some places.

  5. Hoomidity is when yu have no gud explanation of why yur tail furrs are all fuzzie.

    Have a gud weekend my purrty Gemini!


  6. The definition of humidity is New Jersey according to the Lap Lady. Its humid here through all four seasons and its completely oppressive. I know, humid in the winter? Yup, and it makes everyone move slowly and stay cranky. Sure other places are more “muggy” but the humidity is like a whole other beast around here.

    By the way, why on earth is it called “muggy”? Is someone stealing the dry air? If so, where is it going? Why would you want it? It makes no sense to me.

  7. We didn’t know your human had lived in Whisk-onsin! It’s the only place we’ve ever lived, but Mom grew up in Chicago and when she married Dad they lived in northern Mew Jersey, where he’s from.

    Mom says humidity means she’ll be wearing her frizzy, Bozo the Clown hair. Misty and I noticed it’s a bit harder to keep our furs under control on humid days.


  8. Northern Virginia humidity: It makes even your internal organs feel sweaty.

    Our furs are already curlie and soft, so … we love humidity. Too bad the humans keep the house like a freezer!

    Happy week-end

  9. It feels icky here in Ohio. Me no likey. Did you hear that Anastasia has been missing since Tuesday. Karl is a mess. It does not look good.

  10. Maybe I am not really a Devon Rex and my furs just got this way because of all the humidity in south Florida!

  11. Sammy here – Miles is too preoccupied with his cereal bowl right now – there seems to be CEREAL floating around in his milk and he’s very upset about it.

    humidity? that means that the mom looks like a poodle.

  12. humidity – i think it means smelly humans cos my meowmie comes home each day and i hear her complaining about something called B.O. in the place where she gets the vet tokens.

  13. Humidity = Humans with crazy curly frizzy hair who gasp and choke when they leave the house and are cranky and soaked when they come back in. I’ve seen it. It’s bad. Don’t let humidity happen around your humans.
    Boni Maroni

  14. Humidity = crabby humans, hehe! It’s been really really humid in Tennessee with this heat wave we’ve been havin’. Thank goodness fur air kondishining!

    Thankies fur the heads-up about Anastasia. We are goin’ to hers and Karl’s bloggie right away.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  15. Humidity to us means that the swamp cooler won’t work worth a **** – oops, sorry!

  16. Some of us (China Cat & Dad) love the heat & humidity in St. Louis while the rest of us (Willow & Mom) stay inside in the a/c. So they frizz up while we don’t…

    Our Mom grew up in Southern California and there it is not even close to the humidity in St. Louis. Even her parents don’t like to visit here in August!

    Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

    P.S. While it’s not Southern CA, Mom is hoping that her Rams will beat those Raiders tonight! Not looking good right now…

  17. Humidity is when you live in FL and the temp is 96 and the humidity is 87% and it feels like 106, but the worst is when you walk outside and you feel like you are in a steam bath and can’t breath. I look like a walking Brillo pad.

  18. Alabama HUMID… hahaha… Horrible and Icky Humid. And Missouri was humid too on the river. And Texas on the river. Hmmmm maybe a pattern here. TN and KY to and IL… all river or ocean places.

    We have rain showers for about 10 minutes and then it gets icky humid again. If it rains longer it actually cools off, but that hasn’t happened in a long long Alabama time.

    Chey you are most adorable with the Tummy and Paw great photograph! Purrs and Scritches.

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