Farewell Friday

img_0686a.JPGWell this is my farewell post. Oh I know it’s not forever. It’s 10 days until the humans come back after they leave (Saturday) and then one because she thinks she’ll be too busy to blog (?!) and one because she thinks she’ll need to rest (?). She appears to think London and Seattle are a long ways away from each other. I’ve tried explaining that I talk to our British cat friends regularly and it’s no problem, except sometimes Fat Eric has to arrange his party schedule while his humans are up and the computer is on.

Sniff. Party at our house starting on Sunday. No humans. HE HE HE…

I AM IN CHARGE! Alas I don’t have opposable thumbs. Just brains. HE HE HE…

I met the pet sitter. Nice enough woman. I’m sure she won’t notice if we all hide in the closets while she’s here to feed and pet us. It’ll just be more treats for us. I don’t know why the woman didn’t make her blog for me. Like how hard would that be? All she has to do is turn on the system. I do the rest.

At any rate, I’ll miss all of you that I won’t get to visit daily. I’ll get around today but probably not much tomorrow. Sigh. Be well. I expect that there will be NO MORE LOSSES while I am out of commission. Got that everyone? You BETTER stay safe and healthy. That’s an order, got that? I’ll be very disappointed in anyone who doesn’t obey. I AM TIRED OF BAD NEWS. I want to come back to only good news–like Latte had a really wild party (probably at my place).

Ping, the photo of Gemini is for you. I thought it should have just been a pose by moi, but the Woman was feeling like I needed to get used to sharing. Yeah right whatever.1275178848_4514b3398c.jpg

While we won’t be able to put up our candle this weekend, we have it here.

Our thoughts and purrs are with those who have lost.

I raise my sparkling water fountain in toast to the remembrance of those who have gone before and to better days for those of us left behind.


  1. Hello there and farewell…Meow…We will miss you over the next 11 days….But Miz Allie will be waiting to hear from you whne you return…Meow

  2. I’ll miss you, too! That’s a great picture of all *three of you, by the way!

    Keep that pet sitter in line, Chey!

  3. Oh Chey, I will miss you so very much. I hate it when kitties are forced to take breaks because their beans feel the need to go on “vacation”. When will they get their priorities straight? My Lady is going out of town, but only for the weekend. Still, Clyde and I will be home alone for the whole weekend. I am not a happy kitty right now.

  4. You and Squilliam. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa – this is NOT ok!

  5. Yikes!!!! We saw the title and thought yoo wuz leaving furr good. Must haf been yesterday’s Annie’s Thettik clouding my judgement. We’ll be ofurr to visit yoo all. Mebbe yoo can git Flynn to like me again cuz he hates me at the moment. We’ll miss yoo not blogging furr ten whole days.

  6. Is your Momma coming to London Town in the UK? Cool! Ise look out for her!
    I reckon I might come and get you so you can spend a day in London too whilst your Mummy’s back is turned!

    I’m using the pooter at the Vet Place, everyone is at lunch…just waiting for my scan results…isae try to make sure i have good news! see you in 10 days. Will miss you my friend!


  7. We will be by for your party… good nip is hard to resist! A candle is lit in our alter for all those pooses who have crossed over this week.

  8. ::sigh:: another of our friends on bay-k-shun too. We will miss you!! we will come by for the party though.

  9. Woo hoo…10 days of partying!! You know I’ll be there!! I’ll miss you but I think its great that your human is getting away, she deserves it! Make sure she brings you something good back!!!

  10. Oah, Dear… 10 days, that is so long~!!!
    I will miss you deeply~!!!

  11. I’ll miss you, Chey. Don’t be too hard on the pet sitter; after all, she has access to the food.

  12. I sympathize, Chey, having just gone through blogging withdrawal while my humans were on vacation. We will miss you!

  13. Party Sunday. Check! We’ll be there!
    And yeah, be kind of nice to the pet sitter maybe, to get more treats. hehehe
    your bud Pepi
    and Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, and Gree

  14. That’s a great photo of the three of you. But I am sorry you are going to be away from the computer for so long. I’ll miss you!

  15. Oh, another party, great, we need that this weekend!

    Take care of Gemini and Georgia, you three look lovely and content there together. I’ll miss all of you, and look forward to your return. Take a nice break yourself, get lots of naps!


  16. Ooooo Miss Gemini what a belladonna face! *sigh I will miss you terribly while you are away…BUT I will be ofur to bisit yu while your humans are away. Gotta keep my girl company! WOO WOO partee dat’s what I like to hear.


  17. Fare thee well! We’ll miss you on the innernets, but we’ll be over to Par-Tay!

    Luf, Us

  18. That is a wonderful picture of the three of you. We will miss you – 10 days sounds like forever! We’re getting ready to light our candles too – hope it brings about a good time for everyone.

    Purrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  19. Hello all,
    Thanks for stopping by to say hello. Too bad you will be out of the loop for a few days……..see you when you are back online.

    Moe & Mindy

  20. Here, here Chey! *taps water fountain*.

    See you soon xx

  21. Oh, we’re gonna miss yoo…10 days is a lot of naps. Oh, but we’ll definitly be there fur a party!

  22. We will miss you but never forget about you three. take care. Enjoy yourselves… trash the place… keep busy

    we will certainly teleport over for the party on Sunday

    purrrrs, Princess

  23. Wowie, ten days — we will miss you kitties! But you bet yur beans that we’ll teleport ofur for your pawtay! When the beans are away, the kitties will play!

    I hope yur beans have a good and safe trip.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  24. Thank you for visiting our bloggie and for the good wishes!

  25. oh we hopes you have a good time while your ‘beans are gone. 10 days is a LONG time

  26. Wow! Thats a lomg time to wait.I’ll have to get Mom to keep track of time.
    Sorry,but the only time I can keep track of is mealtime.
    Until you return,purrs!

  27. Wow, I’ll shur miss yoo all! My peepul cood never go away for that long cuz my big bruther Mao gits deeprest and runs away frum home and gits stuk on roofs and reefyoozes to eet or drink and yowls so lowd he gits horse. So we’ll NEVER have a good long time avaylubul to invite all owr frends over for a big party!!! See yoo win yoo git bak!

  28. Purr – purr, from Rosa and Felicia.

    We ponder why humans must go so far away. It’s food just around the corner.

    First time visit. We like

  29. You won’t be at the compoooter?
    Arh! I’ll miss you!

  30. Oh Chey you will be missed….Be back soon….

  31. Oooh, you scared me at first when you said that you were saying farewell! Tell your humans to have a good vacation and have fun ruling the house.

  32. Awwww – I just missed you…mommy. Hehe! 😉

  33. Dear guys, remember you choice the photo of my 10 years celebration activity? now the postcard is arrived, please email to michico for the sending address when you back. We are ready to sent it for you.

  34. OMG, you almost gave me heart failure, Chey! We just got back to blogging and when I stopped by I saw “Farewell Post”!!! But now I see you’re just taking a few days off.

    Upon your return you must turn your attention to the newcomers in the Presidential race…Doc Holliday and Maximillian.


  35. I nominated you for the blogging star award! Come and get it when you get home.

  36. Hello, just stumbled on your great site, will come back after you return!

  37. Yeah, please don’t start any post with farewell anymore…. We lost too many good friends over the last couple of weeks….
    I want to thank you for your ongoing and wonderful support during these hard times, I really appreciate it!
    Don’t torment the pet sitter too much! I am looking forward to you being back and seeing you again – I missed visiting, and I am glad to be back!
    Your friend Karl

  38. Forgot to take Anastasia off – but she is with me in spirit all the time anyways….

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